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Construction of an industrial barrow


An Industrial barrow was produced which would aid in conveying heavy materials in the laboratory and industrial set up.

It was made from mild steel that was cut to dimension, made into shape and coupled to form the desired outstanding barrow.  Details are shown in chart (fig 1) containing the picture representation.

Some of it’s dimensions are;

Bucket            -           Area of 816.3 in2

Carriage         -           Ø 1.3in x 63.65in

Stand             -           1.7in x 27in

Braces            -           1.5in x 12.5in;   Ø 0.72 in x . 9.5in

Rim                 -           Ø 9.5in

Shaft              -           Ø 2in x 10.3in





Literature review                             


Fabrication procedure                                

Material of construction                 

Design consideration                                 

Construction procedure     

Project drawing                                                                               

Costing of standard wheel barrow









One should be able to get familiarized with the industrial barrow; its design, uses or function and areas of demand.

ILLUSTRIATION: An industrial barrow can be classified under a second order lever; considering the L.E.F. (Load, Effort and Fulcrum) positions.  The weight or load being in between the effort and fulcrum tells a typical second order lever, the effort being applied at one and which is the handle of the barrow (helps one to lift the load);

The wheel being the fulcrum and the bucket which serves as the load or weight (where the object would be placed upon).

DESIGN:        The barrow was constructed having in mind the end of which it would be used.  Practically, the barrow is meant to carry loads which ordinarily would be difficult to carry by ordinary human strength.


In this technology, it was found out that is could to a considerable cheight, ease the labour to which one has to go through in his daily activities especially when in the workshop or laboratory when heavy loads are to be conveyed.


The design of the wheel barrow has aided main to use a minimal amount of energy to convey heavy materials for distants with the aid of its wheel which when not present would be impossible or might involve more labour force when the barrow are not used.  However, due to its state of function.  It is designed with metal steel so that it can resist the force/weight applied to it.  this is because of its resistively, strength, rigidity and toughness.


FUNCTION/USES: The sole aim of constructing on industrial barrow is its usage; to move materials or industrial loads from one point of the factory / industry / laboratory to the other end or from any of these to the other or another destination either for repair or replacement.  This in large extent, reduces cost, saves human strength, time and for convenience.


AREAS OF DEMAND:        As the name implies, it is basically an industrial equipment that aid in carrying out functions or tasks which ordinarily cannot be attained if human effort well left to do to alone.  It is very vital that it be kept in proper use to achieve its objectives.  It is also capable of carrying rigid materials/objects which if not used could result in the damage of the spinal cord in young adults (youths).  Thus; it helps to eradicate these problems to some certain extent.


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