This research  works is  on the place  of  marketing  in the  service  industries  (a  case  study  of  roban  Hotel  Enugu) in  which   the  objective  of the study  includes.  To determine the impact of service marketing in promoting hotel business in Nigeria.  To  evaluate the  place  of  marketing  in the  service  industries  -  Enugu  metropolis   and  many  other’s. In the course of seeking for information secondary and primary data were used.  The methods employed under primary data collection include personal interviews and questionnaires. The respondent to these  questionnaires  includes  staff  of the  case  organization  (Roban  Hotel  enugu)  especially  these   who  are involve  with the  marketing functions of the  firm.  The secondary  to material  written  research  work  either directly  or  indirectly  and they  are  used  to  supplement  the  primary  data they  are  as   Following: Past  project, Text  booksJournals   Newspapers  Lecturers   notes  e.t.c. These already written research works were consulted from.  State libraries. In both  enugu  and  neighboring  towns.  The population of the study comprised of the personal of the case organization, both management   and staff. The  tools  employed  in analyzing  the  data  collected  include bar chart  tables  and  sample  percentage.  It was found out that the hotel has a marketing department that handle marketing functions respectively.  It was also   with hotel service rendered.  On the findings he researcher therefore made the following recommendation. First, that hotel marketing department should be able to create proper interaction system where customers are properly reach for the service needs.



Background of the study                                      

1.1        Statement of the Problem                            

1.2        Objectives of study                                             

1.3        Hypothesis Formulation                                       

1.4        Scope of the study                                             

1.5        Significance of the study                                      

1.6        Definition of terms.                                             


2.0    LITERATURE REVIEW                                  

2.1        An overview of Marketing                            

2.2        The marketing concept                                        

2.3        The overview   of service                            

2.4        An overview of Service                                       

2.5        The role of marketing in the service industry  

2.6        The role of marketing in Roban hotel in Enugu

2.7        Marketing strategies  for services firms          

2.8        Evaluation of service   marketing programmes

2.9        Use of Marketing Programme                                  

2.10    Budgets as Management Tools                      



3.1    Sources of Data                                         

3.1        Population of the study                                        

3.2        Sample size Determination                           

3.3        Sampling size Determination                        

3.4        Method   of data Analysis                             

3.5        Questionnaire distribution and collection

3.6        Research instrument Used                           


4.0    Presentation Analysis and Interpretation

4.1        Interpretation of Data                                 

4.2        Testing of Hypothesis                                  


5.0    Summary of Finding                                    

5.1        Recommendations                                              

5.2        Conclusion                                                 






The people understanding of marketing have in most times been restricted to marketing of tangible products.  Taking marketing to only applying to distributive trade and those activities that are involved in the marketing and distribution of manufactured goods. 

However, broader strategic and conceptual philosophy recognizes and sees marketing to also applying to services firms like laundry hospitals, banking, insurance, legal services, as well  as  hotel   

Due to greater changes needs of man.  The urge for acquisition of tangible products has not been dominating in the satisfaction of human wants or needs.  There has a greater demand for services which helps to sustain the life of man, the need for legal services, entertainment, transportation etc. 

This has also given rise to the establishment of many firms to take care pf these needs.

For the greater satisfaction of human needs and maximum profit for service industries, there is need for these companies to understand that their survival is based o effective and efficient satisfaction of their consumers.  The needs and wants, attitudes and life style must be well understood so as to bring about a better operation in their work.

        Service companies should also understand their “Services account for close to on behalf of the consumer expenditure” and that also even firms themselves spend most of their working capital on services like maintenance,  credit  service

These  Therefore  mean  that   service  firms   would  recognize  the  essence  of  marketing   to be  able  to  satisfy  the  customer need

There is need at this stage to explain what marketing in services industries.

Marketing has been defined as “The set of activities that facilitate exchange transactions involving economic goods and services” service   industries must  therefore  recognize  the idea.

But due to the nature of services the only thing that should be understood is that although marketing is everything the application to services industry will take a different farm only that the aim still remains the same, the customer satisfaction profit motive and proper co – ordination of the marketing related activities.

Service industry are  firms that engage in creating  satisfaction  through , offer of non – tangible things.


