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Exploring the Perceptions and Experiences of Homosexuals in Lagos

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(Psychology Project Topics & Materials)


This research posed the question "How do homosexuals in Lagos live their lives knowing

who they are and navigating a life where they might not be accepted by its majority?" There

has been a lack of previous research on this topic, no community for the lesbian, gay,

bisexual, and transgender (LGBT), as well as homophobic attitudes within the Nigerian

society. Because of conflicting social identifiers (Is it possible for one to be both homosexual

and African?) and the non-existence of gay black voices, it is imperative to deconstruct the

ideals impeding a relationship between Nigerian homosexuals and the communities they are a

part of. I utilized qualitative in-depth interviewing techniques interviewing 7 Lagosians aged

20 and above who voluntary identified themselves as homosexual. The research revolved

around three specific questions designed to capture the whole research. A finding of the

research states that the participants disclosed that because of African stereotypes, gay

stereotypes, lack of a gay community, homophobia in the community, and perceptions of

blackness and masculinity's effect on gay Black men ... they live their lives with various

restrictions. In other words, homosexuals do not appear to be living their lives the way they

feel they ought to be living it. This work is important because a majority of the participants

stated they wished to live restriction-free lives. I recommend that this research should spur the

birth of a new arm of psychology specifically directed to helping denizens of the LGBTQ

community. They are not able to fully be themselves in their daily lives and often have to

assimilate to be accepted.


Abstract .i

Certification .ii

Dedication .iii

Acknowledgments , .iv

Table of Contents v

Chapter 1: Background to the Study - 1

Introduction - 1

Statement of the Study - 3

Purpose of the Study - 3

Significance of the Study - 4

Literature Review - 5

Research Questions -12

Research Hypotheses - 12

Operational Definition ofTerms -12

Chapter 2: Research Methods - 14

Introduction - 14

Design -14

Scholar-Activist, critical and interpretive approaches -15

Population -16

Sample Size - 17

Data Collection -17

Data Analysis - 18

Validity and Coding - 23


Pilot Study - 24

Robustness - 25

Chapter 3: Results - 26

Analysis of the Question - 26

Hypotheses  - 27

Chapter 4: Discussion - 29

Discussion - 29

The shame of living with the stigma of their sexuality - 29

The need to conform to the social standards of the society - 30

Closet-Case syndrome - 30

Quest for normalcy - 31

The need for acceptance from their friends, families and peers - 32

Their concerns for safety - 33

Their hope for freedom - 34

Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations - 36

Conclusion - 36

Recommendations - 41

References - 4 3

Exploring the Perceptions and Experiences of Homosexuals in Lagos

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Type Project
Department Psychology
Project ID PSY0125
Price ₦3,000 ($20)
No of Pages 124 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Psychology
    Project ID PSY0125
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 124 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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