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(Business Administration and Management)

          Industrial organizations who produces (s) goods or services have to liaise to the public through public message Newspaper.   
          This ensures patronage from the customers.   For this task to be carried out it needs then help of a Public Relation Practitioner who systematically design a way to make mutual relationship between the people- customer and the organization.   The researcher therefore, deemed it necessary to delve into the use of public relation in business management chosen Newspaper.
          A review of previous literacy works in similar topic were carried out, at the end which assumptions were made in terms of research questionnaire drafted to aid the surveying of the primary data.  
          The survey was designed to cover the five division of Newspaper.   The total of four hundred (400) questionnaires were distributed as follows the MD’s division one hundred (100) marketing division one hundred (100).    Controlling and finance ninety (90) personal division ten (10) and technical division one hundred (100).   Actual response data of three hundred and twenty three (323) and sample size of 64.6% was information(s) collected were analyzed in tabular presentation and other statistical forms of analysis adopted.   The result revealed that public relation is an important tool in business promotion.   It was also noted that most industrial companies make more use of public relation than government parastatals   or other establishment. Another revelation was that any organization which recognizes public relation as a profession is more likely to employ professionally experience public relation to handle public affairs.   
          Finally, these result suggest, that public relation practitioners be equipped with adequate professional training and exposure to practical cases so as to better equip the in handling their duty to enhance business growth.   More so the work after going through it is an avenue to those who have not establish public relation department to do so and reap the fruit that comes out of it that is business profitability growth and development.
1.1        General Background to the Subject Matter
1.2        Problems Associated with Public Relations
1.3        Problems of Public Relation in Newspaper House
1.4        The importance of studying public relation practices in newspaper business
1.5        Definition of Terms
1.6        References
2.1        Public Relation and the Society
2.2        Public Relation and Management
2.3        Public Relation and the Business
2.4        Public Affairs Cum Relations professionals Guideline on the Ethics of Business
2.5        References
CHAPTER THREE:          
3.1        Data Presentation
3.2        Analysis of the Data
3.3        Recommendation
3.4        Conclusion
3.5        References
Information has to be presented to the public about organizational or industrial products.   As a result of the use of Public Relation in Business Management (Newspaper) is a necessity.   To enhance Business growth on farm or an industry should ensure proper image and goodwill.   An industry that maintains its reputation before the public is likely to sell its goods and services, workers will also seek to work in such arms, just as investors will seek to but its shares.
One of the most comprehensive, definitions of Public Relation was given by Rex Harlow of San Francisco U.S.A According to him. Public Relation is distinctive management function which help to establish and maintain mutual line of communication, understanding, acceptance and co-operation between an organization and its public.
Therefore, for the fact that no business or organization is an island, that can properly exist without public support understanding or interest should be adequately sought for.   The public which is made up of external public should be given proper attention, because their opinion may make or march any business organization.
The public attitude towards an organization is another dimension to understanding Public Relations in business management.  And another definition was given by the Public Relations news of New York.
Public Relation is the management functions which evaluates public attitude, identities the policies and procedures of an individual of an organization with the public interest and plans and executive a programme of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.
Based on the above definition by the Public Relation news of New York.   It is obvious that a business cannot exist without the existence of (Newspaper house0 and consumers who patronize it.   Therefore, need exist for an effective communication and adequate information on the products of a company to be carefully, precise and constantly disseminate to the publics whose opinion can affect the organization either positively or negatively, depending on the perception by that public information should be passed to the target public.
This is to ensure consumer orientation to enhance good business management a good public relation establishment should act according to public interest, with the understanding that interest of one public deters from the interest of the other public.   A specific Public Relation programme in Business Management should be disseminate to appeal to the panticular interest of each public organization should always be focused on their policies because the consumer is king.
As a managerial Public Relations practitioner should be vigorously involved in management decisions making, they should be involved in coordinating various department marketing and so on to ensure optimum production in the organization.   This ensures that the good image of the firm is maintained among the populace.
Dissemination of information and coordination of carious department are necessary because every department many not be free to read and search for information in and outside the (Newspaper house) industrial endowment this information if properly taken care of through the source will elevate the cooperate image and ensure business growth.
