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Small-scale enterprises with a focus on Nigeria cannot be over emphasized during this period of very high unemployment rate among our youths
The primary aim of undergoing this research makes an attempt of providing information on what small business is all about and how to set up one.
Secondly in chapter two, it review the general problems of small-scale enterprises and the managerial problems in Nigeria.
In the after chapter, highlights the study of small-scale business as one which is owned and controlled by one or few persons, with direct owner influence in decision making.
Finally, this provides a very strong support for our eye-opener to the economy especially these that wises to start a small-scale business and these are who are already in the business.
Chapter one
1   introduction
1.1   general background of study
1.2    statement of problem
1.3    objective of the study
1.4    significance of the study
1.5    scope / limitation of study
1.6    definition of terms
1.7    references
    chapter two
2          literature review
2.1   general problems of small-scale enterprise in Nigeria
2.2   managerial problems of small-scale enterprise in Nigeria
2.3   problems of lending to small-scale enterprise in Nigeria
2.4   References
Chapter three
3        Data processing (highlights of the study)
3.1   Analysis of the data or summary.
3.2   Recommendation
3.3   Conclusion
3.4   Bibliography.
Chapter one
       Small-scale enterprise is always the beginning of big business. Also has become a house hold name both in the public and private sectors of the economy. Built is said to note that little attention is paid to small-scale enterprise whereas they provide employment for approximately triple the number engaged in large scale manufacturing as well as promote indigenous technology, stem rural urban migration and enhance economic self-reliance.
They are faced with the economy problem of having limited source of investible funds. Small business starts with personal saving and this situation incapacitates its operation. This problem has greatly affected the financial stand, structure and scope of operation.
   The uncompromising attitude of banks in financing the activities of small-scale firm is caused by fear of inadequate collateral and inability to repay borrowed money by small-scale enterprises. There shortcoming make small-scale firms vulnerable and unattractive candidite4 for brank credit and hence they are generally under-capitalized. They do not operate in the organized financial market since they are usually unable to fulfill the costly condition of the stock market.
The government has not helped matters different government , at time have established thousand and one programmes, which the research branded old wines in anew bottle in the disguise of assisting and funding the small-scale firms. Practical experiences have shown that these programmes have not existed beyond their stages.
Although there has not been any universally accepted definition by researcher and practioners as regard the definition of small-scale business.
 According to central bank of Nigeria’s monetary policy circular defies, small-scale business as an enterprise whose annual turnover ranges between N 25,000 to N 500,000, which the Nigeria bank for commerce and industry as (1989) defines small-scale business enterprise as the firms or companies  with assets including working capital but excluding land” not exceeding N 750,000 and paid employment up to 50 person”
  The companies and allied matter decree (CAMD) 1990 section 35 (!) provides that a company qualities as small company in year if that year the following condition are satifistied.
i.   It is a private company having a share capital.
ii.            none of its member is a government corporation, agency or its nominc.
iii.          The directors between them hold not less than 51% of its equity share capital.
The central bank of Nigeria state that small scale enterprise for commercial and merchant banks loan are defined as those whose capital investment do not exceed.
There are may more of there definitions ,there researcher considers them all as empirical definitions but for the sake of this project, the type of small conventional small paying subsistence salaries.
The major problem of small-scale enterprise consist of fiancés, management and technology.
The financial problem derive from the fact the bulk of the fund available to them originate from the owner of the enterprise. The firm ability to borrow is limited by the small amount if asset they own, the fact that they cannot raise capital from organized capital market like the stock exchange. Also the cost of borrowing from financial institution are prohibitive.
 There is also dearth of entrepreneur who can conceive initiates and organize production activities industries. Most of the entrepreneur we have now are the “hit and run” ones. The only lack knowledge but the dedication needed for the success of a business.
Small-scale business is faced with problem of negative response from government and financial small-scale firm is inefficiency and poor financial management. They operation poor system of accounting record and ineffective system of internal control thereby making it impossible for the firm to be audited under the existing auditing standard. All these result in little or no growth of the firm in small-scale industries.
The statement of problem also state. The research developed three hypotheses. Government attitude to the development of small scale enterprise in Ezinihitte Imo state has been encouraging and other have not been encouraging
In the face of harsh economic realities of Nigeria economy, the proprietors of small-scale enterprise have taken realities step to improve their lot and the other way state that the small-scale enterprise have not taken realistic step to improve their lot
The major problem of small enterprise within the economy under review is application of management principle in the day to day administration of the enterprise which in same aspect say that the problem of lack of application of management principle in the day to day administration of the enterprise
The survival of business concern be it trading manufacturing or both under the umbrella of sole trade partnership private company in a small-scale business is of paramount important
It is not uncommon to hear or observe that one type of organization of the other was in existence sometime ago, but has for long ceased to exist
Big organization that have attached weight and fame have disappeared accordingly
The development of small-scale industries and self reliance in industrial and food production arranging the top priority of the Nigeria government in the successive development plans
The objective deal with what I want to achieve in the study. The reason for such detail are not for fetched. Hence what I want to achieve goes like this.
To identity the problem facing small-scale firm in Ezinihitte Imo state
To examine the prospect and importance of small-scale firms.
To find out the solution these problem and how to solve it.
To identity source of funding
In view of the fact that-scale enterprise have become a catalyst for progressive economic development, the study will provide means of improving the lot of small-scale enterprises
It  will in addition, be of immense benefit to potential entrepreneur as it will provide in sight into the problem of small-scale firm
The  study will be particularly relevant to researcher and scholars in management courses.
It  will also serve as a basic reference tool for further research and provides insight to a better understanding of problem and solution to problem of small-scale business.
Existing  small-scale firm especially Rokana Industries P.L.C. producers of household products will be helped by this study to improve their model under the significance we also have the limitation of the study
In a study of this nature one would like to accumulate data from many area. But in view of length of time allowed for this research, such a wide range sample study was almost external difficult. The researcher, therefore, concentrate his field work in Ezinihitte Imo state metropolis the choice of Ezinihitte metropolis was based on the time factor allowed and upon practical consideration including the fact that the research know almost everything about Ezinihitte metropolis.
In  carrying out this study, the research had the following limitation, time financial and data.
Time  : the constraint in finance cannot be over emphasized. As a student, my supply of finance is quite meager. This research work is actually cost intensive. If I had adequate financial backing,  I would have been able to travel far and wide in research  of primary and secondary data where necessary.
Data :  data and information are like gold. They are never got on the surface. I could not get adequate supply of relevant newspaper and magazines because of poor storage facilities of the libraries visited. Where some of their of the there material were seen, some of their relevant page had been badly mutilated
 1.6          DEFINITION OF TERM
1  Business is conceptualized as related activities involving creation and distribution of good and service for private or personal profit.
2    Small-scale business enterprise is defined as any venture employing little capital of not more then 2.00 million (CBN definition)
3  Stating a small business implies the planning and execution of the business enterprise from infancy or idea generation and bringing it to fruition.
4   A sole proprietorship is owner-manager business either in the proprietor’s name or a name formed out of his or her names and registered the corporate affairs commission
5   A partnership is a business organization formed by a minimum of 2 and maximum of 20 persons with the partnership deed registered with the corporate Affair commission


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