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The purpose of this study is to X-ray the  uses of  advertising in a corporate Organization  in its  areas of operation which mainly publics. But as  a result of  some constraints, this work has to be limited to the first Bank of Nigeria PLC only which is the case study.

          Chapter  one contains a general discussion on background study of first  Bank of Nigeria PLC and Advertising.

          The second chapter treats the literature reviews as it  relates  to  advertising and  corporate Organization .

          Chapter three deals with the research  methodology and research design of the  study, the method used and techniques  of analyzing the questionnaires.

          The data got from the research survey were analyzed and interpreted. Also, similar questionnaires were compared.

          Finally, notes, the summary of findings, recommendations and conclusions, even bibliography made by the researchers are all in chapter five.

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS



1.1         BACKGROUND  OF THE STUDY                      

1.2         STATEMENT OF RESEARCH PROBLEM             

1.3         OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY                                     

1.4         SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY                      

1.5         RESEARCH QUESTIONS                                

1.6         RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS                               

1.7         DEFINITION OF TERMS                                 

1.8         ASSUMPTION                                                        

1.9         LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY                        


LITERATURE   REVIEW                                                     



3.1     RESEARCH   METHODOLOGY                         

3.2     RESEARCH  DESIGN                                               

3.3     RESEARCH SAMPLE                                      

3.4     MEASURING INSTRUMENT                                      

3.5     DATA  COLLECTION                                               

3.6     DATA ANALYSIS                                                    


4.1         PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS                     

4.2         TEST OF HYPOTHESIS                                            


5.1         NOTES                                                                  

5.2         SUMMARY OF FINDINGS                               

5.3         CONCLUSIONS                                                      

5.4         RECOMMENDATIONS                                              








For proper understanding and perception of this work, it will be wise to trace the historical background of the bank under case study which is first Bank of Nigeria Limited, in line with background  of uses of advertising .

          Founded in 1894 by  a shipping  magnate from  Liverpool, Air, Alfred Jones, the bank commenced as a small operation in the  office of Elder Dumpster and company in Lagos State.  It was in Cor-porated as a limited  liability company on march 31st, 1894 with head office in Liverpool. It started business under the corporate name  of the bank for British  west African (BBWA) with a paid- up capital of 12,000 pounds sterling after absorbing  its predecessor, the African Banking Corporation, which was established in 1892. due to the impressive growth they worked closely  with  the  colonial government in performing the tradition function of a central bank such as issue of species in the  west  African sub- region.

          To justify its west African coverage, a branch was opened in Accra, Gold Coat Ghana in 1896 and another  in free town, sierra-Leone in 1899. These  mark the Genesis  of the bank’s operations. The second branch of the Bank in Nigeria in was in the old calabar of cross – river State in 1990 and two years later, services were extended to Nigeria, with a network of 315 branches  opened throughout the branch network in the industry.

          To  satisfy  the needs and services of its customers,  first Bank of Nigeria has diversified into a wide range of banking  activities and  services. These include corporate and retail  banking, Registration  trusteeship and insurance brokerage.  To take advantage on several  restructuring initiatives. In 1957, it changed its name from bank of British west Africa to bank of West Africa.

          In 1964, the bank was  incorporated  locally  as  the standard bank of Nigeria limited  in line with the   companies decree of 1968. changes in the name of the bank also occurred in 1979 and 1991, to first Bank of Nigeria limited  and first Bank  of Nigeria PLC  respectively. In  1985, the bank  introduced a decentralized structure  with five regional administrations.  

          This  was reconfigured in 1992 to enhance  the bank’s operational efficiency in 1996, the bank introduced the FBN century II project to revolutionary  its operations in line with the dynamic  of the environment. The bank has continued to be leader in financing  long term investments  in the economy, which was demonstrated in 1947, when  the first long- time loan was advanced to the colonial government . To  demonstrate its commitment to its   customers and the development of the Nigeria economy, the bank has since broadcast its loan and  credit portfolios to various sectors of the economy.

          The bank has tremendously   judging from a number of parameters including  number of branches, growth in deposit base, asset size and size of loans and advances.


Advertising is not a new activity of modern industrialism but an ancient  practices  that goes back to the  very beginning  of recorded  history. The diggings of  a choreologists in the countries rimming  the mediate area sea have turned up evidence of the  use of  sign  to announce various events and offers. The Romans painted walls  to announce forth coming gladiatorial  contests and Phoenicians painted    murals on prominent  rocks  along trade routes  extolling the wares they sold, a precursor of modern out door advertising . In pomepeil, w wall has been found praising  a politician  and asking for the people’s vote.

          Another early  form of the people’s advertising  was the use of  town cries . In Greece during the   Golden age,  town criers  were paid to circulate messages through  the streets of Athens announcing the sales of stores, cattle’s and other goods as well as making  public announcements.

          An early singing commercials used in ancient  Athens went  as follows “for eyes that shinning, for checks like  the dawn, beauty that last after girl hood is gone, for prices  in reason, the woman who knows will buy her cosmetics  of Aschypothes”. These town criers  were the forerunner of radio as an advertising  medium and the car louder speakers used by the modern political candidates.

