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Geology Project Topics and Materials

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GEOLOGY OF WESTERN AKING AND ITS ENVIRONS AND HEAVY METAL DISTRIBUTION IN SURFACE WATER                              STREAM SEDIMENT, AKING-WEST,SOUTHEASTERN NIGERIA DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY ABSTRACT Aking-West and its environs is located within latitude 050 221N and 050 261N and longitude 0080 361E and 0080 381E. It... Continue Reading
Department of geology ABSTRACTS The study area is located within latitude 050 271 4611N and longitude 0080 431 46E, and the elevation of the place is 156m. The major rock types encountered in the area include gneisses, quartzite, amphibolites and marbles. These are intruded by pegmatite, quartz vein... Continue Reading
HEAVY METAL DISTRIBUTION IN SEDIMENT OF AKPABUYO STREAM, CROSS RIVER BASIN  SOUTH EASTERN NIGERIA Geology department ABSTRACT   Sediment samples were collected through the purpose sampling method from various streams in Akpabuyo L.G.A, ten sample location were selected. The concentration and areal distribution of selected metals (Fe, Zn, Mn,... Continue Reading
    DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY   ABSTRACT        Seismic interpretation data and applications are the key element of a rapid technological evolution in the remote sensing of the subsurface maps that has resulted in geoscientists movement from data poor to data rich Stewart, S. A.... Continue Reading
Resistivity methods used in horizontal and vertical discontinuities in the electrical properties of the ground water detection (Geology ) Chapter One: Introduction The resistivity method is used in the study of the horizontal and vertical discontinuities in the electrical properties of the ground and also in the detection of three dimensional... Continue Reading
IN ZARIACITY KADUNA STATE ABSTRACT In Nigeria and particularly in Zaria city of Kaduna state, open dumping is still the most common household waste disposal method/practice. This type of practice is un hygienic and environmentally unfriendly. This research is aimed at effective household waste management... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  The development of soil erosion began when man settled down and started turning pasture land into farmland. The intensive exploitation of the land disturbed the natural soil vegetative cover and exposed its, surface to the effect of erosive agents and to introduce such... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT   This work investigates the extent of Arsenic pollution of borehole waters in Onitsha and environs. Fifteen samples of drinking water sourced from boreholes were randomly collected and analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) and the technique employed is wet oxidation method. The results of Arsenic concentration obtained... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A resistivity survey was made in some part of PTI dumpsite in order to determine the quality of the ground water in that area. The survey consisted of 5 electrical soundings which were carried out using the Schlumberger array configuration with a current electrode separation of 126m.  The data was interpreted by computer aided iteration... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Geo-electrical survey using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) was carried out in the Sports Complex of Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun Delta State (FUPRE) in order to determine the groundwater potential of the area and the aquifer distribution. The Schlumberger electrode configuration was used with a maximum current... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1     Introduction Petroleum is among the various resources produced by nature. They are used by human to satisfy their needs such as transportation, cooking, electricity power supply and others (Mike, 2012). The exploitation of natural resources such as crude oil is the use of natural resources for... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background to the Study Soil is an important resource covering the land surface. Mining is the process of getting minerals and soil components for various uses. Man depends on soil for agriculture, construction and even as a habitat for various organisms (Mwangi, 2007). People benefit from soil particularly... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of the Study This study focuses on the environmental impacts of flooding on agricultural activities in Kwale and its environs. Flooding has been a long-term issue which affects the inhabitants of Kwale. In many natural systems, floods play an important role in maintaining key ecosystem functions and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of Study Environmental degradation and biodiversity depletion are crucial and disturbing topics among environmentalist today (David, 2014). Probing into the root cause of this problem and the consequences of our actions is the first step towards reducing the rate of environmental degradation and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work was undertaken to assess the state of ground water(borehole and well water) and its health implications in Warri metropolis using Uvwie, Udu and Effurun Local Government Area. Samples were collected in six different locations in Warri metropolis. The analysis was centered on the physiochemical parameters considered pH,... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The mineralogical and chemical composition of clastic sedimentary rocks are controlled by various factors, including (1) the composition of their source rocks, (2) environmental parameters influencing the weathering of source rocks (e.g., atmosphericchemistry, temperature, rainfall and topography), (3) duration of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study area is located within the north-central Nigeria in Akwanga town, Nassarawa state. It lies between Latitudes 8°55'N to 9°00'N and Longitudes 8°25'E to 8°30'E. It is underlain by crystalline rocks of the Basement Complex “sensu stricto”, which comprises of migmatitic banded gneiss, biotite gneiss and gneissic granite.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Geology and Water Quality Assessment of the Salt Lake areas of Okpoma and its environs in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State has been carried out. The study area lies between longitude 08 o 36 1 E to 08 o 41 1 E of the equator and latitude 06 o 32 1 N to 06 o 37 1 N of the meridian respectively. They belong to the Eze-Aku... Continue Reading
Petrophysical well logs were integrated in an analysis for the reservoir characterization of C and D wells located in the Offshore Depobelt of the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria. The study essentially determined reservoir properties such as Lithology, shale volume, Porosity, hydrocarbon saturation and Net-Gross from Well logs with a view to... Continue Reading
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The third trimester filled practical programme is an important programme designed by the university for development studies to equip students with practical skills and other standard of living. This first part of the field work is to help identify the problems of rural communities in the northern regions and in this instance TAPA ABOTOASE in the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Solid waste management over the years has been a serious problem on the nation  Ghana. This solid waste materials are generated by humans in the cities and  municipalities of almost all developing countries. In this country, it is one of the  most pressing concerns of the government because of the health problems that  comes with it... Continue Reading
Field relationship, petrographical studies and geochemical analysis were combined in investigating the depositional environment and industrial viability of limestone beds in Purechem’s quarry at Onigbedu. Field observation indicates a homogenous lithology of the beds with variation in textural and clastic composition. Petrographic study revealed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Over 40 complexes of the younger granites of Nigeria are found on the Jos plateau. The Ganawuri complex is one of the high level granitoid bodies in the Younger Granite Province . During the period of this research, a massive kaolin deposit at Kurra was studied. The sequence of the studied area comprises of five layers: a lateritic layer,... Continue Reading
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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 LOCATION, EXTENT AND ACCESSIBILITY Akanu-Ohofia Area comprises of villages in Ohofia local government area of Abia state. Communities within the studied area include; Akanu, Isi-ugwu, Ndi-uduma, Abia, Ania, Ndiokala, Ndi-orieka, Amankwu and Eziafor (Figure 1). The study area is part of the Southern Anambra Basin... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Geology and Water Quality Assessment of the Salt Lake areas of Okpoma and its environs in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State has been carried out. The study area lies between longitude 08 o 36 1 E to 08 o 41 1 E of the equator and latitude 06 o 32 1 N to 06 o 37 1 N of the meridian respectively. They belong to the Eze-Aku... Continue Reading
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