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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Accounting
  • Project ID: ACC2481
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Pages: 46 Pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 469

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The main thrust of this study is to investigate the relevance of accounting information in the published financial statements of corporate organizations in Nigeria to users. To achieve this objective, a sample of one hundred (100) respondents were selected in Benin City to represent the population. The study adopted a survey design, using data obtained from the administered questionnaires.  Six research questions were developed, while six hypotheses were formulated and tested in the study. The findings reveal that the accounting information in published financial statements of corporate organizations in Nigeria, are relevant to users. Based on the findings, it is recommended among others that all companies operating in Nigeria should as a matter of urgency employ the services of qualified chartered accountants to take charge of their accounting and finance departments. This will help to ensure the quality of accounting and finance information presented by companies to users. 


Cover Page                                                                                                                              i

Title page                                                                                                                                ii

Certification                                                                                                                            iii

Declaration                                                                                                                              iv

Dedication                                                                                                                              v

Acknowledgement                                                                                                                  vi

Table of content                                                                                                                      vii

Abstract                                                                                                                                  ix

Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Background to the study                                                                                                  1

1.2 Statement of the research problem                                                                                   2

1.3 Research questions                                                                                                            3

1.4 Objectives of the study                                                                                                     4

1.5 Hypothesis of the study                                                                                                    4

1.6 Significance of the study                                                                                                  5

1.7 Scope of the study                                                                                                                        6

1.8 Limitation of the study                                                                                                     6

1.9 Definition of terms                                                                                                           6

Chapter Two:  Literature Review

2.1 Introduction                                                                                                                      8

2.2 Conceptual Review                                                                                                           8

2.3 Theoretical Review                                                                                                           23

2.4 Empirical Literature                                                                                                          24

Chapter Three: Methodology

3.1 Introduction                                                                                                                      30

3.2 Research design                                                                                                                30

3.3 Population and sample                                                                                                      30

3.4 Theoretical Framework                                                                                                     30

3.5 Model specification                                                                                                          31

3.6 Method of data analysis                                                                                                   32

3.7 Sources of data                                                                                                                 32

Chapter Four: Empirical Analysis and Presentation of Result

4.1 Introduction                                                                                                                      33

4.2 Correlation Analysis                                                                                                         33

4.3 Descriptive Statistics                                                                                                        34

4.4 Regression Analysis                                                                                                          36

Chapter Five: Summary of Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion                                 

5.1 Summary of Findings                                                                                                       39

5.2 Recommendations                                                                                                                        39

5.3 Conclusion                                                                                                                        40

      References                                                                                                                                    41



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  • Type: Project
  • Department: Accounting
  • Project ID: ACC2481
  • Price: ₦3,000 ($20)
  • Pages: 46 Pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Views: 469
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    Type Project
    Department Accounting
    Project ID ACC2481
    Price ₦3,000 ($20)
    No of Pages 46 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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