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Mathematics Project Topics and Materials

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Internal sorting algorithms constitute a class of util ity programs that are  widely used in performing routine computing operations . This thesis examines  the t heory and structu res of these algorithms and ill ustrates their basic  principles with flowcharts and tabular presentations. PASCAL codes were also  developed and... Continue Reading


A sa:cly of Royr.!1on l1Dh::s f;-0;1. o,Tice was ca:-ried out; to uriderstand the system and determine the information rcqui:·emcnL Duri;1g the course or this study, problcn�s ai1cct ing the systems were  identified.  We then designed a new system which is computer based rulting into consideration the problems  identified. This... Continue Reading
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This study is concerned with the female enrolment at the junior secondary  school levels in Nigeria. In writing this project, the approach has been to determine the trend in female enrolment at the junior secondary school level by  the geo - political zones.  This research work is organized into five chapters. The first chapter deals... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Consider the problem of r t / randomly distributed points in a unit n-ball and the convex hull created by these points. Let ~ 11 be r.t times the r-content of an rsimplex whose p vertices are in the interior and r + /- p vertices on the boundary of a unit n-ball. Explicit expressions for the exact distribution functions of ~,, are given... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CERTIFICATION ............................................................................................................. II DECLARATION .............................................................................................................. III DEDICATION... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project studied the relevance of Mathematics as a core subject in senior secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. The following research questions were posed to help the researchers in conducting this research: what are the benefits of teaching Mathematics in schools? Are adequate instructional materials used... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study proposes and analyzes a non-linear mathematical model for the dynamics of HIV/AIDS with treatment and vertical transmission. The equilibrium points of the model system are found and their stability is investigated. The model exhibits two equilibria namely, the disease-free and the endemic equilibrium. It is found that if the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project proposes a non – linear mathematical model to study the effect of irresponsible infected  immigrants on the spread of HIV/AIDS in a heterogeneous population with a constant recruitment of susceptible. The equilibrium points, stability analysis  and numerical simulation on the model are presented. It is realised that at... Continue Reading


Abstract The fundamental idea of the project is to provide basic and concrete concepts of the fuzzy set theory, and thus focused on easy illustrations of the basic concepts. There are numerous examples and figures to help readers to understand. It tries to explain the emergence of fuzzy sets from historical perspective. Looking back to the history... Continue Reading


In this research work, we have reviewed and studied two disease models: a disease model with logistic recruitment rate with and without incubation period and a disease model with linear recruitment rate with and without incubation period.  The existence and stability or otherwise of the equilibrium states of the models were studied; also... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In this paper we introduce, numerical study of some iterative methods for solving non linear equations. Many iterative methods for solving algebraic and transcendental equations are presented by the different formulae. Using bisection method, false position method, secant method and the Newton’s iterative method and their results... Continue Reading


In Financial Institutions such as banks and other firms, we face financial risk which emanates from different source. Credit Risk as one of the prominent risk, had been found to reduce the efficiency of banks and other financial firms, hence, the research to model the risk . In this project, several models used to evaluate credit risk, including... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT           In the period of the 1970’s, Agriculture was the main stay of the Nigeria economy. The oil boom of 1970’s brought about a gradual shift from agriculture to crude oil making Nigeria to depend heavily on petroleum as main source of foreign exchange earnings. Agriculture sector which use to... Continue Reading


Linear programming is a mathematical tool that is used to maximize or minimize a function when constraints are linear. In this project, we considered some examples and applications of linear programming problems.  TABLE OF CONTENTS    Title page  Certification                       Dedication                      ... Continue Reading


It is said that mathematics is the gate and key of the sciences. According to the famous philosopher Kant, “A science is exact only in so far as it employs mathematics”. So all scientific education which does not commence with mathematics is said to be defective at its foundation, In fact it has formed the basis for the evolution of... Continue Reading


                    ABSTRACT In this project work, we have established a systematic study of z transform and its analysis on Discrete Time (DT) systems. The researcher also deal with Linear Time Invariant (LTI) system and Difference Equation as examples of DT systems. The right and left shift was use as a method of... Continue Reading


Contents 1 General Introduction 1 1.1 Background of Study . . . . . . . . . .1 1.2 Integral Equation . . . . . . . . . .......2 1.2.1 Fredholm integral equation . . .3 1.2.2 Volterra integral equation . . . . 4 1.3 Polynomials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1.4 Orthogonal Polynomials . . . . . . .5 1.5 Chebyshev Polynomials . . . . . . . 6... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In this project work, we studied the Adams-Bashforth scheme for solving initial value problems. We gave an indebt explanation on the Adam-Bashforth scheme, its consistency, stability, and convergence, the two and three step methods were also derived. Numerical solutions were obtained using four (4) examples. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Cover... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT: Infectious  disease  has  become  a  source  of  fear  and  superstition  since  the first  ages  of  human  civilization.  In  this  study,  we  consider  the  Discrete  SIR  model for  disease  transmission  to  explain  the  use  of  this  model  and  also  show  significant explanation  as ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In this research, we investigated the deformation field near a crack tip due to thermal stress. Crack tip singularities are examined using a line integral that exhibits path independence of all contours near the tip of the crack in a two-dimensional deformation field of an elastic material. The approach of using the J- Integral is used to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Mathematical models describing the variations in the plasma glucose and J insulin levels over time in an insulin - dependent diabetic person (IDD patient) were formulated. We showed that these models can correctly describe these variations when we solved them sirnuttaneously by andytical approach rather than the normal numerical approach... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This project research titled “Design and Implementation of an Online Journal Management System which is a case study of Sokoto International Journal of Counselling Psychology (SIJCP)” is a web-based system which is aimed at using the potent ability of the Computer System to solve many of the challenges faced by the current... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Computing square roots over finite fields is a problem of interest, especially to understanding which algorithm is efficient, and how it works well. There are several known algorithms that computes square roots over finite fields, of all of them the shank’s algorithm is known to be the most efficient. The objective of this... Continue Reading
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