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ABSTACT This study examined roles and performance efficiency and effectively of secretaries in modern communication industries in Enugu Urban. People hold different opinions about the secretaries roles.  they fail to understand that the secretary is an important officer in every communication industry and her contributions and effectiveness can... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of carrying out this research was to investigate on the causes of students poor attitude towards the study of secretarial studies in tertiary institutions in Enugu state. In order to obtain the requires data, the researcher use some selected tertiary institutions in Enugu State with a total population of 610 respondents, 400... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This dissertation is concerned with the survey of the high rate of failures in shorthand. This enables the researcher to have a broad and elaborate knowledge of the problem faced by shorthand students and how they can be tackled.  Shorthand, formally known as phonograhy is an art; a time saving system of writing by sound. The advantage... Continue Reading


The impact created by modern communication equipment generally to the economy especially to the job efficiency of the secretary is to be research      With the introduction of modern equipment, so much has been achieved. The secretary cannot be very effective in the discharging of her | his duties without equipments. This calls for the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  In this research, it is assumed that unemployment is a factor inherent in the nation’s economic system, first because intentionally or unintentionally the policy-makers do not deliberately resort to measures capable of reducing unemployment to acceptable level. This research is concerned with wags and means of denitrifying the causes... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In this study, the objective of all objectives of the researcher is to study the job prospects of secretaries in some selected business organization in Enugu State.  In cause of our study, we are able to study these business organizations in Enugu.  They are: ANAMMCO NIGERIA PLC, ENUGU UNILVER NIGERIA PLC ENUGU NIGERIA BREWERIES ENUGU... Continue Reading
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LIST OF TABLES Table  1Table of population Table  IIPerson Data Table Table  IIIWhat are the demand for female  secretary in an organization Table  IVWhat are the role of a female  secretary in an organization Table  VWhat are the factor that hindered female  secretary’s promotional opportunities Table  VIHow does the modern technology... Continue Reading


DEFINITION OF TERMS MODERN:  Of the present and recent times TECHNOLOGY: A systematic study or technique for making and doing things. INFORMATION: Is a data that has been processed and can be used for decision making. TCP/IP:TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/internet protocol, the language governing communications between all... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION The sections which follow examine the importance of good record keeping within the public sector and explore the need to manage information as a strategic resource. They outline the purpose of records and archives management; define the key terminology, theories, and principles underpinning records and archives care; and present a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The topic of this research is the contributions of modern technology in the advancement of secretarial profession. The study was restricted to Anammco and Emenite Plc. Emene, Enugu. To conduct the study, questionnaire structured in two phases was used as the instrument for collecting data. Phase “A” of the questionnaire contain... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study assessed the issue of gender discrimination in the appointment of secretaries in the Nigeria civil service, using the Ministry of Education Enugu State as my case study. The main purpose of the study is to examine those intervening factors and variables which sum to consolidate instead of abating the problem of continued... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT  This topic is the role of and management with particular reference to the ministry of finance, Enugu. To carry out this study effectively. Five research questions were formulated. Due to the descriptive survey nature of this work both primary and secondary sources of data collection used. Data were got from the eighteen (18) senior and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  In this project insight taken into the society  working class its origin strongly and the various eocnomci political social and religious indices/ factors working for and or against it especially the secretaries and how the (working class) was been able to whether through the storms of life in chapter one the background of the study is... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This write up is aimed at identifying the employment opportunities for secretaries in parastatals in Enugu urban. To achieve this other Minot objectives were equally pursued. These include identifying the employment opportunities available and the problems associated with them. To cover the trend of events on the scene, a review of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study identifies many factors affecting students’ performance in shorthand, such as language teaching method, lecturers impact, students’ interest, technical factors and lack of dexterity (the ability to do something well); nervousness, emotional instability on the part of students, the payment of teachers’ salaries regularly... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to determined the factors that influencing the performance of a secretaries in private organization in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu state. This study looked into the course of low performance of secretaries in the above mentioned local government and sought for possible means of redressing them in order... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Te importance of training both old and new employees in an organization particularly in modern business organizations cannot be over emphasized. It is eviolent that new jobs usually required training in new skill. The fact that in service training helps to eliminate the numerous problems faced by old employees in coping with the new... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The project work is a survey of the effect of diengagement on the moral of workers in federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Enugu. It tried to ascertain the extent to which disengagement of workers affects the achievement of the corporations objectives. The methodology employed to achieve the objective of the study involved the... Continue Reading


ABSTRAC T The field of motivation is a very wide one.  However, the researchers set out to see how motivation works in a management set using EMENITE LTD as a case study.  The concentration is also on the secretary in order to reduce generalization and focus on a specific management personnel.  A general introduction of chapter is presented to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to find out, compare and analyse the attitude of male and female students towards shorthand course in the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu.  The researchers were guided by the shorthand attitude scale (SAS) relating to students attitude towards shorthand course, the difference between... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1    BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY     Motivation has a history that falls roughly into three phrases.  In the era of the 1st world war, the typical manager gave little thought to motivation.  The pattern of leadership was fully Boss centered.  The subordinates either did as they were told, or were fired or... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION The establishment of the institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu, there existed a college of technology up till 1967, also in existence at then were the institute of administration and the cooperative college. Unfortunately, none of this institution was able to meet up to the standard of an average higher institution of... Continue Reading


INDRODUCTION The establishment and organizations established by government such as public corporation and  higher schools whose duties are to provide social and essential services for the development and welfare of it’s citizens operate below  expectations. This is because of their inefficient administrates management  and control. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT     The purpose of this work was to find out the gains and threats of computer and word processing application in secretarial offices as regards to job opportunities and other secretarial functions.     In the cause of the study, the work examined the gains of computer and word processing application packages on the job performance... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at defining the problems of female secretaries in business organizations A case of NEPA. The problems of female secretaries envisaged in this include discrimination in employment, husband’s attitude, the secretary-boss relationship, social problems psychological problems and limited chances of advancement.... Continue Reading
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