(A Case Study of Seven-Up Plc Aba, Abia State)

This work is based on finding out impact marketing research in marketing of soft drinks in 7up bottling company. Chapter one which is the introduction revealed the background of the study, statement of the problem objectives of the study and some of these objectives were to determine whether marketing of the ascertain if research study is necessary for marketing of the soft drinks in 7up company etc. Also research questions statement of significant of the study scope of the study and limitation of the study were stated in this chapter. Chapter two discusses literature review which showed the definition of marketing and customer needs marketing concept importance of marketing research. Chapter three discusses the research methodology which showed the methods and procedures used in the gathering information for the study. The following element were shown which include research design area of study population of the determination of sample size sampling techniques etc data was collected using questionnaires which were analyzed using the sample percentage method. The formulated research hypothesis was tested using chi-square statistical techniques. Chapter four is the data presentation and analysis the collected questionnaire which was completely filled by the respondents was analysis to determine the findings of the result some of the findings expressed that 73% of the respondent revealed that the effective marketing research was an effect to the company’s product quality. Again 86% of the respondent showed that customers do not complain about the company’s. products, 96% of the respondents showed that marketing research help the company in achieving its goals and objective from the hypothesis tested the result showed that there is a significant relationship between marketing  rearch and customer satisfaction. There is a significant relationship between marketing research  and company goals and objectives chapter five showed the summary, conclusion and recommendation, the company should continue with its effective marketing  research since it enables them in achieving its marketing goals and objective. The company should carry out marketing survey in order to discover any change in customer needs and wants.
 1.1        Background of the Study      -       -       -       -      
1.2        Statement of the Problem     -       -       -     
1.3        Objective of the Study         -       -       -       -      
1.4        Research Questions     -       -       -       -       -      
1.5        Statement of Hypothesis       -       -       -       -      
1.6        Significance of the Study      -       -       -       -      
1.7        Scope of the Study      -       -       -       -       -      
1.8        Limitation of the Study -       -       -       -      
1.9        Definition of Terms      -       -       -       -       -  
Literature Review -----
2.1        Meaning of Marketing   -       -       -       -      
2.2        Marketing and Consumer Need      -       -      
2.3        Marketing Concept       -       -       -       -       -      
2.4        Importance of Marketing Research         -       -  
2.5        Basic Approach of Marketing Research    -
2.6        Research Problem       -       -       -       -       -
2.7        Meaning of Marketing Research -   -       -  
Research Methodology----
3.1        Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -      
3.2        Research Design  -       -       -       -       -
3.2        Population of the Study -      -       -       -       -      
3.3        Method of Data Collection of the Data
            Collection   -       -       -       -       -       -       -              
3.4        Population and sample size   -       -       -      
3.5        Sampling Techniques   -       -       -       -      
3.6        Validity and Reliability of Measuring
            Instrument -       -       -       -       -       -      
3.7        Method of Data Analysis       -       -       -       -  
Presentation, Analysis and Data--
4.1        Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -      
4.2        Presentation of Data    -       -       -       -      
4.3        Analysis of Data  -       -       -       -       -      
4.4        Interpretation of Result -       -       -       -      
Summary of Finding, Conclusion and Recommendation-----
5.1        Introduction        -       -       -       -       -       -      
5.2        Summary of Findings   -       -       -       -  
5.3        Conclusion -       -       -       -       -       -              
5.4        Recommendation        -       -       -       -       -
            Bibliography       -       -       -       -       -       -      
            Appendix    -       -       -       -       -       -       -      
            Questionnaire     -       -       -       -       -       -
The aim of marketing is to create value for customers and to capture value in returned. The impact of marketing research on the marketing performance of soft drinks industry in Nigeria is to understanding customer needs, create good relationship with the customer understand consumer behaviour and provide efficient satisfaction of consumer as a profit to the firm marketing is said to be the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services  from the point of production to the point of consumption
        Therefore what is marketing research before answering the question let me first stated that the success of any give firm in the saturated marketing depends to a large extent on the ability to provide want satisfying products. The extent of the ability of the producer to understand what the customer actually needs, marketing research therefore provide the answers through which the needs and wants of the customer can be studied on satisfied. Marketing research gives the information on what to product as well as the best segment of the market that offers the best opportunity. Hence through research firms identify viable segments that it can profitable cultivate. Onuoha J. Kelechi. Marketing management (2007:109).
