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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Economics
  • Project ID: ECO0798
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Chapters: 5 Chapters
  • Pages: 74 Pages
  • Methodology: Chi Square
  • Reference: YES
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 613

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          The study examined Poverty and Youth Unemployment in Ekiti State, which is crucial to the development of the Ekiti State. The broad objective of the study is to investigate the effects of youth unemployment and poverty, the causes of youth unemployment and poverty, and also to analyze the possible resolution in reducing poverty and youth unemployment in Ekiti State. Primary data was employed, and also, administering of questionnaire to elicit information on the subject matter. Data’s were collected which entails relevant information regarding the major idea of the research questions of the study for the purpose of confirming whether they are true or not. Random sampling was adopted to administer 100 questionnaires among selected people of Ado Ekiti. The findings of the study reveal that, government economic policy, unemployment and economic recession are cause of poverty and youth employment, which needs government intervention. The study recommends that government should review her economic policy, and should pursue the diversification of the economy with the objective of creating self-employment schemes in the country through the National Directorate of Employment (NDE). There should be introduction of entrepreneurship and vocational training into the educational system at all levels. It is suggested that government should reduce the retirement age of workers and give them their pension as at when due. This will give way for the effective utilization of the skills for the economic benefit of the State in reduction of poverty and unemployment.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                            i

CERTIFICATION                                                                                    ii

DEDICATION                                                                                          iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                        iv

ABSTRACT                                                                                              vi

TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                                     viii


1.0     Background of the Study                                                                            1

1.2     Statement of the Problem                                                                           4

1.3     Research Questions                                                                           5

1.4     Aims and Objective of the Study                                                      6

1.5     Significance of the study                                                                             6

1.7     Scope of the Study                                                                                     7

1.8     Structure of the Study                                                                       7


2.1     Conceptual Issues                                                                             9

2.2     Theoretical Framework for Understanding Unemployment, Poverty and           Development                                                                                     14

2.3     Youth’s Unemployment in Nigeria                                                   20

2.4     Causes of youth’s Unemployment                                                    22

2.5     Reasons for the Failure of Government Programmes as regard Poverty and           Unemployment in Nigeria                                                                 26

2.6     Sociological Implications of Poverty and Unemployment in Nigeria         28

2.7     National Youth Policy – Review in Brief                                          29

2.8     Empirical Literature                                                                          29


3.1     Introduction                                                                                                37

3.2     Research Design                                                                                37

3.3     Study Population                                                                              37

3.4     Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                    37

3.5     Instrument for Data Collection                                                                   38

3.6     Validity of Instrument                                                                      38

3.7     Administration of the Instrument                                                     38

3.8     Method of Data Analysis                                                                           39


4.1     Results                                                                                              40

4.2     Testing of Hypotheses                                                                      49

4.2     Discussion of Findings                                                                      52

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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Economics
  • Project ID: ECO0798
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Chapters: 5 Chapters
  • Pages: 74 Pages
  • Methodology: Chi Square
  • Reference: YES
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 613
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    Type Project
    Department Economics
    Project ID ECO0798
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    No of Pages 74 Pages
    Methodology Chi Square
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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