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Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials

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RESEARCH PROBLEM This research is concerned with the role of social in curbing the spread of Ebola virus a case study of Facebook. Ebola virus was discovered in 1976 and since then 2,265 reported cases of Ebola fever in humans around the world of these victims, 1,531 resulted in death killed. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC,... Continue Reading
1.1 Background to the Study Mass media have been a major agent of socialization and tool for social change especially now that people depend on message from mass media. The potential power of the mass media help solve social problems. television, radio and print advertising can entice people to buy a wide range of products and services, and... Continue Reading
THE ROLE OF TELEVISION IN ELECTORAL EDUCATION IN NIGERIA  1.1    INTRODUCTION : Historically, television broadcasting in Nigeria has been use as a medium of communication that seeks to enrich the life of average Nigerian by influencing positively its social, cultural, economic, political and technological thinking. It also provide news and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE                                                                                          BACKGROUND OF  THE STUDY                                                            STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM                                          ... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY One of the primary challenges faced by developing countries especially Nigeria stems from the breakdown of bordering between their internal and external aspects. Professionals and scholars have arranged that increasing the actions and statement of Nigerian leaders and citizens simultaneously... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This examine the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria.  The background centre on the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria finding out whether television plays an effective role in formal education. The researcher has attempted to carry out series of analysis and study to confirm that the NTA... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0            Introduction The Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) is a bill that, if passed into law, will give every Nigerian access to information, records and documents held by government bodies and private bodies carrying out public functions. It... Continue Reading
The Press is the moulder of the society. Although this fact has been lashed with numerous criticisms, we cannot deny the fact that the press shapes the society. Most journalists are aware of this, so they determine, even to the extent of sacrificing their lives, to give the society what it desires and what it needs. The reporter who is scampering... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this study, the researcher setnut to examine the role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism.  Towards achieving this end, 79 staff of two media houses in Nigeria, namely the publishers of the punch and vanguard newspapers were used as the study sample.  These 89 members of the study sample were given 89 copies of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             In any academic pursuit all over the world, there must be situations and reason which could propel a research or project of this nature.  This same thing applies to this project which was tentatively researched and written in order to help students who may want to inquire more on the role of the Nigerian Press Council... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This  study  is  aimed  to  ascertain  the   impact  of  mass  media  campaign  aimed  curbing   the  spread  of  the  diseases   AIDS  among  teenagers  in  Enugu  state. The   objective  of  the study  is  also  to  find   out  through   survey method whether  the   teenager   are  really ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study is a critical examination of the role of mass media in Traditional media of communication as tools for effective rural development. Notwithstanding the various modern means of communication such as RADIO, INTERNET, TELEVISION, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, etc. The rural means of communication is still the epitome for rural... Continue Reading
Chapter one – Introduction                                                1.1         Background of study                                                1.2         Statement of research problems                      1.3         Objectives of study                  ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In several quarters, there have been allegation making round, that state governments use their state Broadcast media as propaganda machinery. The focus is to investigate such allegation using Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS) radio/TV as a case study. The study was based on critical theory by staurt Hall. The theory views the means... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The low rate of female participation in politics compared to that of their male counter- parts in Nigeria creates a need to examine the situation in this study, “The role of broadcast media in mobilizing women for political participation in Nigeria”. This study examines the problems, first, defining the importance of women to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             Communication is central to all human activities. The claim that we cannot communicate receive scholarly applause.             However, there are people who seem to be neglected when we began to discuss communication and information flow. Those in the urban cities are always better informed to the detriment of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study probes the impact which Tv has on the cultural values of the Nigeria youths. It specifically tackles the impact of western Tv programes on Nigeria University students. The research posits that the current trends in cultural behaviour of youths in Nigeria as observed among Caritas student Enugu is significantly associated with... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             Since primordial times. the major concern of man has been self preservation. He desire above all things security, that is a feeling of well being, contentment  and being at peace with nature (Tukur 200). However, the elusive nature of these values made ,ore complex by... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             Crisis emerged in the universe right from the beginning of man and has remain a reoccurring variable or decimal but not without effects.             Man’s interaction with the environment coupled with the sophistication of the present age, survival of the... Continue Reading
Abstract The researcher in this work focused on the Attitude of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As a Career. It is believed that a large number of female trained journalists are produced from different higher Institutions in our country, but only a few go into the filed to practice their Journalism profession. This is why the... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION  Mass communication is defined as messages directed towards a large group of people using a mass medium. It involves disseminating information to a large, diverse, homogenous/heterogeneous audience. Mass communication is made possible through the help of mass media.... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF TAKUM L.G.A) INTRODUCTION 1.1            BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This study is on the influence of western culture on the Nigerian youths using Takum Local Government as a case study. The term culture has been defined differently by many people. The different... Continue Reading
  The Impact Of The Media In Checking Economic Crime (a Case Study Of Efcc Activities) ABSTRACT This research was designed to assess the impact of the media in checking economic crime in Nigeria. This study specifically examined how the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) through the media (Thisday and Sun newspapers) arrested and... Continue Reading
The Use Of Internet As A Communication Tool In International Marketing ( A Survey Of The Opinion Of Selected Computer –literates In Enugu Metropolis)  ABSTRACT The use of Internet as a communication tool in international marketing; a case study of computer literates in Enugu metropolis x-rayed the way internet is used as a viable tool in... Continue Reading
The Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development In Nigera (a Case Study Of Nta Enugu) - ABSTRACT This examine the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria.  The background centre on the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria finding out whether television plays an effective role in formal education. The... Continue Reading
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