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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Public Administration
  • Project ID: PUB0299
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Chapters: 5 Chapters
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This project work is found out of principal factors responsible for the ineffectiveness of planning system in government organization. The objective of the study is to analyze the entire planning system of the organization under study, highlight areas of ineffectiveness in the organization for corrective measures and procedures. To determine whether the system provide effective reporting requirements to management for use in planning, controlling and future operation. To ascertain whether the planning system of mining organization comply with planning standards are under laid down regulations or not. The research work sill enable all department within the organization to acquaint themselves with the organization and other third parties to have knowledge on the system of keeping and maintain record of planning and also to establish relatively between all department within the organization. The work is made up of five chapters, the first chapter deals with the general introduction to the topic, chapter two is concerned with the literature review of the topic, it contains some various definitions of the need for planning in an organization. Chapter four deals with the statistical analysis of the data collection. Chapter five which is the final chapter deals with the summary, conclusion and policy recommendations of the project research.




People represent the most flexible resources available to any organization. Recruitment of people in the right number with the right skills and in the right place is crucial to the survival and success of an organization. It has been stressed that planning is an indispensable management too for any organization whether public or private.

Planning perhaps is the first and the most important function of management in an organization. Planning is an organizational necessity. Organization chosen goals based on the forecast of the future given direction to the effort of managers and workers. Since no organization is free of changes all must plan effectively for growth and survival. According to Strauss and Syles (1980), to survive and prosper, an organization needs well qualified, motivated employees available at the right time. Putting them there involves careful advance planning.

Planning involves deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, who is to do it, and when to do it. This suggests that planning identifies organization objectives and sets out the procedure or strategy for achieving set objectives. Planning involves the process of forecasting the resources and needs of an organization by putting into cognizance the changing circumstances in the environment.

Planning (manpower planning), involves the process of providing the right number and the right kind of people to an organization at the right time and in the right places. Walker (1980) sees manpower planning as a process of analyzing an organization’s human resources needs under changing conditions and developing the activities necessary to satisfy these needs.


The research seek to look into the need for planning in National Iron Ore Mining Project, Itakpe Okene the researcher intends to investigate the following problems facing the company.

  1. Problem of rapid change, is another problem facing plan implementation in Itakpe Iron and Steel company
  2. Lack of technical expert and professional skill in manpower used in planning in the organization
  3. Internal inflexibility: This has to do with a situation whereby organizations are unwilling to change their options, decisions etc.


The purpose of this study is:

  1. To examine planning as management tool in bringing about higher productivity in public sector, especially Iron Ore Mining Project Itakpe, Okene Kogi State.
  2. To create awareness and appreciation on the part of the public for the effort and input already made by the state and federal government own Iron and Steel company
  • To proffer lasting solution to the problems of the organization and its effects on Nigeria’s economy.
  1. To determine whether the system is in line with laid down planning requirement.


This study is important because of the following reasons;

  1. It research will also bring into focus to the employees and government that planning will help them in future to achieve their goals.
  2. The study is also important because it will enable the researcher to benefit from it in the sense that the researcher will know more about planning.
  3. Further more, the research is also important because it enable the researcher contribute to academic knowledge and foundation for future references.
  4. This research is important owing to the fact it was conduct in partial fulfillment for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in Public Administration.


This study shall be guided by the following research questions:

  1. Is there uniformity in planning policy and practices in National Iron Ore Mining Project?
  2. What is the role of planning in National Iron Ore Mining Project in Itakpe?
  3. What is the need for planning in National Iron Ore Mining Project, Itakpe?
  4. Has the objective of planning in National Iron Ore in Itakpe been achieved?
  5. In what way can planning be improved in this organization?
  6. Has lack of technical expert and professional skills in manpower planning in National Iron Ore Mining Project tampered with the smooth running of the organization?


The focus of this research is to find out the need for planning in the public service-with particular reference to Iron Ore Mining Company, Itakpe Okene Kogi State.

The study covers the relevant areas related to the topic under study. The need for planning in an organization, importance of planning and problems of planning.

Therefore, the researcher intends to limit the study to the scope listed above.


However, in the course of carrying out research of this nature, many problems are encountered thus:

  1. Time is very important in any research work. The few months given for research of this nature is too short.
  2. In the process of carrying out this project, the researcher encountered setback that affected the progress of this research work on the topic, the need for planning in an organization, and the factor that limit this study is the problem of lack of relevant textbooks in the library.
  3. Financial constraints; It requires a lot of financial involvement to carryout a project work of this nature, especially this hard economic period of this country.
  4. However, another factor that limit this research work is the poor response of the respondents (interviewees) on the interview carried out by the researcher
  5. Hence, their biased answers posed obstacles to the gathering of primary data for this project work.
  6. Most of the staff of the company, especially those in the planning unit and the main accounting unit of the company are not willing to open up complete information due to some political effects.

These are the factors that militate against the success of this research work.


In writing this research study, there are some operating words that will appear line. To line for the purpose of clarity, their definitions will be given below:

  1. Planning: Planning involves deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, what to do and when to do it.
  2. Manpower planning: It involves the process of providing the right number and the right kind of people to an organization at the right time and in the right place.
  3. Need: A need is basically a lack of something vital or important to an individual. People can be thought of as have a variety of needs that influence their motivation.
  4. Organization: The term organization refers to the process of putting people into jobs and grouping the jobs together in departments. Organization is the means to an end by which a manager designs network of relationship between job personnel and physical factors.
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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Public Administration
  • Project ID: PUB0299
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Chapters: 5 Chapters
  • Pages: 65 Pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 818
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    Type Project
    Department Public Administration
    Project ID PUB0299
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 65 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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