Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT This project is mainly concerned with the relationship of wage policy, employee turnover and productivity. It’s generally agreed that human resources are very vital to the success or otherwise of any firm, hence, there is need for adequate for human resources. The use of University of Nigeria Nsukka as my case study is because it’s a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This work is concerned with salaries and wages administration in Nigeria public sector, a case study of Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State. It is on this premise that the study is set to evaluate and highlight the significances of salaries and wages as factors towards achieving the aims and objectives of an organization. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The research topic of this study is the impact of change management in Nigerian Banking Industry, A study of United Bank for Africa (UBA) station Road, Enugu. The research was a descriptive research, the researcher made use of primary sources and secondary sources of data. The primary sources of data was obtained through questionnaire... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  In a centralized organization, employees are not allowed to participate in decision making. This is because it is feared that they are not competent and as a result will not contribute meaningfully in decision of the organization. The essence of this project research is to assess the impact of employees participation in decision making... Continue Reading


Abstract Strike action also called labour strike or industrial action is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employee(s) to work. A strike usually takes place in respond to employee grievances. Strike became important during the Industrial Revolution, when mass labour became important in factories and mines. In most countries, they were... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The influence of strike action on employee‟s performance and productivity. Strike generally could be defined as the refusal to work by employees of an establishment to protest from certain inadequacies in their conditions of service. Strike is a work stoppage caused by mass refusal of employee to work. To solve this research problem,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research focuses on Manpower Planning and Development as an effective fool for Achieving Original Goals, using star paper Mill Ltd Aba as the case study. The problems of this study are numerous, to which one is the absence of administrative control in achieving the overall approved programs. The objective of this study is to map out... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The workplace environment plays a crucial role for the employees. Nowadays employees may have a large number of working alternatives, and then the workplace environment becomes a critical factor for accepting and/or keeping the jobs. The quality of environment in workplace may simply determine the level of employees’ motivation,... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This project work is an-depth study of recruitment, selection and training, which are seen to feature prominently as crucial elements of personnel management. The overall objective of t his research work was to examine the institutionalized process of recruitment and selection as feared in a public limited companies; examine the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research is on basic production control problems in automobile industries and best way of solving them with reference to Peugeot Automobile Nigerian Limited, Kaduna.  Its primary aim is to determine the basic production control problems in automobile industries and best way if solving them. The researcher also aims to find related... Continue Reading


  ABSTRACT This research project was an overview of the Nigeria’s recent experience on corruption in the context of economic development. It discusses the possible causes and impact of corruption, which are seen to be rooted in socio-cultural value practices and the political and economic situation of the country. Data were drawn clearly from... Continue Reading


This study examined the influence of perceived organizational support among workers in KPMH Nigeria, Lagos. It also examined the influence of role ambiguity on work life balance among workers in KPMG Nigeria, Lagos. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The subject of the study comprised staff of Tax, Audit and Business support... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Employee motivation has captured the interest of researchers, business leaders, as well as human resource managers. There are many presented information regarding the theory of motivation and how it affects the performance of employees in organisations. Accordingly, motivation can significantly change the nature of work of an employee and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study examines  the impact of social networking sites on workplace productivity .  Objectives of the study include:   to examine the effect of social media on employees’ productivity ;  to identify the impact of using social media as a strategic communications tool on employee productivity and cost effectiveness ; t o identify... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT     Scarce resources must be properly planned and controlled using scientific approaches to control cost of allocating them. The root cause of undue production and high cost of production can neither be easily traced using traditional method nor past experience even computer systems. This study used Linear Programming Model to plan... Continue Reading


ABSTRACTThe   aim   of   this   study   was   to   determine   the   effect   of   employee   relations   onorganizational productivity. In every organization, activities revolve around twomajor groups, the employer and the employee, therefore co-operation is necessaryif the organization must realize its corporate... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This research focuses on Manpower Planning and Development as an effective fool for Achieving Original Goals, using star paper Mill Ltd Aba as the case study. The problems of this study are numerous, to which one is the absence of administrative control in achieving the overall approved programs. The objective of this study is to map... Continue Reading


THE EFFECT OF IN AFRICAN CULTURE AND THE USE OF GENERAL STUDIES FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Table of content 1.0 Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………………….2 1.1 The changing African... Continue Reading


Analysis of a contract of employment Summary dismissal Wrongful termination Remedies... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The research evaluated the impact of trade openness on the economic growth of Nigeria 1988-2014. The study employed secondary time series data, sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin 2014. A four variable model was developed comprising GDP as dependent variable and Trade Openness, Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work set out to investigate industrial sector growth and economic performance in Nigeria. The study employed multiple regression models and Granger causality model using secondary data from 1981 to 2015. Results show that the coefficient of crude petroleum and natural gas, solid mineral variables and manufacturing sub-sector... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study tends to examine the Effects of Globalization on Industrial Relations Practice with special reference to John Holt Plc. To achieving this, related literature was cited on Globalization. Descriptive research design approach was employed for the research design and a simple random sampling technique was used in selection of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study has delved comprehensively on the effect of labour turn over on employees' productivity in the manufacturing industry with UNILEVER and PZ Nigeria Plc as a case studies. The objective of this study is to examine whether better working condition has effect on labour turnover... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Job satisfaction is an attitude variable that reflects how people feel about their jobs overall as well as various aspects of them. There are basic important dimensions to job satisfaction. The objective of this study is to understand the ways in which individuals seek to satisfy their needs or drives, and the consequences of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The need for improved productivity has become universally accepted and that it depends on efficient and effective training is not less apparent. It has further become necessary in view of advancement in modern world to invest in training and development. Thus, this study attempts to explore the roles, functions and performance of... Continue Reading
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