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            The world over, it is indisputable that the introduction of computer technology in different facets of life, has virtually transformed and entranced information processing, which is very vital in any organization or parastatals of government.  Not only as a means of information processing, the technology has also proved to be the fastest means of information retrieval, which forms the nucleus of this study.

            This work tries to x- ray the rate role of the computer in crime investigation as it affects the Nigerian police.  Force it looks at ways of improving the information management of the force.  This research work will cover the following areas: record information retrieval relating to MIS (Management information system), retirement Cretan for officers and crime mapping through a data bank of crime related information.

            A detailed design of a computerized approach that will bring the much needed innovation is given.  Also included in this work is a praper documentation for the new system design.



            This project work is organized in seven chapters.  Chapter one begins with an introduction of the project, a brief statement of the problem, the purpose of the study.  It explicitly outlines the aims and objectives.  Also the scope, limitations and constrains are also discussed.  It ends finally with definition of terms; chapter two is specifically dedicated to literature review pertaining to the project work chapter three of the project opens with the description and analysis of the existing system.  The fact-finding methods employed for the project is documented.  The objectives of the existing system are highlighted, and the input, process and output analysis discussed the information floe diagram is shown, and the problems of the existing system and the justification for the new system discussed.  Chapter four discussed mainly the new system design.  The output specification and design and file design are respectively highlighted, also the procedure chart and system flowchart is illustrated.  It closes with the system requirement.

            Chapter five discusses the implementation of the new system.  The program design, which consists of the program flowcharts and the corresponding pseudo code, are all highlighted.  The source program is written and a test run is carried out.

            Chapter six dwelt on the documentation of the Q basic program for the new system.  Chapter seven finally closes with recommendation and conclusion.  Attached to this work are the FIIB (Federal Intelligence and information Bureau) organization structure, the input and output forms for suspect confirmation the references made to during research work are lighted. 



Title page                                           


Organization of work             

Table of contents                                           

Chapter one


1.1       Statement of the problem                  

1.2       purpose of the study  

1.3       Aims and objective    

1.4       Scope of the study

1.5       Limitations of the study        

1.6       Definition of terms                                                                

Chapter two

2.0       Literature review        


Chapter three

3.0       Description and analysis of the existing system        

3.1       fact finding methods used     

3.2              Organizational structure         

3.3              Objective of the existing system

3.4              Input, process, output analysis           

3.5              Information flow diagram

3.6              Problems of the existing system        

3.7              Justification of the new system                     

Chapter four

4.0       Description of the new system                      

4.1       output specification and design         

4.2              Input specification and design           

4.3              File design      

4.4              Procedure chart          

4.5              System requirement   


Chapter five

5.0       Implementation                      

5.1       program design                                  

5.2              Pseudo code                           

Chapter six

6.0       Documentation                                  

Chapter seven

7.0       Recommendation and conclusion

7.1       Reference                                           







            Information Technology (IT) has set a new world order turning the world into a global village, where information plays an indispensable role.

            The Federal Investigation and Intelligence (FIIB), is a special outfit of the Nigeria police force, as a role similar to that of the FBI (Federal Bureau of intelligence) of the united states (US) information they say is an indispensable force, and if we should go by this maxim, it buttresses the need at which classified information is to this outfit.

            Over the years, this outfit had made tremendous impact in combating crime, but in recent times, there has been an avalanche of crime wave in the country leading to insecurity of life and properties close investigation concerning crime activities reveals that this special outfit of the police force is bedeviled with obsolete equipment.

            Despite the glint strides taken by this outfit over the years changing their investigation and recording equipment to tape storage using cassette as recorder, there are still a lot of surmountable problems which has hitherto, reduced the efficiency Bureau, Ogbor-Hill, Aba and other division of the outfit through out Nigeria.  The panacea to this may no doubt; lie in the introduction of a properly designed computer base system which will bring the much-desired automation hence, a prerequisite for being a member of the new world order vis-à-vis information technology.



The statutory duty of the federal investigation and intelligence Bureau (FIIB) is crime prevention and intelligence network which is solely based on information.  This information received from conducted investigation, which should be supplied to the Bureau within minutes using electron communication.  But this takes days or weeks and sometimes months if the investigation is carried in a distant area.  The storage medium currently at disposal for information is susceptible to unauthorized access and damage.  Most often, the recorded information is usually not within the reach when needed.  Going by this high level of graft in the country, officers can easily remove: recorded information of a very serious crime activity by mere bribe offer.  In view of the above problems w3hich have attracted the author’s attention, he has unequivocally, decided to design a computer base system which will correct this abnormalities.



Having been aware of the numerous anomalies which have reduced the efficiency of the Nigeria police force (NPF), the purpose of this research is focused on designing an developing a computerized based or approach to information storage and retrievals against the manual approach, as it affects the (FIIB) federal intelligence investigation Bureau), and the Nigeria police in general.



The aims and objectives of the research work centers on the following:-

-                      To show case the merits of a computerized system in police investigation and intelligence.

-                      To upgrade the information network system of the Nigeria police force

-                      To enhance speedy and reliable information retrieval in crime records.

-                      To identify areas where computers can be used in detective work.

-                      To investigate the possibilities of using the computer to analyse and compare substance taken from the scene of crime.

-                      To establish the possibilities of using the computer in crime mapping – A situation where data concerning crimes that have been committed in a certain area is fed into a computer and then, the computer produces a map that shows whether it is any pattern to the crime.



This research work is limited to the federal investigation and intelligence Bureau (FIIB) Ogbor-Hill Aba, Abia state although this outfit has just been moved to Calabar, Cross River State.  The choice of investigation and intelligence was chosen due to the fact that there are certain information, which are not meant for public consumption.



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