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Electrical Engineering Project Topics and Materials (Page 4)

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Preamble A power inverter, or inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). ( The Authoritative, 2000 ). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Nigeria is a country with a population of over 170 million; it is rightly the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world. According to the United Nations, one in six Africans is Nigerian. It is a regional power, listed among the “Next Eleven” economies, and a member of the Commonwealth of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project proposes a new type of voltage regulator based on single-phase converter otherwise known as transformerless AVR that compensates wide range voltage variations. This is not only capable of compensating variations at a much higher bandwidth but also does not experience mechanical wear down and is cost effective. The proposed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT As a result of recent increases in demand for electric power, utility transmission systems have been forced to operate under stressful conditions, often close to instability limits. Efforts to construct new transmission lines or enlarge networks are limited due to economic and environmental constraints. According to U.S. Department of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Energy is a basic necessity for the economic development of a nation. There are different forms of energy, but the most important form is the electrical energy. A modern and civilized society is so much dependent on the use of electrical energy. Activities relating to the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy have... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT  The importance of power supply to any economy cannot be overemphasized. It the pivot on which the economic, industrial and technological development of any nation is hinged upon. This study was carried out to assess the state of power supply and use in Gyel District of Jos- South Local Government Area of Plateau State. Four communities... Continue Reading
Abstract The project is a construction of inverter using solar panel and its operation. The problems of power lead to the aims and construction of the inverter. This project comprises of four chapters, chapter one deal with the introduction and background of the project. Chapter review of related literature of the project, chapter three... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A power system is set up basically to meet the demands of the customers. However, interruptions which are largely unavoidable contribute to the unavailability of power and thus prevent power system from achieving this. In most cases, it is the sustained interruptions that greatly affect both the utility company and its customers. Hence,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work is aimed at developing an efficient Algorithm for the management of Electric Power network using fuzzy logic. The fuzzy logic model functions as a system operator in making decision for load shedding and transfer switching. The new technique uses the system data frequency variation, load variation and voltage variation... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT` To improve the overall efficiency of the power system, the performance of transmission system must be improved. Some of the vital ways of achieving this objective is by reducing power losses in the system and also improving voltage profile. An important method of controlling bus voltage is by shunt capacitor banks in the transmission... Continue Reading
Abstract This work investigates an improved protection solution based on the use of artificial neural network on the 330kV Nigerian Network modelled using Matlab R2014a. Measured fault voltages and currents signals decomposed using the discrete Fourier transform implemented via fast Fourier transform are fed as inputs to the neural network. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work is concerned with the features, analysis and design of a stand-alone solar energy based power supply with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) scheme. The features and operations of various types of solar cells and panels and the performance characteristics under varying temperature and irradiance conditions are studied.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The project is based on Construction of microcontroller vehicle speed alarm system which automatically warns the driver by activating a panic alarm which is triggered on when the driver exceeds the speed limit set in the system which also stops the alarm when the speed is reduced... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work investigates and evaluates local liquid dielectric for insulation of power transformers. Considering the importance of transformer insulation the investigation is borne out of the need to develop the capacity for local production of transformer dielectric. Natural esters of vegetables origin have been found to have the suitable... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Long term evolution (LTE) Network is often faced with the challenge of meeting up with the quality of service (QoS) requirement of the different services supported in the Network. Maintaining a trade-off between system throughput and fairness among users when making radio resources scheduling decisions is a very sensitive issue. Several... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Providing quality of service is a challenging issue in UMTS mobile networks for multimedia traffic (video, voice and data). Critical services such as real-time audio, voice and video are given priority over less critical ones, such as file transfer and web surfing. One of the approaches that efficiently provides standard quality of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Most ATMs employ one means of authentication (single factor authentication) by using the PIN. These kinds of ATMs are vulnerable to ATM frauds like Card Skimming: where a device placed at the slot for the ATM Card copies all the information stored in ATM cards including the PINs and then copies of the original cards will be made,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The work presented in this thesis explored the potential of using a mix of renewable energy resources (hybrid power systems, HPSs) to generate electricity that meets power needs of mobile base stations at rural areas in Nigeria. The study was based on theoretical mathematical modeling and simulation using the hybrid optimization model for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The design of this 30 volt Audio Amplifier with volume, table and bass control which was done wit ht he combination of five (5) different circuit which are interconnected during or after construction.  This amplifier operates with an option of a left and right channel. The combination of these circuit include this main amplifier circuit... Continue Reading
PREFACE The purpose of this text is to present at a primary and intermediate level a comprehensive over view of the construction principle and indeed the operation of a Digital Incubator.  We want to present a situation where by as the temperature in going up let the resistance be decreasing and as the temperature decreases let the resistance be... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION All modern engineering system includes certain aspects of control system at some point in their broadcast scenes, control engineering and the associated theory are concerned with the means of making system to behave in a desired may.  The system on this thesis is a DC ' AC... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project is he design and construction of a voltage inverter system with trickle charging system. This device is design to provide power supply for the need of offices, household etc. In absence of NEPA power supply. It would also prevent harm to our appliances caused by power holding company LTD (NEPA) Random power outage . TABLE OF... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The topic of this project is ' Audio Amplifier'. The research embarked upon this study or project by using both primary and secondary source of data. The main instrument used for data collection are: Modern electronics circuit Design. By David J. Commer. Electronics Devices. By Floyd... Continue Reading
Automatic water level controller for both overhead and underground tank is designed to monitor the level of water in a tank. It displays the level of water and when it is at the lowest level; a pump is activated automatically to refill the tank. When the tank is filled to its maximum capacity, the pump is automatically de-energized. Several... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT As the world is developing the need for electronics in human endeavor is now taking a larger scope. With the invention of certain electronics gadgets in our societies today, certain activities become easily handled for example; in communication where the telephone plays a part.  In places where safety are needed an alarm system will be... Continue Reading
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