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Project Topics and Materials - Page 941

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IMPACT OF CASH MANAGEMENT ON COMPANY’S SURVIVAL A Case Study of the Nigeria Bottling Company ABSTRACTS Nigeria Bottling Company PLC (NBC), like any other organization requires adequate cash at all times to meet different needs. Cash adequacy derived from the proper planning, monitoring and control of its cash resources is vital for the smooth... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0027
  • Pages:173
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The interest in the role of small scale businesses in the development process of a country continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. Every business whether small or large, simple or... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0026
  • Pages:137
(A CASE STUDY OF GUINNESS NIGERIA PLC) ABSTRACT The concept of corporate social responsibility has generated a lot of controversy. While some of business was business alone some strongly believe that business should become more involve with public interest. This study is thus an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study focused on the Challenges of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Implementation in Nigeria, the benefit and challenges of IFRS bearing in mind the prevailing domestic legal and regulatory framework of accounting, awareness... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0024
  • Pages:108
ABSTRACT The central point of this research work is how capital structure could impact on the share price of quoted companies in Nigeria. The researcher desires to reflect on the positive impact which capital structure has on market value of quoted companies in Nigeria. Data... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0023
  • Pages:140
(A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED COMPANIES IN ONITSHA) ABSTRACT This study examined the effect of capital structure on corporate performance with reference to selected companies in Onitsha, Questionnaires and interviews were used to collect information from the selected companies in Onitsha,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at examining the use of budgeting and other form of fiscal discipline, that is taxation and other forms of government spending or expenditure in public corporations or... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0021
  • Pages:106
ABSTRACT Budget and Budgetary control, both at management and operational level looks at the future and lays down what has to be achieved. Control checks whether or not the plans are realized, and puts into effect corrective measures where deviation or shortfall... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0020
  • Pages:119
ABSTRACT This study is centred on Budget discipline and Management of local government funds with emphasis on Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State. Ughelli North Local Government w as particularly chosen because of it natural... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0019
  • Pages:111
AUDITORS REPORT ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCEIN NIGERIA NON-FINANCIAL INSTITUTION A case study of Guinness Nigeria Plc Abstract The major corporate collapses and related frauds which occurred in Nigeria and around the world have raised doubts about the credibility of the operating and financial reporting practices of companies in Nigeria. This stirred a... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Out of the worries ignited by the incessant occurrence of organisations failure and liquidation in Nigeria, even with the presence of audit committees in these organisations, this project topic was born. A topic aimed at evaluating audit committee and financial reporting Nigeria. In... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0017
  • Pages:142
1975 – 2005 ABSTRACT The research seeks to test impact of fiscal policy on public consumption and expenditure in Nigeria 1975-2005. Government consumption and expenditure variables used, already divided the interest of total debt and total revenue.... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0015
  • Pages:102
ABSTRACT This is an empirical study carried out to determine the extent of compliance with the government financial regulation in the Nigerian public sector. It is aimed at resolving issues regarding the relationship... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0014
  • Pages:114
ABSTRACT Due to the study on corporate reports in the banking industry, the research took interest to study an empirical analysis on the quality of corporate financial disclosures in Nigeria banking industry. Chapter one contained the introduction, statement of problem,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines the impact of government expenditure on economy growth in Nigeria. In the light of the empirical review and other discussions, a number of questions arose as to whether there is significant relationship between government investment expenditure and economic... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study of the nature involves a lot of deep research and understanding of the factors, which creates the effects on the subject matter. Primarily, these factors were more economical than managerial as... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Oil and Gas industries are great contributors to the growth and development of national economy. The accounting treatment of exploration costs for mineral resources, the kind of method use and why the... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0010
  • Pages:115
TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Table of Content CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study 1.2 Statement of Research Problem 1.3 Research Hypothesis 1.4 Objectives of the Study 1.5 Research Questions 1.6 Scope of the Study 1.7 Significance of the Study 1.8 Limitations... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0009
  • Pages:114
S ABSTRACT This study is motivated by a desire to examine the impact of export financing on Nigeria export sector. In light of the empirical review and other discussions, a number of questions arose as to whether there is a significant relationship between export financing and growth in Nigerias... Continue Reading
THE ROLE OF ACCOUNTING IN THE CONTROL OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA [CBN]) ABSTRACT In recent times some of the public organizations in Nigeria have been faced with cases of financial crisis. Those of them survived more in a snail pace. Obviously the causes of financial crisis in our public sector have... Continue Reading
PROPOSAL Finance is the life-wire of any organization and proper management means a sustained increase in the life of an organization. Owing to the broad view of this project when settled for an elaborate detail about it, this report or write up has been divided into five... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0006
  • Pages:139
ABSTRACT The role of banks as financial intermediary is crucial to the growth of any society. Primarily, bank supply, such financial services as provision of savings and time deposits, call deposits, working capital and terms loans, tender and performance bonds... Continue Reading
IMPACT OF COMMERCIAL BANKS CREDIT ON NIGERIA’S EXPORT TRADE ABSTRACT This study investigates the impact of commercial bank credit (loans and advances) on the Nigerian export trade, taking into consideration the period from 1983 to 2009. After a thorough analysis it was discovered that export trade have earned some substantial amount of foreign... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examines the Administration of Companies Income Tax in Nigeria: Problems and Procedures. Taxation patterns throughout history are largely explained by administrative consideration. The tax structure of any economy tends to vary substantially according to... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0003
  • Pages:105
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