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Education Project Topics and Materials

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Abstract The value and functionality of any educational system lie in its ability to actualize the goals of education. In educational systems, world over, the examination process makes the difference. The goals of national educational systems and indeed... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The invention of the internet brought a new dimension to the media landscape. It marked the beginning of technological transformation and socialization with a higher desire for information about everything. This... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This issue of teenage pregnancy in our contemporary society has been considered an epidemic and endemic in nature, which constitutes social problem that should requires social action for amelioration. Moreso, this study focuses on effect of... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The age of digitalization and globalization has given unprecedented impetus to the development audio-visual technology. Audio-visual instructions in schools have therefore continued to accelerate students’ understanding and appreciation of learning. The value of audio- visual media is further underscored by their positive impact in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT           The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes and effects of indiscipline among secondary school students in Esan central Local Government Area of Edo State. The incessant occurrence of chaotic and some time criminal behaviour not only by the audit population but also the students of this country in recent... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The formation of the Academic staff Union of Universities (INDUSTRIAL) in 1978 has brought about some changes in the academic systems of universities in Nigeria-both positive and negative. While a faction might see the activities of the union as a blessing, some see it as a curse to Nigerians... Continue Reading
CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 INTRODUCTION This chapter gives an insight into various studies conducted by outstanding researchers, as well as explained terminologies with regards to the Influence of Industrial Actions on Academic Performance of Students. The chapter also gives a resume of the history and present status of the problem... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was designed to find out the effect of poverty on the academic performance of students in some selected secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. This research work consist of five chapter. Chapter one  was on the background of the study. However, the significance of the study was highlighted in... Continue Reading
IN NKANU AREA OF ENUGU STATE. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background to the study Family Planning is the purposeful regulation of conception or childbirth or the use of devices, chemicals, abortion or other techniques to prevent or terminate pregnancy or... Continue Reading
 A CASE STUDY OF OREDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF EDO STATE ABSTRACT This project work is carried out to investigate the causes and effect of human trafficking among our youths in the society, using OREDOLocal Government Area of Edo State as a caser study. The need for the... Continue Reading
IMPACT OF PERSONALITY TRAITS ON STUDENTS ACADEMIC  PERFORMANCE CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Personality is something everybody knows that it exists, but nobody knows that what it is (Schneewind and Ruppert, 1998). It is certainly true that it is difficult to put human personality which Goethe (1970) called the greatest... Continue Reading
IN OGBARU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ANAMBRA STATE ABSTRACT This research work was carried out in urban and rural areas of Ogbrau Local Government Area of Anambra State to find out factors affecting attitude to work of secondary school teachers. The questionnaire was the instrument used... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION   1. BACKGROUND OF STUDY Qualitative education remains the fulcrum for global development and freedom. Therefore all hands must be on deck worldwide to formulate policies that will enhance qualitative education right from elementary school to tertiary institution, and continuous, effective monitoring must be well... Continue Reading
THE EFFECT OF INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY IN INCORPORATING LOCAL PRACTICES ON SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS’ INTEREST AND ACHIEVEMENT IN CHEMISTRY TABLE OF THE CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION Background of the Study - - Statement of the Problem - - - Research Questions - - - Research Hypotheses - - - - Purpose of the Study - - Significance of the... Continue Reading
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The importance of Teaching Practice in teacher education programme cannot be over-emphasized. It is a period to test the student-teacher ability in classroom teaching and learning situation. It is also referred to as a crucial period, where the student teachers put into practice all the theoretical concepts they have acquired in course of their... Continue Reading
PEER GROUP AND CAREER CHOICE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENT Abstract Career decision making continues to be a constraint on Nigerian youth, despite Nigeria government’s emphasis on career guidance and counseling in schools. This research examined the influence of peer pressure on students’ career decision making.This study determined the peer... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project investigated the involvement of government in adult literacy programme sin Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area. The introductory aspect of this project deals with background of the study, statement of problem, purpose of the study, research questions,... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF TEACHERS' WELFARE PACKAGE ON TEACHERS' JOB SATISFACTION Education is a means of propagating the felt end immediate norms and values of society.  It is also a means of sustaining old norms, and values of society.  Through education the national aspirations are met. Subsequently, it... Continue Reading
Vocational and technical education is an educational training which encompasses knowledge, skills competencies, structural, activities, abilities, capabilities and all other experiences... Continue Reading
 Abstract This research work sought to assess the attitude of undergraduate youths toward democratic values and the implication these would have on social studies education in Nigeria.  The youths of Nigeria has been confirmed to form the bulk of the citizens which is the decision making group in the society.  The lack of a democratic attitude... Continue Reading
The impact of women literacy education on the empowerment of women can not be over emphasized.  In Nigeria, as in most developing countries of the world, literacy education is valued so much that it is looked upon as a pre-requisite for all the short-comings of society as well as... Continue Reading
Science education must seek to permit the individual to develop to the fullest his capacities for adjustment and continuous change in order that he may meet the problems of his day and solve them successfully when they arise.  Biology, the... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF ENVIRONMENT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ABSTRACT This study sought to identify factors that affect effective teaching and learning of the English language in the secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. The study was carried out using seven secondary schools as a random... Continue Reading
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: A CASE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL EARLY LEARNING CENTER/DOROTHY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SCHOOL, ABA. ABSTRACT The age of digitalization and globalization has given unprecedented impetus to the development audio-visual technology. Audio-visual instructions in... Continue Reading
AN ASSESSMENT OF METHODS OF TEACHING  COMPUTER COURSES TO COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR IN SELECTED NIGERIAN POLYTECHNICS ABSTRACT The study focuses on the methods of teaching computer courses to computer science major in selected Nigeria polytechnics. It examines the background, methods of teaching, tools and equipments use in teaching computer courses... Continue Reading
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