As population grows owed industries expand, there is an increasing need to know the use of public relation in Business Management. This will induce greater productivity and growth and development of the nation.
In an attempt to understand fully the use of public relation in business management, the newspaper has been selected and chosen for the study, the impact for public relation in the industrial and business management.   The problem   that is associated is to study how to understand the use of public relation in newspaper house.   It should be made operational in an industrial selling.   It is easy to advocate policies but often difficult to implement them.
So one of the problems of the media against cooperate bodies is non-provision of the right information at the right time in then right quantity infact, it has often been said that except information obtainable from cooperate advertisement information or statistics.   Well without the Newspaper companies can no longer operate as it they do not owe the society an obligation to inform.
The most vital aspect of the public relation in Newspaper is that that any organization operating in that any organization operating in the state or abroad they relate to the worked through newspapers, beside it has also can to own notice that the newspaper are bought by people who wish to read the news they contain. Because the best retail advertisement are memselves news, of product prices, services.  And also the cost of newspaper are cheaper than the magazine.
The most important single component of public relation is the newspaper house they reach the public in masse, consequently the society’s point of view no matter of public interest can be made known more effective through the paper house and other media.   As the population grows and industrial expand, there is an increasing need to know the use of public relations in business management.  
 The newspaper house made it their duty to make sure that they promote the use of public relation in business forms, non-profit institute and nations of the world at a breath baking data.   It is the only salvation of three enterprises the guardian is a ready and effective median, to day because of the use of public relation in business management this is where the newspaper have to carry a good sub-heading and the news must contain facts must be honestly, must be realistic, above all it must be news accurate news given in good faith.   
Remember that an editor will publish the types of news which will make those who buy his publican feel that they have value for their money.
Most industrial organization have found it difficult to accept the hard fact that the consumer is the king whose interest should be paramount in the desire to achieve corporate goal and enhance business growth when the consumers speak out their minds, the entire business both international and external environment will become educated on the short falls in the organization relationship with the public.   The important of the studying public relation in newspaper business is that, good public with press and public are considered essential by every go ahead organization today it is a planned promotion of an organization good name like the guardian newspaper.   A society’s responsibility does not end with the appointment of publicity manager public relation and management is concern of everyone in the society.   The most important single component of public relation is the newspaper house.    
They reach the public in masse through this medium they educate the public on the new product in the market. Mr. Austing Cushman, chairman of sears Roebuck said that the chief ingredients for a successful business are the four (MS) Men, money, merchandise and method.   This definition applies equally as well to the export as to the home market, and under the wide umbrella of ‘method’ car’s communication.   Too often expert company and overseas, agents are stared of up to date information about a number of company topics that could help them in their work and they do not always receive adequate professional advice about the best way to bring the name of the company or form this is by using a good sub-heading, the news must contain facts and be honest must be realistic.   This work will alert the publics about the things that are in the market the newspaper house own the society an obligation to inform them.   Public relation practitioners that they are one part of management in the organizational hierarchy, and as such as people who have enormous responsibility towards so may people (in several public with public relation there is no general public but specific publics.
POLICES:              Plans or Guideline for an action Marshall out by An Organization to achieve their objectives or the organization goals they must plan in order to bring out the best for the firm the most important thing to any organization (Newspaper).  
MANAGEMENT:    Management is another organization junction they have to use man (manpower) and material resources achieve organization objective.
BUSINESS:  All profit directed to, economic activities that are organized and elected and elected to provide product and service.
COMMUNCATION:             This is passing out massage from one person to another person so that the group understands another.  The degree of understands another.   The degree of understanding and good will achieve between and individual organization or institution.
PUBLIC:         Those group with common interest affected by the act and policies of an institution.
CORPORATE IMAGE:      Existence in the mind of people as composite of experience knowledge, belief and facing they must have one body as people and not individual that is working in one organization firm.
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Department Business Administration and Management
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Chapters 3 Chapters
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    Project Details

    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM0328
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 3 Chapters
    No of Pages 50 Pages
    Methodology Simple Percentage
    Reference YES
    Format Microsoft Word

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