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ABSTRACT The increasing rate of consumption of the common African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, a popular delicacy in Delta State, Nigeria has raised worries about the safety of health of consumers in the face of perceived increasing input of recalcitrant pollutants such as the heavy metals in the aquatic habitats of the organism. This research... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study evaluated the effect of anthropogenic activities on the physico-chemical properties of soils of Awka South, LGA, Anambra state, Southeastern Nigeria. Triplicate soil samples were collected from three (3) soil depths (0-15cm, 15-30 cm and 30-45 cm) in four land use types; sand mining, play ground, arable land and forest land of... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This study considered the mineralogical, elemental composition in form oxides and engineering properties such as particle size, specific gravity, bulk density; water content and atterberg limits of two kaolin deposits in Kpankorogi in Edu Local Government of Kwara State and in Ijero-Ekiti in Ijero-Ekiti Local Government Area, Ekiti... Continue Reading


Abstract This study looked at the participation of women in quarry mine pits of Ebonyi state and their well-being , covering the three senatorial zones of Ebonyi north, Ebonyi central and south. In these zones, six (6) local government areas were covered. The involvement of these women at the quarry mine pits were investigated through a number of... Continue Reading
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This report is a product of an extensive research project seeking to recycle laundry wash water for Milliken Industrials Limited, Middleton, U.K. Data gathered from meter readings in Milliken Industrial Ltd, Middleton, has constantly indicated the laundry aspect of their manufacturing process as by far, the process that consumes the largest volume... Continue Reading


The impact of Sewage and Abattoir effluent discharge into river resulted in water pollution there by reduces it quality.This study aimed at analysing the physicochemical and bacteriological parameters of Karu Abattoir effluent and Sewage discharge into Karu River in FCT ,Abuja, Nigeria in order to ascertain the quality and impact on Karu River.... Continue Reading


Executive Summary Offshore drilling for oil and natural gas have been ongoing since the 1800’s but little emphasis has been placed on the fate of drilling waste acquired during the drilling process. There are three main categories of waste that represent a potential concern based on current disposal practices.  These waste categories are... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The gross alpha and beta radioactivity pollution of main water supplies in Dutsinma metropolis were measured using proportional gas counter. The results show that the gross alpha radioactivity in water samples is lower than the maximum contaminant level of 0.1Bq/L set by World Health Organization (WHO). The measured alpha activities have... Continue Reading


                      Abstract Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and physiochemical parameters were measured in water samples from zaakpon community. The results shows that most of the parameters in water were within safe limits except turbidity, potassium and Phosphate while PAHs concentrations in water were below... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT: The designed air driven engine is an economic friendly engine which operates with the aid of a compressed air. in principle, an air driven engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine. an bio gas driven engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed gas. there is no mixing... Continue Reading


Kajiado town, the County headquarters for Kajiado County which is classified as semi-arid area,  lacks adequate water supply systems. The town had a projected population of 16,003 in 2013  (KNBS, 2010) but no functional municipal water supply system. There is no permanent river  near the town and the town has a formation with poor aquifer such... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at assessment of levels of heavy metals in soils and their environmental effects from three Mechanic Villages in Abuja namely; Apo, Kugbo and Zuba. To achieve the set target, soil samples were collected from five sampling points in each of the mechanic villages to a depth range of 0 - 15 cm with a stainless... Continue Reading
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Heavy metals have been a defining parameter concerning water quality. They have  constituted a major degree in pollutants levels in the environment. The study was  designed to investigate the comparative levels of heavy metals in colloidal and water  samples in relation to the activities on the River Oyun and the activities around the ... Continue Reading


The current study was designed for determination of copper and iron and some physicochemical properties of soils collected from two selected dumpsites (Saje and Sango) in Ogun State, Nigeria by digging two depths of about 125cm. Samples were taken at different depth intervals of 25cm (i.e 0-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-100 and 100-125cm). The soil were... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION A clear environment promotes health and esthetics living man has consistency struggled throughout the ages to keep his environment clean. Generally the task of maintaining a heating environment through good sanitary disposal or waste has a become increasing difficult in west Africa and  most developing countries of the world. This is... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was conducted on non-usage of personal protective devices, among industrial workers, a case study of Akoti sawmill in Ise/Orun Local Government Area, Ise-Ekiti. The study population was limited to 68 workers in the factory of which 40 workers were selected using simple random sampling technique. A survey research design was... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study examine impact of environmental planning on rural development , This study was undertaken majorly to evaluate the impact of environmental planning on rural development and to determine if environmental planning help in the development of rural communities. Concerning methodology for this study, data for this study was collected... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work physico-chemical quality of well water within Araromi Automobile Spare Parts market Agodi, Ibadan. The research work assess the physico-chemical characteristics of thewell water sample collected in the study area and also identify analyze and compare the heavy metal concentration with national and international... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   This research is aim at isolating and characterization of microorganism (fungi and bacteria) from pap sold in Enugu metropolis. This research was carried out by getting ten (10) different sample from ten (10) prominent areas of the state (Abakpa, Coal Camp, Obiagu, Emene, Uwani, Eke Obinagu, New Layout, New Heaven, Ogui Road and... Continue Reading


Introduction Background of the study Statement of the problem Objective of the problem Research question Definition of term Literature reviews Data analysis Recommendation References... Continue Reading


This project is all about risk assessment ... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Lead ingestion and absorption the exposure of children to many possible sources of lead takes on special importance because of the degree of oral activity among young children. Most infant begin mouthing objects in the middle of their first year and continue until early in the second year of life, when this activity usually subsides.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work was based on the DETERMINANT EFFECT OF PEST IN DISEASE TRANSMISSION AMONG THE INHABITANTS OF IBARAPA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF OYO STATE. Information was gathered through the use of questionnaire which was distributed and finally analyzed. This project woke has five chapters. Chapter one consists of Introduction,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Humans in modern society are exposed to an ever-increasing number of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated from the production and supply of electricity, television sets, personal computer (PC), radio communication, and mobile communication, hence, it has become a public health issue.  This study was conducted to evaluate the effects... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Commonly sold vegetables within the Abuja Municipal Area Council, FCT Abuja were investigated for the prevalence of parasitic eggs. A total of 225 vegetable samples were collected and investigated for the presence of these parasites using standard methods, and quite a number of them were positive. Results obtained showed the parasitic... Continue Reading
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