Oil industry is a prominent aspect of modern economy and as it were exploration activities are very important for continuity of oil production.

The exploration activities involve the acquisition of data and processing.  As exploration activities increases in the modern world, the computer manufactures are also working hard to produce. Supper computer and their processing that are involved.

Many firms are emerging fast and of course modern firms make the use of computers, especially the mainframe computer which has large memory space.  As the activities is in the increase, there is need to increase storage facilities because there comes a time when the main memory of computer will be unable to hold all information required.  This is where the secondary storage device called the magnetic tape comes to play.

A general description of the system goals, facilities and application are involved.




1.1              Introduction

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Purpose of the study

1.4              Objective of the study

1.5              Scope of the problem or project

1.6              Limitations of the study

1.7              Assumption

1.8              Definition





3.1              General Description of the existing system

3.2              Method of data collection used

3.3              Objective of the Existing System

3.4              Organizational Structure

3.5              Input Analysis

3.6              Process Analysis

3.7              Output Analysis

3.8              Information flow Diagram

3.9              Problem of the Existing system

3.10          Justification for the new system



4.1              Input specification and design

4.2              Output specification and design

4.3              File design

4.4              Procedure chart

4.5              System flowchart

4.6              System Requirement



5.1              Program Design

5.2              Program flowchart

5.3              Pseudocodes

5.4              Source program listing

5.5              Text run.


6.1              System documentation

6.2              Program documentation

6.3              Users documentation



7.1              Conclusion

7.2              Recommendation



1.1              INTRODUCTION

The exploration activities involve the acquisition of data and processing.  As the exploration activities increases in the modern world, the computer manufactures are also working hard to produce super computers and their processing algo: This with high computing power to cope with the lager data processing that are involved.

Owing to the inevitable roles that are played by the oil industries in the modern world, the federal govt.  recently issues out a white paper enforcing all oil companies to do more exploration to increase oil reserver.  This means that there will be more data acquisition and processing jobs in the near future.

The importance of oil exploration in modern countries can never be over emphasized.  In the United State of America and Britain, intensive exploration activities are on for the last two decodes all in attempt to have enough oil reserves.

And so seismic data processing is very indispensable in the oil industry because it is the first step taken in the discoming of hydrocarbon or better more seismic data processing is a key sequence in search for hydrocation.

In the processing of seismic data, care should be taken because of not properly processed, it might lead to wrong interpretation and this might lead to false prospect.  Infact wrong processing will reduce the success ration in the discovery of hydrocarbon and this causes the cost of drilling to increase.  In essence, wrong processing will lead to drilling false prospect and he know that it costs millions if not billions of Naira to dill a well.

The role of govt. in oil industry had gradually progressed from a regulatory one to direct involvement in all exploitation and exploration initially government only made rudimentary laws and collected royalties for the oil companies.  By 1971 the situation charged as oil become more important to the Nigeria Economy.  Oil accounts for about 90% of the  total foreign exchange earning for the country.

In essence, Nigeria that wants increase in her revenue, must engage in acquisition, processing and management of seismic data.  Seismic data management systemic therefore a software development for the purpose.  That is why the case study was the integrated data services limited (IDSL) Benin city a subsidiary of the Nigeria National Petroleum Co-operation (NNPC)

1.2              PROBLEMS OF THE STUDY

In the search for hydrocarbon, the initial question had always been where exactly under the surface are the anticlines or the structures within which the hydrocarbon can be accumulated.

This question is answered in part by seismic data acquisition and the main by seismic data processing transforms and refines these data to level where the above question is answered.

The problem is how can these information collected from the field be presented and protected from destruction.  That is why the tape librarians were introduced to help in managing these tapes, but as time goes on they cannot manage them effectively.  This has created many problem for the management

The solution to the problem will lie in removing any factors that inhibit the ability of the librarian to make the storage and the retrieval of tapes easy in the organization.

1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

This research will be very useful to both student individuals, co-operate bodies and general public as a whole who are either engaged or way wish to engage in seismic data acquisition and processing in the future

            The purpose are as follows

1                    Ensuring the acquisition of good quality seismic data in an effective manner.

2                    Ensuring that all field tapes collected from the field are sent to the processing centre and then its seismic data in tapes are presented in a form that is convenient for geological interpretation.

3                    To ensure that processing sequence are followed and a good result suitable for acceptance.

1.4              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

For fast data processing you ensure reliable of data to discover more hydrocarbon.  To increase revenue by engaging in acquisition processing and management.

1.5              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

In this research work the study was limited to the use of Electronic Data Processing (EDP) on the information management control in seismic Data processing.

1.7       ASSUMPTION

            It is assumed that if this program is properly implemented.  It will go along way to eradicate the challenges and constrength encounted in the existing system.


COMPUTER: An electronic device that is capable of accepting data, processing data automatically, store it produces the result where needed.

FILE:              this is collection of related record

PROGRAM:   A set of logical instructions combined together to perform a specific task to a given problem and providing solution to it.

OUTPUT:       Result of the processed data by the computer

INPUT:           Data supplied to the computer for processing.

DATA:            Raw materials used by the computer.

INFORMATION:      Processed data.

STORAGE DEVICE:            A device for storage data in the system

SEISMIC:       It is something caused by earthquake.


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