††††††††††† This research work has been carried out to determine the fate of secretaries with regard to increase in technological advancement.† The instruments used in gathering data for this study are, the questionnaire, oral interview and observation.† The scope of study covered are three selected banks in Umuahia, Abia State.† Namely: Union Bank, standard Trust bank and first bank Nigeria Plc.† The data were collected from sample secretaries in the above mentioned banks and were analyzed using percentage.

††††††††††† From the result of the abalysis, it was discovered that all this technological advancement has helped to improve the activities of secretaries in the officer thereby increasing their productivity as well as enhancing their job security.

††††††††††† However, from the summary and findings, it was recommended that secretaries need to go on training, so as to able to handle this modern equipment efficiently.† And also, that their training process still continues, if there is any introduction of new machine in future.

††††††††††† More so, secretaries should not be afraid of this new machine, they should not feel that they will be displaced, rather they should accept it and see it as a helpful too, that helps in making their job accurate and first.




1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Purpose of the study

1.4              Significance of study

1.5              Scope of the study

1.6              Research questions

1.7              Definition of terms



2.1              The origin of secretarial profession

2.2              Technological advancement and manpower development

2.3              Abuse of secretarial profession

2.4              The secretary and the modern office

2.5              Recent development in electric typewriter

2.6              The secretary and the telephone

2.7              The effects of the word processor and electric typewriter in the work of a secretary.

2.8              Structure of technological changes and the secretarial roles

2.9              The effects of technological development on secretaries



3.1              Area of study

3.2              Population

3.3              Sample and sampling techniques

3.4              Instruments used for data collection

3.5              Description of instruments used

3.6              Validation of the instrument

3.7              Method of data analysis


4.1              Presentation of data and analysis

4.2              Table 1

4.3              Distribution of questionnaires and retrieval


5.1              Discussion of findings

5.2              Conclusion

5.3              Recommendation





1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

In the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy, secretaries are usually very helpful to the management in the accomplishment of organizational goals.† With the advent of technical know how in our modern establishments there is an increase in demand for sophisticated and modern technologies in Nigerian organization.

††††††††††† In the light of the above situation this research work is aimed at identifying the Negative Impact of Technological Development on secretaries in a modern office.

††††††††††† There are various categories of secretaries, which includes: the executive, secretaries, the company secretaries, confidential secretaries, parliamentary secretaries and others.

††††††††††† Each of them is changed with well-articulated and defined functions and roles, which are expatiated of them.† This study concentrates on the role of the executive secretary, employed by a company who is attached to an officer who is of the executives cadre.

††††††††††† A secretary may be viewed as a person who has acquired the basic knowledge of secretarial skill of shorthand, typewriting and sufficient knowledge and practical experience in office routine.† Depending on the objectives of the organizations a secretary meant all things to all people.

††††††††††† However, there are some basic functions which secretaries perform and these form the basis of their identify in an organization these functions are:

a.                   Initiating relevant correspondence on all routine, matters and drafting letters as authorized

b.                  Collecting relevant information from relevant sources for office use.

c.                   Follow up the diary of her boss daily.

d.                  Dealing with visitors and telephone callers on issues which the secretary is knowledgeable.

e.                   Preparing the boss for meetings and other entertainment etc.

In spite of this very important functions performed by secretaries, the secretary still needs the modern office technology to efficiently carry out his/ her duties.

††††††††††† Prior to the technological development in offices, clerical works were done manually the sizes of offices were small and little work was done manually.† Then there was nothing like the modern equipment like, typewriter, telephone, photocopying, machines, addressing machines etc.

††††††††††† Technology is the application of scientific principles and knowledge to solve societal problems.† It could be defined as the study, mastery and utilization of industrial and manufacturing methods as well as their application to practical tasks in the industry.† Considering the degree of accuracy, convenience, speed and efficiency provided by modern technological aids, people have increased their awareness and utilization of modern technology in their organizations.

††††††††††† Though, modern technology assists, yet secretaries are afraid of being displaced by them, because some of the manual equipment used by secretaries are being supervised by automated machines and processes.