          The third early  form of advertising was the mark placed by artisans on their  individuals good such as  pottery. As  the reputation of particular artisan spread through word of mouth,  buyers began to look for his  distinctive mark just as trade marks and brand  names are used today. They would pay a premium, for example, Osnabruck linen was carefully controlled for quality and commanded a price 20 percent higher  than that of other  westphalian  linens, as production became more  centralized and markets became more distant the mark  or identifying  name took on more  significance.

          The turning point in the history of advertising  was in 1450, the year counter berry invented the  printing press. No longer did advertisers have to produce extra copies of sign by hand. The first  know printed advertisement in the English language appeared in 1478. starting in 1622, an important new medium gave  advertising  a substantial  forward push  namely  the first English newspaper,  the weekly  news. Later,  Joseph Addison and Richard Steele published  the  tellers and become devotes of advertising, Addison included this advice to copywriters.

          The art  of writing advertising is the finding out the method to catch the  reader, without  when a good thing may pass unobserved or be lost among commissions of  bankrupts “ the September 14, 1710, issue of the  tatter contained competitive advert for razor stops and  patent medicine attempting to convince the  readers of the products super entry over competing products.

          Advertising  had its greatest growth in the  united states  rather than English, Benjamin Franklin is often called the father of American becoming the  cradle of  advertising . first America industry led in the mechanization of production, which created surpluses and the need to convince the consumers to buy more. Second  the development of fine network of water ways, highways and roads made the  transportation of goods and advertising  media to the countryside feasible.

          Third, the establishment in 1813 of compulsory  public education led to  the decline  of illiteracy and the growth of newspaper  and magazine. The invention of radio and later television created two  more amazing media for the dissemination of advertising.


Corporate Organization has been embarking on advertising  sells promotion, use of marketing mix even publicity  to reach out to their  public. Therefore, the statement problem is to  know the uses of advertising in corporate organization, using first Bank PLC, as a study.


Advertising messages  of  first Bann has been on throughout the nation through various media.


1.       To know how messages advert helps in disseminating the services  of first Bank PLC.

2.       To Know  whether corporate organization should continue in advertising.

3.       To  ascertain whether advertisement can attract new customers to the  bank

4.       To find out whether advertising  is expensive or not.

5.       To  know the effects of advert messages on the publics .


The study  will be of  immense help to the following consumers, readers and researchers. The study  will be of  great benefit  if first Bank Plc.  Hence, it will help in evaluating the company’s advertising  budget and its  effect to the Bank.

          Moreso, the study will be of benefit to the researcher but also to the reader. It will provide an in-depth knowledge for a better understanding in the uses of advertising in a corporate Organization.


This study  is aimed at providing solutions and  answers to the following research questions. The  growth, expansion and  sustenance  of the case study (first  Bank ) have been questioned as regards the uses of advertising  in the upliftment of the corporate affairs.

1.       Does the high rate of advertising  that the corporate Organization, such as first Bank embark on determine the high rate of services to the public?

2.       Does  first  Bank derive her dividend if she embarks on continuous advert.

3.       Does  the size of corporate Organization determines  the type of media  that is necessary  for advertising?

Meanwhile advertising  is son important to  audience especially  who makes use of the agency  and department.


The following  research  hypothesis are to be tested so as to ascertain the extent of the effectiveness  of advertising  by corporate Organization, using first Bank as a case study.

1st      NULL:

H01    The high rate of advert that the corporate Organization such as  first Bank embark  on, do not determine the high rate of services to the public.


HH1   The high rate of advert that the corporate organization such as first Bank embark  on determines the high rate of services to the publics.


H02    First Bank  does not derive  her dividend if the embark on continuous advert.

3rd NULL:

HO3   The size of the corporate Organization does not  determine the type of media  that is not necessary for advertising.


HH3   The size of the corporate Organization  determines the  type of media that is necessary   for advertising.



Conceptual Definition

Uses means  a  purpose for which something  is being done.

Operational Definition

Uses is the degree of advertising effects on first Bank  of Nigeria PLC customers.


Conceptual Definition

Advertising campaign is  a process of crating awareness of a  particular product  and also persuading people to buy it.

Operational definition

Advertising campaign are messages directed to consumers.


Conceptual definition

Corporate means  united in a single group.

Operational definition


Conceptual definition  

Organization share the same ideology


Conceptual  definition

This is the ability of the customers to decide between alternatives.

Operation definition

Customer choice here is  the ability of the customers of first Bank  to choose  the bank from other Banks.


The researchers  assumed that the respondents in our sample population in this study have access to advertisement on any mass media . and that the advert they either sea, read or hear, have forced them into choosing first Bank  as their banker.

          It  is also assumed that they are aware of the  “advertisement” that  first bank  embarks on which this study is interested  in. also we were motivated by the assumed existence of latent desire and  inquisitiveness among respondents advertising acceptance based on media used and elements of the advertising message.

          However, we are conscious  of the obvious fact that most of the rural dwellers  do not have access to the media used for this advert but we used the first Bank in Zik’s Avenue  as our focal  point because of the  large population of mixed tribes as sample population. This sample is a concentration of respondent who are  aware of what  this research effort gets.


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