The Agency practice in Nigeria and some other problems encountered in Agency work through the practice of non-professionals agents known as quacks.

Actually, it talks about agency practice and the of the agents duty towards the principal known as the landlord and his tenants.

In analysis the agency practice in Enugu in researcher carried out a research work around Enugu and got information and contribution from professionals Estate surveyors and non-professional through questionnaires.

The project also highlighted the various methods of data presentation and analysis.



1.0       Introduction                                                               

1.1       Agency                                                           

CHAPTER TWO                                                                              

2.0              Literature Review                                                                               3

2.1       Types of Agency Practice in Nigeria             

2.2       Sole Agency                                                   

2.3       Joint Sole Agency                                          

2.4       Sub Agency                                                               

2.5       Multiple Agency                                                        

2.6              Quacks                                                                       

2.7              Termination of Quacks Agency                                             

2.8              Conditions for the Creation of Agency in Nigeria    

2.9              Who then can be an Estate Agent                 

2.10          Right and Duties of the Estate Agent                                   

2.11          The various segments of Estate Agency

practice and activities of Quacks                               


3.0       Research Methodology                                                          

3.1              Source of Data                                                                       

3.2              Secondary Sources                                                                 

3.3              Primary Sources                                                                     

3.4              Methods of Data Collection                          

3.5              Research population                                                   

3.6              Sample size                                                                

3.7              Instrument                                                                              


            Observation schedule                                                 


4.0       Data Presentation and Analysis                                             

4.1              Research Question 1                                                  

4.2              Research Question 2                                      


5.0       Summary of Findings, Recommendation and Conclusion    

5.1              Summary of Findings                                                            

5.2              Recommendation                                                       

5.3              Conclusion                                                                 

Appendix 1                                                                

            Appendix 11                                                              





Commercial activities have been on the increase in Nigeria in the past few years.  This is also reflected in the fact that there has been an increase in real estate activities.  The real agency business has therefore in the recent past become a business for all comers market women, housewives, mechanics, taxi drivers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and in a case I know of, even a battery charger have all cashed in on this burgeoning business.  The reason is not far fetched.

The aim of this rather limited.  This is to examine the practice of real estate agency in Nigeria to determine whether only estate surveyors and valuers can engage in such business.  The main question this paper is trying to answer is do estate surveyors have an exclusive right to engage in the acquisition and disposition of interests in real estate? Is there any law granting estate surveyors and valuers such a right? What role should legal practitioner play in the acquisition and disposition of interests in land?  Real estate to a lawyer simply means an interest in land and so the lawyer talks about real property, as distinct from personal property.  Real property or realty, simply means, immoveable property (natural fixed). 

Actually, agents are used in this field of real estate.  An agent can be defined as a person who act or perform on the behalf of another person known as the principal”.  An agency is a relationship between two persons by their agreement, while one person (the agent) acts on behalf of another, the principal.  An agency is a relationship of another, the principal.  An agency is a relationship between in which someone (the estate agent) acts on behalf of another person (the principal) who seeks to acquire or dispose an interest in the property.

Generally speaking though, agency work consists of work done in the course of business, pursuant to instructions received from another person who wishes to dispose of or acquire an interest in landed property.


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