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ABSTRACT The aim of the research is to analyse the use of digital strategy in the events industry. Digital strategy has been used in various other organisation. It has had a high success rate in most of these organisations, as it has said that there are 15% chances of an individual becoming consumer of the set product or services after it is known... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study sought to investigate the effect of outsourcing on organizational performance. The study was guided by the following research objectives, to investigate whether the school undertakes outsourcing of projects/services, to establish whether outsourcing programs at the school achieve their stated objectives of improving... Continue Reading


In today's highly competitive environment business needs to better understand their  customers their customers who are the most profitable, and how to best retain those  customers. This understanding through important channels which one is CRM.  CRM helps companies make sense of customer needs and helps the companies manage these ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Inventory is said to be an idle resource of a finn because about 75% of the assets of a finn are in this fonn, which cannot be used for i1mnediate commitments compared to cash. Poor management especially when the stocks are ordered, received, recorded and stored, many firms or organizations experience losses. It is on the basis a research... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study examined the relationship between globalization and performance of local commercial banks in Uganda. Its objectives was to examine the level of globalization in commercial banks in Uganda; to examine the contribution of globalization towards the financial performance in commercial banks in Uganda: and to find out the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was undertaken under the topic green marketing practices with the aim of identifying the different types of green marketing practiced. The objective of the study was to identify factors that led shell oil company to adopt green marketing, to identify green marketing practices adopted by shell oil company and to find out... Continue Reading


The research contains five chapters. The first chapter gives introduction to the topic in view which is on the effects of employee welfare on their level of performance. It also introduces to Windsor Golf hotel and country club which is the organization that the researcher intends to get comprehensive information fi·om. This is a hotel based... Continue Reading


The effort of dedicating time and other resources to this project not only focuses on academic career, but also on discovering events within the environment in which people work in. this research aimed at providing insights into how managerial leadership styles and behaviour influence and affect the rate at which employees join and leave an... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study will be on the impacts of job satisfaction on labor turnover. Kakira Sugar Works will be used as a case study. The major purpose of the study will be to establish the impacts of job satisfaction on labor turnover in Kakira sugar works - Jinja District. In order to fulfill the purpose of the study, the researcher will seek to... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS APPROVAL ............................................................................................ .i DECLARATION ..................................................................................... .ii DEDICATION ........................................................................................ iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research on: 'Microfinance institutions and clients' welfare in Juba city.' The research involved 100 respondents. The research was guided by the objectives of the study. The research was guided by the objectives of the study. The objectives included; examining the services offered by microfinance institutions Juba city;... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT -the study sought to investigate the relationship between employee development and its performance in organizations. Uganda Revenue Authority, Nakawa, as an illustrative ~ example. The study seeks to bring out the importance of employee development in organization performance. The objective of this research was to bring out the forms of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was carried out to examine the financial Problems and Survival Strategies of Small Scale enterprise in Aguata  Local Government Area of Anambra State. The purpose of the study is to find out the financial problems and survival strategies of small and medium scale enterprises. Four research questions and four null hypotheses... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Almost every nook and cranny in Nigeria is littered with sachet water nylon, popularly called “pure water”, As noted by Edoga et al. (2008), about 70 percent of Nigerian adults drink at least a sachet of pure water per day resulting in about 50 to 60 million used daily across the country. this has significant impact on the economy of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study examines workers participation in decision making in relation with their performance in the organization they belong to. Data were generated by means of questionnaires and interviews to four (4) selected manufacturing firms in Port Harcourt. Questions were based on employee involvement in decision making and performance... Continue Reading


Abstract This study attempts to examine enhancement of Organisational performance through strategic management. The performance of any business organization in the competitive economy is highly dependent upon the quality of its management vis a vis proper implementation of strategic management. The dynamism in business environment makes it... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In modern business, planning and forecasting are important tools of company management and decision- making as they assist in the appraisal of investment project in the analysis measurement and improvement of current marketing strategy and manpower. The research was conducted mainly to examine the role of planning and forecasting in the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Advertising has been in a existence over some years even before the emergence of these sophiscated elements means of message transmission. Advertising in its earlier form could only be seen from the perspective of either packaging labeling, point of purchase display or even verbal expression about a product or service.  Chapter one of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is a very crucial study for the Nigerian breweries plc. The study was motivated by the necessity to establish what constitute motivational instrument in the organization and the extent of their application. Sources of data, includes, primary and secondary data in which both relevant official and non official materials... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This seminar “Processes of Production and treatment of portable water” was meant to study the purification of water and the technique employed in achieving a clean portable water for domestic and industrial use suitable for human consumption.  Having sourced materials for this research in internet and library, I proceeded to Enugu... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was  motivated by the necessity to establish what constitute policies in organization. Personnel policies are a preplanned course of action establishing a guide to work towards acceptable outcomes and objectives in organizational. Effective impacting of policies in a company motivation team work, this team work in organization... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   This research work would be carried out to appreciate the role of management information system as an aid to management decision making.  The ignorance of management information system or its in certain business especially small scale business has led to unsound.  Management system, thereby affecting the effectiveness and efficiency... Continue Reading
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INTRODUCTION Today’s competitive market, in almost every category of products and service, is characterized by accelerating change, innovation, and massive amounts of new information, much by changing customer needs significant and customers’ behaviour and market changes happen almost over night change in market preference or technology, which... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In a recent survey by the federal ministry of education indicates high incidence of unemployment among graduate of higher education institutes in Nigeria.  The collaboration of other statistics that situation of unemployment in Nigeria is among the highest in the World, evidence that of the increasing deterioration in the quality of life... Continue Reading


PREFACE In government or private sector business does not do anything right without planning. This is a well established fact even in the days of the primitive man. It is even more necessary today to plan for any meaningful activity before implementation. Many government and private business have spent quite considerable resources in this regard... Continue Reading
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