††††††††††† It is not very easy for technologies to replace secretaries in the offices because the place of a secretary is very significant.† This is because any technology applied will be operated by a trained secretary if efficiency and effectiveness must be maintained.† There are also human attributes that the secretary possess that modern technology cannot offer.† Adequately trained, reasonably motivated and royal secretaries aid the executive in the performance of duties will be needed to complement the modern technological innovations in the offices.


Because of the increasing demand for the use of automated processes in our organization in Nigeria, technology has been introduced to perform most of the jobs in the organization, more especially the duties of a secretary in an office.† In some organizations, the management considers it fit to employ computer operators, programme managers and technologist instead of providing adequate training and education for their secretaries to handle such computers.† As a result of this secretaries have been regarded as mere typist who cannot handle these machines, nor who do not have the capacity to leaver and caravel new skills.

††††††††††† The problem of this study is that many secretaries has been displaced in the office while many others have been hindered from securing a good job by the introduction of technological development in the case of secretarial profession.

††††††††††† In the light of all these, this research work aims at encouraging secretaries to put aside their fears and anxieties of being replaced by technological advancement in the office or getting people that will effectively use such machines without involving the secretaries.† The researcher intends to tackle this problem by investigating the place of secretaries in a technological advanced organizations like Banks such as: first Bank Nig plc, STB and Union Bank of Nigeria all in Umuahia.

1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The general objective of this study is to evaluate the place of a secretary in a technological advanced economy.† The specific objectives includes:

1.                  To examine the kind of modern technology that exist in the organizations.

2.                  to find out if modern technology pose any threat to the secretary.

3.                  to find out, if secretaries will adequately fit in the modern technological office environment, when they are sufficiently trained.

4.                  to examine if technological advanement can generate job opportunities or unemployment for secretaries.

5.                  to study how technological advancement in offices can facilitate or mar the job of secretaries.

6.                  to appraise the changes which technological advancement can cause in the duties of secretaries.

7.                  to recommend measures for blending the job of the secretary and sophisticated modern equipment in achieving high productivity in offices.


When this study has been concluded, an elaborate examination of the role of a secretary in an organization must have been done.† Some organizations are not aware of these modern office technologies.† This type of organizations will benefit from this research, because, after getting through this work, they would be well exposed about the various equipment, that they could use to carry out their duties effectively.† There are other organizations who knows or are aware of the existence of this modern office equipment, but are not informed about their applications, these organizations will equally benefit.

††††††††††† What about organizations that are privileged to have access to this equipments? They will be at an advantage in that, they will be better placed to know the different roles which secretaries can play and their ability to operate complex and automated machine.† This research work will also be useful in institutions of higher learning that offers secretarial studies.

††††††††††† Hence, after reading this research work, they will be able to redraw their circular and syllabus to accommodate subjects that are computer oriented.

1.5              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The primary aim of this study is to examine the negative implication of technological oriented business environment on the modern secretaries.

††††††††††† However, because of some constraining factor such as lack of co-operation from information administrators sources, finance and poor transportation system, the research decided to limit the scope to only some selected banks in Abia State, such as first Bank and Union Bank.† Which represents a sample of the population of Nigeria enterprises.

1.6              RESEARCH QUESTIONS

Some research questions has been designed, to guide the research work in achieving its focal points.† They include:

1.                  What kind of modern technology exists in organizations in Nigeria.

2.                  Is modern technology a threat to secretary>

3.                  Will adequately trained secretaries be employed to improve office environment

4.                  can technological advanement generate employment or unemployment prospects for secretaries?

5.                  what changes can advancement in technology bring to the duties of a secretary?

6.                  how can technological advancement facilitate or man the job of a secretary.

7.                  what measures can be taken to blend the job of the secretary and the modern equipment in achieving high productivity.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERMS


††††††††††† A skill practitioner of the basic office who is employed as an administrative assistance to a superior officer.


††††††††††† This is a complex modern labour and cost cutting equipment that are now increasingly utilized in organizations.


††††††††††† It refers to the process by which an idea is translated into written communication. It also records typed words, diagrams etc and displays them on screen, where they can be corrected or changed and then automatically printed.


††††††††††† Its means facts or information


††††††††††† Itís a keyed writing machine


††††††††††† An electronic device used for storing and analyzing information fed into it, its also used for calculating.


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