Most of these firms have practiced marketing without knowing what they are doing,  The emphasis should be that these firms should understand that there is a great need for them to identify and bring in marketing to their activities in a more sophistical and outward manner.

According to Philip Kotler in his books marketing management, analysis, he defined marketing “as a social process by which individuals and groups organization obtain what they need through creating and exchanging products and services with others

 From all the above definitions, we can understand  the  core marketing and his functions 

The satisfaction  of  customer  is  regarded as supreme management  of  services  firm  should  therefore  not  just  know  that  customer’s  are very  important  in the operation  but  should  see   marketing  as  one  of the most  important  management  function  needed  for  survival and  growth.

The study should therefore concentrate on the place of marketing in the service industries but with emphasis on hotel business the laundry and dry cleaning firms in Enugu.


hotel  is  in  the service  industry, the  quality  of  service  rendered  by  our  hotel  have  attracting  criticism  from  people   in all  works  of  life  the  government  functionaries  businessmen, the media and the  general  public  are all very  critical  of  hotel  service 

        most  hotel  do  not  their customer’s  in the  prime  place as  they  are  supposed  to be. There is now keen competition, and to compete means to apply  the  marketing  concept.

        Hotel needs to satisfy customer’s in order to market environment. 

The  study  tend  to  look  in to  the place  of  marketing  in the service  industries  in   doing  thus, it  hoped  that  the  extend  of  marketing  methodology  application  in  our   hotels will be  re – assessed


There  have  been criticisms  about  the  hotel  industry  in the  way  they  render service to their  customer’s  they  do not  see to their  customer as  king.

The  researcher  wants  to  carryout  a if  they  adopt  the marketing  concept  in the  condition  of services

The objectives of  this  research  work  include, The objectives of this research work include;

1)           To assess the place of marketing in our service industries, the need to evaluate marketing functions and its proper application to hotel business  for better and greater growth

2)           To correct the impression that marketing as a management function is not needed in hotel  business

3)           There is also the need to find the problems which  hotels  faces in marketing of their services.

4)           To bring to the knowledge of management the difference in the marketing of product to that of services.


Since the research work involve systematic and comprehensive study in the area of marketing of services, it is hoped that it will help to formulate marketing strategies  and  make   recommendations that  would   be  more  effective  in the  marketing   of  hotel  services.


Ho1:  The customers are not satisfied with the services hotel 

Ho2:  The customers are satisfied with level of services rendered  by  Roban hotel   Enugu.      

Hi2:   The standard and quality of service rendered by Roban hotel are not   satisfactory to their customers.

H32:  Hi1:   The standard and quality of service rendered by Roban hotel is satisfactory to their customers.

H31 The staff and the customers of laundry and dry cleaning firms in Enugu do maintain cordial relationship with their customers.

H31:  The staff and the customers of Roban   Hotel maintain cordial relationship with their customers.


The essence of this research work should not be seen as merely for the sole purpose of the requirement for the award of certificate in marketing.

The study is beneficial and important in the context of the problem under study.  The benefits of this research can simply be stated as follows.

This research will be beneficial to the management of the service firms by providing information towards a better application of marketing function in their firms.

It will help in the identification of customers and subsequently bringing in a greater profit margin for hotel business 

It will better understanding of marketing in hotel business and better allocation of scare resources to the different functions of marketing activities.

The  research  work  will  help  managements of   hotel  business  to  know  the reaction of   customers  as to the quality  of service  rendered  by  hotels.

1.6 DEFINITION of terms:

The following terms used in this study should be taken mean   the following 

Marketing – concept  AGBO (2000%41) the  marketing  concepts hold  that  the  key  to  achieving  organizational goals consists of  determining  the  need  and wants  of  target  markets and  delivering   the desired  satisfactions  more  effectively  and  efficiently  than   competitor’s 

Service – Kotler (2002:444) can be defined as any act of performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not resist to the ownership of anything.  

Hotel – this  is a special  buildings  where  meds  and  rooms  are  provided  for  travelers  as well  as  interested   individuals  who  needs the services

Product :-  refer’s  to the  benefit  that  will  be  provided  to  the   customer  through  the  services

(a)         fair


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