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Industrial Chemistry Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT In this research project, the various nail was subjected to six environments so as to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails. Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each type while the other not coated. The environments used are acidic solution, alkaline solution, salt solution, boiled... Continue Reading


 Water supply and Sewerage services in urban areas have in the past commonly been provided by monopolized Municipal Councils under the previous Local Government Ministry. As part of a general move by the sector to shift to market-led systems by restructuring the sector, a new paradigm emerged to transform water utilities into more modern service... Continue Reading


CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION             Energy is essential to man’s continued existence. Today, the energy used by most industrialized and developing nations is oil, coal and natural gas. This need of energy is increasing continuously,1 fossil fuel reserves are fast depleting, crude oil prices are soaring and there is considerable... Continue Reading


ABSRACT Radon is a natural radioactive inert gas that is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It cannot be detected without special equipment and it occurs as a product of uranium decay. Radon is an unstable radionuclide that disintegrates through short lived decay products before eventually reaching the end product of stable lead. The short lived... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research was carried out to determine the effects of three organic fertilizers namely:  cattle dung, poultry droppings and pig excreta on the growth of fingerlings of Clarias gariepinus.  A total of 120 fingerlings of average length (15.3±2.10)cm and weight (34.2±8.73)g were used for the study.  The fingerlings were subjected to... Continue Reading


The  physicochemical  parameters  and  levels  of  selected  heavy  metals  (Cd,  Cr,  Mn,  Zn  and  Pb)  in soil  around  Dana  Steel  Rolling  Limted  Katsina  were  investigated  in  this  research.  The  sample  area was  divided  into  four  units;  East,  West,  North  and  South  and  label  as ... Continue Reading


Production of biodiesel from micro algae oil... Continue Reading


Establish the Ethno medicinal claims on the aerial parts of Rauvolfia   Vomitoria  Determine the phytochemical ingredient contained in the plant Investigate the antimicrobial activity of the plant extracts. ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The present paper describes the synthesis of Acid Orange(7)dye which can be used as dyes for cellulose acetate biopolymer. They were obtained by the diazotization of a monoazo component of the mono-azobenzene type, followed by coupling. The monoazo components were obtained by the diazotization of sulphanilic acid and coupling with... Continue Reading


is an essential nutritional supplement of food that contain may elements of Amino acid  CHAPTER ONE1.1 INTRODUCTION Milk is one of the most nutritious foods. It is rich in high quality protein providing all tenessential amino acids. It contributes to total daily energy intake, as well as essential fatty acids,immunoglobulins, and ... Continue Reading


Palm oil has been part of human diet for more than 5000 years. Nigeria is currently the fifth world’s leading producer of palm oil (Nnorom, 2012). The palm oil industry is a major agro based enterprise in Nigeria especially in the southern part where palm oil trees are found both in the wild land plantations (Nwaugo et al., 2008). For... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are some of the known organic pollutants resulting from incomplete combustion of organic matter. They have been found to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic. Much of the previous works on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons have been on foods, water, dumpsites and on soil generally. However, this study... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Antibiotic resistance has become one of the major problems facing humanity. The need for new antimicrobials has been increased dramatically. Plants are considered as a major sources of new antibiotics due to the presence of phytochemicals. In Nigeria and other developing countries medicine plant materials have been used to treat various... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The soils and leaves of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis), African spinach, 'Green' (Amaranthus hybridus) and water leaf (Talinum triangulare) were collected as randomly composite samples from four (4) different study locations of two (2) each from Owo Local Government Area and Etsako-West Local Government Area. The samples were... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The synthesis, characterization and preliminary antimicrobial studies of some novel Schiff base ligands;  N,N/ - Bis(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-1,4-phenylenediimine(M) and N,N/ - Bis(4-dimethylaminobenzylidene)-1,4-phenylenediimine (N)  were undertaken. It was prepared by the condensation reaction of 1,4-phenylenediamine with... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The effects of temperature, dielectric constant and catalysis in the kinetics of the oxidation –reduction reactions (involving electron transfer) of N-(2-hydroxy-ethyl) ethylenediammine- N’,N’,N’-Triacetatocobalt (II) by Cu2+ cation were determined.  The dielectric constant was decreased from 63.05 to 43.18 and it was found that... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   The potentials of Adansonia digitata root (ADRP) and stem powders (ADSP) and the stem activated carbon (ADSAC) for adsorption of Pb2+, Cd2+, Cu2+ and Co2+ from aqueous solutions were investigated. The activated carbon was prepared via chemical activation using ZnCl2 as the activating agent. Physico-chemical analysis of the adsorbents... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The synthesis of five mono- and five bis-alkynylated derivatives of quinoline-5,8-diones is reported. The intermediate 6,7-dibromoquinoline-5,8-dione was obtained by nitrosation of 8- hydroxyquinoline, followed by reduction and subsequent bromination and oxidation. The coupling reaction of 6,7-dibromoquinoline-5,8-dione via... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The composition and bleaching properties of Nteje clay in comparison with two commercially available adsorbents (activated carbon and fuller’s earth) were investigated to study its competence for use as an alternative to high cost imported adsorbents. The modification of the raw clay sample was carried out by acid activation to enhance... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Physicochemical and bacteriological analyses of borehole water samples were randomly collected from ten boreholes that supply drinking water to various communities of Aninri, Awgu and Oji River Local Government Areas of Enugu, Nigeria. The boreholes were sampled in both dry and rainy seasons. The following physicochemical parameters: pH,... Continue Reading
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Abstract The pollution of rivers and lakes by n~tural and human activities is causing some concern thc world over because of the problems it poses to mankind's existence 2 (~epple, ,973'; Hakanson, 1974 ; Bryce-jmitl , 1975~; 4 Hodges, 1977 ; Sada et al, 1%a5, Faculty of Law, 6 University of Ibadan 1988 , His Holiness, Pcpe John Paul XI, 1 9w7).... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The azo-ligand, 1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-4-[(E)-(2,3,4-trihydroxylphenyl) diazenyl]- 1,2-dihydro-3H-pyrazol-3-one (H3L) and its Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes have been synthesized and characterized based on stoichiometric, molar conductance, electronic and infra-red spectral studies. The results showed that H3L reacted with the metals in 2:1... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The total alkaloid, tannins contents and antiulcer activity of the extracts from four selected medicinal plants were investigated. The total alkaloids content (TAC) was evaluated according to the chloride colometric method in which atropine was used as standard. While the total tannins content (TTC) was also determined using Folin... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The efficacy of silica obtained from our local sand as a carrier in synthesis of Nickel-Silica catalyst was investigated. Six samples of soil were collected from two different sites (comprising five white coloured samples collected from Iva valley, lower part of Milliken hill, namely: pottery 2 (P2), down iva (DI), run-off iva (ROI),... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The petroleum hydrocarbon composition of sediments from Qua Iboe River Estuary, Ibeno, South-Eastern Nigeria, was studied to determine the levels of these hydrocarbons in the marine environment. Ten sediment sites were sampled using a van veen Grab sampler. Chemical parameter, such as total organic carbon (TOC), was assessed using... Continue Reading
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