        Perhaps a better understanding of the meaning of marketing research should start with a proper appreciation of the words, marketing and research. Marketing has been defined above as student of marketing; we know that marketing has to do wit the prediction, pricing distribution and promotion of gods and services such away that the interest of both the production and satisfied. The Longman’s dictionary of contemporary English gives the following meanings to research.
Service study of a subject that is intended to discover new facts or test new ideas.
The activity of finding information about something that you are interested in or need to know about.
To study of a subject in detail especially in order to discover new facts or test new ideas.
To supply all the necessary fact and information about something.
MAREKTING research gives the information on what  to produce as well as the best segment of the market that effects the best opportunity. Marketing research provides the avenues through which the needs  and  wants of the consumer can be studied and satisfied ( onuoha kelechi 13 2011
        Marketing research is finding out the customer and what he or she will buy Modern (1987:35). From the definitions one can observe that the aim of marketing department of to organization. To avoid bias firms are asked to employ the service of independent marketing consultation or jointly carry out. The information gathered through marketing research can be useful in taking informed decisions. The areas where Okafor (1998:32-33) felt that information from the market research can be applied included the following:
Who and where are the customers located and what are they like?
Who are the organizations no-buyers and what are their reasons for not buying:
How many producers are in the particular industry?
What is the size of the market
How viable is the market?
                Perhaps the simplest way of explaining the difference between market research and marketing research could be seen from their coverage as shown bellow Wilmm shout John (1978:123) indicated that profit oriented firms conduct marketing research in the following areas;
 PRODUCT RESEARCH: New product screening, product acceptance, packaging pricing etc
USER MARKET RESEARCH: Size of market potential, trends within market, market share analysis.
COMMUNICATION RESEARCH: Advertising Effectiveness Company and product image, medium effectiveness, sales, communication, merchandizing and point of sales of display.
SALE OPERATIONS RESEARCH: Sales fore effectiveness sales territorises, channel of distribution, trade attitude, sales statistics, sales forecasting.
COMMUNICATION RESEARCH: Advertising Effectiveness Company and product Image point of sales display.
SPECIAL PROJECT STUDIES: Measurement and qualification, problem, information handling and data processing, diversification studies promotions research.
ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS RESEARCH: Economic trends and forecast, business trends and forecasts, business trends and forecast, political trends and forecasts, social trends and forecast, competitive intelligence, inter –company/ inter-industry association defines marketing research as the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services This is a broad definition starting, in effects, that marketing research includes investigation if marketing segments, product differentiation channel relationships, effectiveness of salesmen and advertising, pricing practices and so forth. The point to emphasize is that marketing research is not restricted to research on any typo t marketing problem but applies to every phase of marketing. The essential purpose of any marketing research is to provide data, which will facilitate the identification of marketing problems for solutions to be proffered.
        A definition of marketing research must also stress how the data are obtained are evaluated. This objectivity and accuracy are essential and require the use of special techniques, the purpose of marketing research is essentially to obtain information, which would help.
1.     To determine the dimensions and magnitude of problems
2.     In the identification of marketing opportunities and problems
3.     To enumerate and evaluate the alternative solution to the right course of action.
4.     To follow through. ( first edition 201/ by onuoha kelechi  Different scholars have different views as to the stages involved in conduction an efficient marketing research, we shall adopt the view of the view of Kotter ( 1996:115-124) as explained in Onuoha J. Kelechi and Bassi B.P (2004:22-30) the stages include;
Define the problem and research objectives
Develop the research plan
Collect the information
Analysis the information
Present the findings
        Note marketing research is the major means of satisfying the needs of the customer and managing the market share. The manufacturing firms that are into satisfying the needs and wants of the customers must embark on marketing research.
 Although, my case study organization seven up plc reveals the impact of marketing research on the marketing of soft drink in Nigeria as a means of achieving increased market share in a competitive market seven up is a public limited company producing from barely by ancient people some 400 years ago. Ancient attributes of modern beer contains top constituents which impact among taste and foam stability to the beer. Beer is not drank for salectness because it is not sweet and this remains a fact.  
