That product advertising has a high significant on the impact of product advertising on sales volume of consumer.  This view was attested to by 75% of the respondents used by the researcher for this study.  This simple connotes that the effectiveness of product advertising can lead to increase in product advertising on sales volume of consumer which it ineffectiveness will reduce the product advertising on sales volume of consumer.

        That product advertising is not only relevant to the realization of the expensed product advertising on sales volume of consumer, but equally has some impact on the company’s sale target.  In fact  66.07% of the respondents indicated that product advertising is highly relevant that to the realization of the company’s expected sales volume, while 60.71% of the respondents indicated that product advertising has a high significant impact on the company sales  target.  The researcher discovered that for the company to realize its expected sales volume and sales  target, its products advertising programme or policy has to be very effective. 

        In view of the findings of this study, the researcher concludes that product advertising does play a significant role in the sales volume of companies.  Its effectiveness increases the sale volume of companies.  There are some constraints to the effective implementation of product advertising policy of the company (Nigeria Breweries Plc), studied.  However, these constraints could be eliminated or at least reduced to the nearest minimum as well as enable the company realize its expected sales volume, if the researcher’s recommendation could be adopted.  



Statement of problems                                               

Objectives of the study                                       

Research Hypothesis                                           

Significance of the study                                              

Scope of the study                                                     


Meaning of Advertising                                                


The Design of the Study                                              

Area of the Study                                                       

Population of the study                                        

Sample and Sampling Technique                           

Instrument of Data Collection                                       

Validation of Instrument                                              

Reliability of Instrument                                               

Method for Data Collection (Administration of

Instrument) Method of Data Analysis                     


Data Analysis and Presentation                             

Testing hypothesis                                                      


Discussion of findings                                                  

Conclusion of the Study                                               









Advertising is one of the veritable promotional tools designed to promote and market organizational products. It plays a very important role in the efficient marketing of products or goods and services.

Generally speaking, companies exist to produce and market products. This objectives cannot be actualized if the manufactured products are not brought to the knowledge of the consuming public. If the consumers and the general public are not informed and educated on the needs and wants some products could satisfy, they will definitely stay clear of the products.

Against this background, product advertising focuses on projecting the image and maketability of products in such manner that will make them acceptable to the consumers and buyers.

Odunsi (1998: 19), noted the importance of product advertising when he stressed that the growth being  recorded in the advertising field is connected with its potentiality to enhance the acceptability marketability of companies products.

Product advertising has helped so many companies to revive and reposition some of their products which have almost reached the decline stage in their life cycle.

        Furthermore, the continuous existing survival and growth of companies to some extent depend on the performance of their products and the level of their sales revenue. The fact still remains that for a company to decline profit and possibly grow, its sales revenue must be high. For its sales revenue to be high, its products must be acceptable to the consumers, hence giving rise to their high demand. These can only be achieved when these products are made known to the buyers through advertising.

Product advertising as stressed by Ebue (2000.75) is an effective promotional tool that will not only inform and educate buyers or consumers about a company’s products but highly significant in achieving the targeted sales revenue of the company.

For over fifty (50) years of existence, a Nigerian brewery Plc is one of the leading breweries operating in Nigeria today. The company has a wide range of products that includes alcoholic, malt and soft drinks. The notable products in the company’s product mix includes; Golder, star, Amstel malt, maltina, Legend and schepps. The company has a large factory at Agbara, Lagos and a brewery plant at 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo, Enugu. The Company again commissioned its new Ultra – modern brewery in Ama Enugu State in October 27th 2003, by his excellence president Olusegun Obasanjo.


Adverting plays very important role in the efficient marketing of products or expressive, it allowed the company to dramatize its offering through the artiful use of visual, print sought and colour.  It is used to build up a long term image of the product to the consumer.

        inspite of the invaluable role of product advertising in achieving the sales revenue target of companies, it still have some problems that need to be address. It is said to observe that most companies operating in Nigeria are still inflexible and reluctant to be during or encourages in their advertising agency to handle their adverts that at the end of the day they fail to achieve their sales revenue target.

