This project is on the Appraised of effective Advertising in increasing sales cosmetics in Enugu Metropolis ( A case study of petals cosmetics).Advertising here relates to undertaken to ascertain the media to communication that will maximize sales for every naira spent on advertising. The study was limited to cosmetics produced and market in Enugu Metropolis. The objective of the was mainly to determine the relationship advertising and sales of the company’s products, and the most effective means of advertising the products of petals cosmetics company by determing, if other factors such as price has any influence on it’s sales turnover and subsequently neighbor, friends and relations on the choice of the brand cosmetics purchased, house consumers rank the brand. The branks and if other variable, like product policy, quality. Design and packaging or the company past image home roles to play in enhancing the sales, apart from advertising. To accomplish these objectives a well structured questionnaire was equally used. Hypothesis both the will and alternatives were duly tested to get the real information required. The respondents for the study were basically, customers and staff of the organization; sources of data were primary and secondary. Tables frequencies and percentage were used to analyze the data collected. From the analysis, it was found out that adverting. Advertising activities in the cosmetics industries are intense and competitive. Ration, Television and Bill boards are the most effective means of advertising cosmetics to consumers. The researcher recommends that the expenses on advertising budget should be concentrated on Ration and Television advertisement. The bill board should be situated  at a strategic area in the touin in other to attract attention of passers by because of their colourful display. In conclusion, these should be constant improvement of project quality and advertising through various media.




Advertising can be defined, as any paid form of non- personal presentation and  promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor ?(Kotler 2000).

Advertising is one of the most promotional tools that are often used by organization promotional tools represents the various communicational mix to inform and persuade people about a product which a firm directs towards its target market, channel organizations and the public at large (Graw 1982:319).

The most aggressive marketing instrument  used over the years in PETALS cosmetics company in Enugu is marketing promotion and advertising though they do include other promotional tools, but it is not much effective as ones mentioned above of all the promotional tools, Advertising seems to enjoy better recognition them others.

Experience has shown that Enugu cosmetic firms (PETALS) always spend between 805 to 65% of these promotional budgeting on advertising. Although the fund sunk into this promotional tool is enormous, the fund sunk into this promotional tools is enormous, the company does not seem to bother. This attitude tends to give the impression that the effects of advertising on sales and profit are very satisfactory.

It does not appear however that cosmetic company (PETALS) in Enugu state, has time to study the relationship between advertising efforts and it’s sales and profits. Equally possible is that the management of the company organization does not recognize the need for the establishment of this relationship or it does not know how to go about it. Infact, Simon (1970:871) maintains that “it is likely that manufacturers take the ability to measure the effects of advertising and lack methods of calculating its run valves.

The failure to measure the outcome of advertising on the sales of cosmetic is the not peculiar to PETALS cosmetics company in Enugu alone. It is a problem common to all manufacturers in Enugu state. Advertising seems to enjoy a band wagon effects in industry with every company embarking on the because other are into it but none of them spending time to calculate the effects on the companies sales, profit or even good will. This appears to be understandable because since all cosmetic company sell. Their product at almost the same prices, they are left with concentrating on advertising as a means of beating their competitors.  It is in the light of the foregoing that the researcher has decided to study the effects of advertising on the sales of cosmetics and the profit using PETALS cosmetics as a case study. It is however, necessary to point out that PETALS cosmetics company does not only manage in product advertising, but also in institutional advertising product according to Stanton ( 1981:414) is a means where by advertiser inform and stimulate the market for the product over a longer period of time, that is, it is aimed of getting a long firm effect.

Institutional advertising, on the other hand is designed to create a proper attitude towards the seller and to build good will rather than to sell a specific product or service. It’s long-run objectives is creating and maintaining awareness of the company and it’s products on the consumer rather than increasing it’s daily sales. It company making the products or services. This makes it glaringing claim that when we advertise, the objectives is not only to increase sales in the short-run but also to present the company as a good one whose products are worth purchasing.

1.   To what extent do the barrages of advertisement prove effective?

2.   In what extent does it contribute, towards the growth and development of the company?

3.   Does it produce attitude change in the people?

4.   Doest it induce patronage shifts from old customer to new ones?

5.   Does it lead to increase sales?

As a result, the manufactures of different cosmetics resorted to advertising to help boast up their market shares and PETALS did not relent, despite it’s lending position in the industry.

The PETALS cosmetic company is the number one marketer of cosmetics marketing/selling more than 2 million cartons per day. This figure is increasing per day, with the company’s expansion programme to increase it’s capacity. In an effort by the company to achieve her desired expansion programme seven operational cosmetics much hampered it’s attainment of the goals but by the expatriate assistance of the various plants to success song with the introduction of yet another new brand or type of cosmetics (Black current) into the market.

The issues s therefore not the new introducing but on how to get the consumer buy the product.


The above are the major questions that have often presented themselves to the researcher and have driven him into embarking on this research work. Equally problematic is the issue of differentiating between the effects of advertising on a company’s performance for the fact that cosmetic industries do not make out time to study the relationship between the advertising efforts or rather the impact of advertising towards the sales the sale of their products, have driven the researcher into embarking on this research work. 


1.   To determine the relationship between advertising and sales of cosmetic of PETALS cosmetic company.

2.   To determine the most effective means of advertising the products of PETALS cosmetic company and to know. If really it is boosting the sell of cosmetics.

3.   To determine the influence of advertising on the ranking by the consumers of the various products of PETALS cosmetic company in relation to it’s competitors.

4.   To determine the influence of advertising on the image of the PETALS cosmetic company.

5.   To determine the influence of advertising towards the sales of the product.


In an effort to address the problem under study adequately, the following hypothesis were developed for testing.

H01: There is no significant relationship between the amount of products consumed and rate of advertising.

H1: There is no significant relationship between the amount of products consumed and rate of advertising.

H02: There is no signifant relationship between advertising and the choice of a given type of products.

H03: There is no significant effect of advertisement towards product quality and product availability on the sales of the product availability on the sales of the products.

H3: There is significant effect of advertisement towards products quality and product availability on the sales of the products.


As a result of the ever widening gap between manufacturers and their market, there is urgent need to determine whether the millions of naira invested in advertising has been achieving the objectives for which they were in laded. It will not only help organization in the cosmetics industry to programme their promotional efforts well but also, support existing studies on advertising agencies to know how best to package their advertising and add new insight into the study.

The study will also assist advertising agencies to know how to package. it will also be of immense benefit to marketing students since it will equally help enrich their theoretical knowledge on advertising. This study is significant because it will help in designing more effective communication mix and choice of media that will enhance sales, reduce cost and create more awareness of produce to the consumers.



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