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Secretarial Administration Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT             This research work was carried out to examine the influence of communication equipment on the efficiency of the secretary with particular reference to Nigerian Breweries Public limited company NBL/Ama Green Field 9th mile corner Enugu.             The theoretical frame work for this study was based on... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to find out the impact of the internet on secretarial profession.  This research covers the selected business organizations in Enugu metropolis. In this research, the related literature were reviewed. The population used for this study were ninety secretaries which were picked from selected seven business... Continue Reading
PROPOSAL             Proposal page simply means the summary of the fist three chapters, introduction, literature review and research methodology.             Project Topic: The effect of secretarial job design in FRCN             Job design concerns the content functions and relationship of job that are direct... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             The main aim of this project is to find out the effects of students industrial work experience scheme to the students in tertiary institutions in Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State.             The researcher considered whether students actually receive practical training in industries and how far... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             The institute of management and technology being the case of study of this write up is a great polytechnic of price among others. When this great institute was established a greater part of the management was left in the hands of Europeans, who really gave... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             The purpose of this work was to find out the effects of stress on the secretary’s job performance.             A questionnaire was drawn up with which data were collected. This was supplemented by observations. The respondents were in selected organizations in Enugu Urban.  In all 61 questionnaires... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             The whole universe include our country, are so much on the brink of this immense technology. It has gotten a far reaching effect on almost all human endeavour.             Most people understood what impact, the modern technology, (INTERNET) is playing to address... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A lot of employees think that their secretaries are not producing as much as they should. That they are not working up to maximum capacity where as there is room for improvement in their job performance. In order for any organization to achieve its basic objectives, it must lay strong emphasis on the way it observes the environmental... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work was based on the problems of ineffective communication in business organization, a case study of Vetco Gray Nigeria Limited, Port-Harcourt. The purpose of the research was to find out the problems caused by ineffective communication and the strategies, which could be used to enhance effective communication in business... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             A lot of us after graduating from our schools of higher learning are still ignorant about what it takes to work with people in an organization nor so they posses any knowledge of psychology.             Most of the executives, especially the secretaries we are focusing our attention on, can recite a set... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Is the computer really a new frontier opportunity and means to solve our problem is it of any help to management information system.  It is the aim of research work to concentrate on computerization of management information system application of computer to customer billing system in NITAL Plc and application of computers to any... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             This study reveals that the problems of Cyber-cafes in Delta state, Nigeria by means of questionnaires             Data were collected from Cyber-cafes, frequency counts and simple percentages were used to analyze the data generated.             Findings revealed the problems militating against... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             Te importance of training both old and new employees in an organization particularly in modern business organizations cannot be over emphasized. It is eviolent that new jobs usually required training in new skill.             The fact that in service training helps to eliminate the numerous problems faced... Continue Reading
           ABSTRACT The degree to which computer is used in offices has been of serious concern to secretarial profession. This study investigated the impact of the introduction of the computer on the secretarial profession and how the secretarial react to the introduction of computer.             In order to arrive at a... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             This study found out the importance of Ethics and social responsibility in a business organization, to be precise the NICON Insurance co-operation Enugu state.             To make this study successful, questionnaire, interview questions and review of related literature were employed as research tools. ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             The main purpose of this study is to find out the problems of communication on organizational success using the Anambra Motor manufacturing Company ANAMMCO as a study.             In line with this, three research questions were framed. The sample size used was so of the senior and middle level executive... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this research work was to find out how aid what type of sociological factors that affect professional secretaries in their career. Secretaries and their bosses were selected from different organizations as well as the student secretaries of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology and those of the college of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study reported herein was carried out to identify the impart of industrial training to the training of students secretarial with particular reference to the institute of management and Technology Enugu, Enugu State. The study treated the background, statement of problems, purpose and objectives, scope and delimitation, significance... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examined the roles and the effectiveness of professional secretaries within government parastatals, using Ministry of Agriculture and Environment as a study. The study adopted survey design using primary source of data with questionnaire as instrument of data collection. A total of 150 questionnaires were administered to level... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research is focused on the challenges of OFFICE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY profession in the modern technological era. The main purpose of this research was to find out the OFFICE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY profession, the teaching and learning of internet skills, the teaching and learning of Management information skills, the teaching and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study assessed the problems and challenges of female secretaries and achievement of organization efficiency in Ijebu-Ode Local Government area.  It employed descriptive approach of data gathering and analysis. Fifty (50) female secretaries were selected for the study. The non-parametric tool of chi-square was employed for the... Continue Reading
THE CHALLENGES OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION (ICT) TO MODERN SECRETARIES ABSTRACT This research work has been carried out to determine the challenges of information and Communication Technology (ICT) to workers. This is with the basic aim of providing practical solution towards the re-engineering and sustenance of the organizational profession. The... Continue Reading
A SURVEY OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR SECRETARIES IN PARASTATALS IN ENUGU URBAN A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NNPC) ENUGU. ABSTRACT This write up is aimed at identifying the employment opportunities for secretaries in parastatals in Enugu urban. To achieve this other Minot objectives were equally pursued. These... Continue Reading
THE ROLE SECRETARIES TOOL FOR ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF SERVICE RENDERED BY GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHMENT (A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, ENUGU CAMPUS) ABSTRACT Secretaries as important organs of government establishment and organization perform essential functions in these establishment. For the purpose of this research work, the definitions,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This survey investigated motivational strategies used by business organization in Enugu Urban. The research considered the existing motivational strategies used in Nigerian cooperation Enugu and how effective. They were in motivating employees. The... Continue Reading
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