Besides, most companies are inconsistent with their advertising policy. They contract more than one advertising agency at any given point in time.

This makes difficult to spend some reasonable money on advertising. This is now becoming a common feature in the brewery Industry. For instance, one hardly hears of advert concerning old beautiful products like Maltex and Vita Malt. This should be affecting their sales revenue target.

        Finally, the product advertising policies of some companies are not so effective as to enable us have some impact on their sales revenue. Some companies do choose some wrong and ineffective media to execute their advertising policy, hence achieving nothing at the end of the day.

All these above discussed problems deserve to be addressed through the provision of appropriate information, because it is only when effective information concerning a problem is provided will its solution be sought.


The broad objective of this study is to examine the major effects and the role of product advertising on sales revenue. Other operational objectives of the study includes the following;

1.   To identify the common form of advertising being used in the brewery industry.

2.   To identify the common media of advertising being used in the brewery industry.

3.   To identify how committed breweries are towards advertising their products.

4.   To examine the impact of product advertising on the buying attitude of buyers.

5.   To examine the effect of product advertising on growth and profitability of brewing companies.

6.   To examine the relevance if product advertising in product survival and performance.

7.   To identify some problems militating against the effective implementation of product advertising in brewing companies and

8.   To make some recommendations based on the findings of the study.



Hypothesis 1

Ho;  Product advertising has no significant role to play in

the sales revenue determination.

Hi;  Product advertising has a significant role to play in

sales revenue determination.


Hypothesis 2

Ho;  Effective product advertising cannot lead to

significant increase in profitability level of a company.

Hi;  Effective product advertising can lead to significant

increase in profitability level of a company.


Hypothesis 3

Ho: Product advertising has no impact on the sales target

of the company.

Hi: Product advertising has impact on the sales targte of

the company.

Hypothsis 4

Ho: Effective product advertising has no significant role in

the realization of the company’s profit objective.

Hi: Effective product advertising has significant role on

the realization of the companies profit objective.

 The above hypothesis formulated by the research will be tested in the study.



As stated earlier in this study, product advertising is one of the vital tools used by companies to promote the sale of their products. Its importance in creating immediate impact on the attitude of the consumers, as well as in generating demand cannot be over emphasized.

Again this background, therefore, this study will be of some immense significance to companies, especially breweries, advertising agents, consumers and academicians. The information contained in this study will disclose some intrinsic functions of advertising to companies. It will further unveil some unique qualities of advertising, its types and objectives to companies. These vital issues on advertising will help companies design or articulate an effective product advertising policy which can achieve their target sales revenue. To companies with chequered advertising policy, the information contained in this study will help them restructure and reformulate it with a view to achieve their objective of increasing demand for their products, actualizing their sales revenue target.

Further, advertising agents will equally benefits from the information contained in this study. If not for any other thing, it will help them to fashion out more effective. Ways  or means of laising with  companies in order to  formulate and implement effective product advertising policy for them.

In addition, consumers will find information contained in this study good enough to enable them gain insight in the concept of product advertising, since they are the main focus of companies advertising policy. besides, they will realize the need to always listen and or pay attention to adverts in the media because these may reshape and redefine their  buying attitude and decision.

Finally, other researchers and academicians will derive some gains from the information content of this study. This will help them carry out further research on the subject of this study.


This focuses on the role of product advertising on sales revenue of breweries. It is carried out using the Nigerian Breweries Plc as its case brewing company. In other words, the study focuses on the advertising policy of the company as it affects its sales revenue. Other issues discussed in the study include the types of advertisement and media used by the Nigerian Breweries Plc in carrying out its product advertising policy, the level of commitment of the company towards advertising its products, the impact of the company’s advertising policy on its growth and profitability, and the problems militating against the company’s efforts to implement its advertising policy. The study equally will disclose the recommendations made by the researcher.


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