This study attempts to investigate student’s teacher perception of the quality of teaching practice. The purpose being to determine the issues involved in this exercise, highlight how supervision are done, the relationship between supervision and students supervisor disposition as regard discussing and teaching students on areas of expectation. Some research questions were asked to guide the study, which include nature of supervision, deposition of supervisor and supervisor’s relation with students/human relations. Time factor and the over assessment of the supervision exercise. The population was drawn from the find year students of college of education.
        In the world today, teacher’s education remaining a thing of focus, because of its role in national development through political economical and social development to meet societal needs. That is the reason of the value of instrument depends to a large extent on the quality of a professional training of teachers. Hence an enviable opportunity to acquire competence needed for effective teaching in the area of imparting knowledge, helping those being taught to become more aware of their talents, power and how to use them and so on.
        Similarly, in teacher education, adequate preparation of the student’s teacher for his task is very important for his/her success in field of experience such field experience is a core aspect in the training of teachers and often referred to as teaching practice. In Nigeria, students teacher here often adopt practice from experience teachers, which are not in line with the demands of current educational objective. The mistakes of current educational objective. The mistakes have contributed to the failure of many teachers in the classroom while pupils too become dropouts. The overall effect for their professional calling is the falling standard in education of our country. Hence, teaching practice is essentially that which come into existence in the 19th century. Its roots grew over the years to assure on indispensable and distinct competent of teachers training program met any level. It is a requirement that have its blue prints in Nigeria National Policy of Education (1998) the third competent of teacher education curriculum similarly, in the college of education, Ekiadolor-Benin, teaching practice is taken as a core course of the curriculum and instruction what lasted 10-15 weeks supervised teaching practice it began without credit load or unit attached to it and as merely a requirement to graduates in education. But now, teaching practice is weighed to carry a total of 6 credits for students in college of Education in their final year.
        Consequently, the scheme is been geared as a launching pad for the emergence of a corps of highly dedicated, devoted and capable teachers who are highly predisposed to innovation as well as purposeful pattern of teaching. This imperative for quantitative and sound supervision. However, supervision entails the cooperate efforts of coordinating the students teachers, the principal and all members of staff of the cooperating school (i.e. school where teaching practice exercise is done) including the college of education, the external supervisors and the students teachers. Inspite of these various hands in the scheme, students teacher often come out complaining of one form of abnormality or the other on the supervision exercises and supervision seems very vogue to reckon with. It becomes necessary to investigate the student’s teacher perception on the quality of teaching practice.
        Teaching practice was introduced like other practical experiences in fulfillment of the certificate requirement of the teacher to be. It is an experience every education students in the college of education must undergo it was in view of the importance and necessary of teaching practice that the need for a well programmed vitally well pattern follow to achieve meaningful success. However, with the crop of grounding and graduating teachers being varied in the scheme of professional growth, teachers education proficiency and performance coupled with the decreasing standard of teacher education product performance as well as the falling standard of education, the learning problems seem burdensome to resolve. Even those in teaching practice their ordeal in performance create worry over what ought to be and how it was done. Similarly the series of flush resulting from improper coordination. Thus these variation in assessing teacher during teaching practice. This will however, creates desire to study the students teacher perception of the quality of teaching practices supervision. To ascertain the effectiveness of supervision, the following are being tested.
1.           Determine the issue of teaching practice
2.           What are the aim of teaching practice
3.           Problem of teaching practice.
4.           Quality of a good teacher
5.           Did your supervisor held any meeting with you af6ter your teaching
6.           How was the behaviour of the supervisor to you?
        The purpose of the study is to:
1.           Determine the issues involved in teaching practice supervision
2.           Highlight the obstacles constraints as well as various hindrances to the quality teaching practice..
3.           Suggest various ways quality supervision of teaching can be realized.
    This research is carried out with the issues, hindrances and prospect of quality supervision of teaching practice in mind. Finding of this work will however, go a long way in making the teaching practice supervision exercise a befitting one for the planners and students involved in the programme. First the student’s teacher will be made to realize the importance of the programme and to understand various areas of interest to the students teacher to enhance his or her profession. The students can see their supervisors as friends, helper and those cooperative supervisors assisting useful means to getting the best.
    The supervising lecturers and other supervisors could learn how best to accomplish the task. They will become innovative, creative, and versatile in handling teachers to be during their teaching practice. It will help the practicing school supervisor responsibilities in the exercise so that they can render the necessary cooperation to those practicing colleagues in all spheres, the programme so to have quality and better teachers.
    Lastly, the educational knowledge involved will properly be called to the right place thereby solving teaching/learning difficulties, which will be made effective and both teachers trainees and students will gain academically,. It will also help in making any necessary adjustment in the appointment of supervisor for quality and effective exercise.


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