        Naturally, very business exist to achieve its objectives which is principally making profit but before such profit could be made the organization have to run into problems that may hinder effectiveness of such company
        Therefore the researcher is in doubt whether poor research work has any effect to the product quality.
        It is also on unclear to the researcher if the use of marketing research is the better way of satisfying the customer needs.
        Furthermore, it is also doubtful to the research whether the research study is necessary for marketing of the soft drink using 7 up bottling company as a case study.
To determine whether poor research work has any effect to the product quality.
To find ort if the use of marketing research is the better way of satisfying customers needs.
To ascertain if research study necessary for marketing of the soft drink.
To determine whether marketing research has any marketing implication to the soft drink.
To find out whether marketing research help to achieve the firms goals and objective.
To know whether marketing research increases sales volume of the company products.
To find out types of marketing research budget they set whether is in line with the firm objectives.
        The researcher during the study asked some questions that is to say in the course of this research the following questions would be address.
Is there any useful contribution which 7up bottling company in particular and the soft drink in industry in general made In the development of Nigeria economy?
Does poor research work have any effect in product quality.
The use of marketing research, is it a better way of satisfying the customers need.
Does research study necessary for the marketing of soft drink?
Does marketing research have any marketing implication on the soft drink?
Does marketing research help the company in achieving its goals and objectives?
 The  following research hypotheses are formulated
Hypothesis 1
Ho:    there is no significant relationship between effective marketing research and increased sales volume.
Hi:     there is a signify cant relationship between effective marketing research and increased sale volume
Hypothesis 2
Ho:   there is no significant relationship between marketing research and the companies goals and objectives
 This is a significant relationship between marketing research in and the company goals and objectives
        The research study would be if benefit to 7up bottling company in particular and to other soft drink in general who are in the same line of production. This study is important to the researcher that it will enable him acquire more knowledge in the area of marketing research. It acts as a guide to the case study and other firms in carrying out marketing research for their products.
        To the researcher, it is the requirement for the aware of Higher National Diploma certificate. Also other scholars and students will use this research work for conducting research in similar topics.
        The study is importance because it will increase the body of academic knowledge available as a research study.
        It is also relevant in the sense that it will save as reference problems. It will also benefit the investors in their area of business, government will benefit from this study.
          The emphasis of this study is the impact of marketing research on marketing of soft drink in 7up plc in Aba and information is gotten from the staff of the 7up bottling company Aba. This research work shall be limited to 7up plc in Aba. Personal interviews shall be conducted with senior staff of the company. Also actual and potential customers shall be interviews in relation of this topic.
        In the course of carrying out this research works, the researcher encountered some constants which include:
FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS: Being a student the research was unable to lay hand on enough funds necessary for elongating this research. Thereby making her not to visit some relevant areas necessary for the study.
TIME CONSTRAINTS: The time for study is limited therefore the researcher has to use to interview the respondent.
NON-RESEARCH: Most people interviewed unable to give necessary information needed for the research because of one reason or the other, it was difficult to meet the respondents who are in a position to give needed information for the study these constraints not withstanding despite all these problems that researcher was able to complete the study through adaptation.
IDENTIFICATION: The process of showing proving or recognizing who or what some body or something is.
ANTICIPATIONS: The fact of seeing that something night happen in the future and doing something about it new.
SATURATED: To full somebody completely with some thing so that it is impossible or useless to add any more.
SEGMENT: A situation when something that is separately from other part or can be considered separately.
NEEDS: A situation when something is necessary or must be done to satisfy an urge.
WANT: To have a desire or a wish for something.
BIAS: A strong feeling in favour of or against one group of people, or one side in an argument.
ACQUISITION: The act of getting something especially knowledge or skill.
DIVERSIFICATION: To develop a wider range of products interests’ skill in order to be more successful or reduce risk.
FORECAST: A statement about what will happen in future based on information that is available now, sales forecast.
PROFFERED: A solution or advice offered to somebody
SYSTEMATIC: Done according to planning a through determined way.


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