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Electrical Engineering Project Topics and Materials (Page 2)

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ABSTRACT Until recently applied electricity technical education was meant for those who could not cope effectively with conventional academic pursuits. In Nigeria today, applied electricity technical education had become a thing of National Interest because it has been realized that it has efficacy in producing the dreamed and desired manpower for... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The quest to satisfy our need for stable power supply in Nigeria has driven most Nigerians into an ardent search for alternative renewable power sources. One of such major renewable power source in use is solar energy, which is energy obtained from the radiation of the sun. To obtain electrical power from the sun, four key... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Cell phones need electric sources to charge their batteries in order to work, but there are people in developing and third world countries that find it hard to access electric sources.In an attempt to provide an alternative means of charging to those unfortunate areas in third world and developing countries, a solar powered cellphone... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The initial cost of the power inverter system is significant higher compared to the conventional source of power. As a result, there is need for the performance evaluation of various power inverters in order to determine the cost efficiency of the power inverter as an alternative source of power. The aim of the present study is to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT With the rapid growth in the rate of acquisition of Three Phase Motor both for home, office or business uses, there is need to consider the type of motor that is needed and acquired for various uses or purpose. This project explain how individual, organization can assemble a complete motor, emphasis is based on the construction of 3hp... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this project work, we are mostly concern about building a simple power streetlight which is automatically operated. There are four main components required to build a solar operated streetlight. The solar array, High efficiency D.C lamp, changes controller and battery of which the solar array is the most expensive. It is the solar... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Water is an indispensable and inevitable substance to all living things due to its usability and high priority among other substance and materials. Provision of large volume of waters essential due to its significant purpose, which therefore called for a means by which sufficient, and good quality water can be obtained.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work has been aimed at efficient means of controlling the traffic effectively for twenty-four hours. As the world is growing technologically more and more vehicles jump into the public road adding to the already existing number. Consequently, more efficient way of controlling the traffics becomes more desirable as compared to the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This is a technical report presented on the design and construction of an Automatic Phase Selector.           In the construction work, an ordinary level knowledge of electronics principles are observed. We aimed at presenting a practical aspect of the subject and then providing the argument necessary for a thorough... Continue Reading
Abstract               During the invention of security system alarms, in the early 80s technology of system shadow which involves lighten and sensing of objects was at that age found during their experiments using a special material know as light dependent resistor which its family lies in the resistance serials. The development of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT 500VA power inverter system is a DC to AC conversion system of 500VA power rating and expected to carry around 400 watts load. It provides power to electronic and electrical appliances such as radio sets, TV DVD/VCD, computers, fans and lighting. The design was conceived and put down as block diagram. Corresponding circuit diagrams for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT/CONCEPT It is a statement of fact that power plays a significant role in our daily life. However, Nigeria as a developing country has a lot of challenge in the area of electric power supply. The challenges include inadequate of electric power generating which causes instability of electric power supply in Nigeria. This problem is the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of this research work was to identify the impact of insurance services in the Nigerian economy. This is because most of Nigerians looks at insurance industry as a weak and poor industry with little or no impact in the Nigerian economy. However, the researcher carefully x-ray the implication of effective contribution of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION As the growing population of human race widens the gulf between energy supply and energy demand, the imbalance in energy availability sent researchers into excavating for a way of settling this age long squabble. A lasting solution is vested on alternative use of the renewable energy source, a project that is yet to be... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1           Introduction A wireless signal jammer is a device which blocks transmission by creating interference. This wireless signal jammer can be categorized into the Radio Frequency (RF) jammer and GSM jammer. A Radio Frequency jammer is a device used to disrupt or prevent communication via a broadcasted... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project review the conformability of uninterrupted power supply through the use of inverter. An inverter is a system that converts a direct current to an alternating current.  However, inverter is of different categories base on power rating such as 1KVA, 1.5KVA,2KVA, 5KVA etc. Moreover, since the invention of inverter, some... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project which comprise of many chapters that deals extensively with designs and construction of battery charger with auto-cut off which is capable of charging a 12 volts battery. In this construction research, designs was carried out which historic research was used to break down and evaluate to a low level understating of what an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This inverter is designed to convert ac power from higher capacity dc batteries to A.C voltage (power) for systems that use ac only. It uses 24v battery D.C times 2, which is converted by the MOSFET to A.C. it is used I.C. with the model number SG3525 where the four MOSFET is connected to it. It consists winding which enable to determine... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project review the conformability of uninterrupted power supply through the use of power inverter, However, inverter is of different categories base on power rating such as 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 5KVA etc. Moreover, since the invention of inverter, some problem associated with alternative power supply had been drastically reduced. Meanwhile,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT As new ideas unfold and technology become advanced with business increasingly being dependent on technology for their fundamental operation; the need for system availability is of paramount importance.           Uninterruptible power supply [INVERTER] maintain continuous supply of electric power to certain essential equipment... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0             INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF PROBLEM           Fire detection system are safety system. They monitor rooms and buildings continuously for indication of fire outbreak and give alarm directly if one occurs.           Both the British Factory Acts 1961 and the officers shops and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project report is a thesis written specifically to cover the design analysis construction, test and packaging of a multipurpose security system from electric component that can be easily be obtainable from the market. The report discusses the various unit and stages of the alarm system, thesis include:- a)     Clock generation... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0             INTRODUCTION As the quest for change over on public power supply and stand by generation increase. Engineering have researches deep into the different methods of achieving to both manual and automatic types.           It may not be taken seriously in some places where power supply is up to 90... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT         The microcontroller smoke detector is a system designed to provide security level in areas that requires high accuracy of precaution against fire outbreak, in an industry, commercial buildings and even domestic homes.         This project uses 89s52 microproecessor as it major component. This microprocessor is the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are used to provide power when regular utility power is unavailable.  Although they are commonly used for providing power in remote locations or emergencies, this is not because they are the same as auxiliary power units, emergency power units or standby generators. Unlike the aforementioned power... Continue Reading
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