Modern retail marketing calls for more than developing a goods and product making it available to target customers, and also retailers must communicate with their customers.
The problem and prospect of retail marketing in a marketing environment has led to an decrease in the level of demand of good or services of its continuity in creating awareness. This project work, therefore review the problem and prospect of retail marketing in IMT.
The researcher main objective was to determine how effective the problem and prospect of retail marketing in Nkutume IMT effective the customers needs.
Based on the summary of finding first, is made up of general back ground of the study, and objective research question, scope and method of the study. Secondly, is made up of definition of retail marketing, marketing types, retail functions, problem and possible way of controlling retail marketing. Thirdly, the main topic of the study of the problem and prospect of retail marketing in IMT were discussed in full here the researcher observe the problem encountered during transaction, sampling were used to conclude the served carried out.
Recommendation made in the study to use, they will not only be satisfying customers with services offered, but a continues, increase in profit made there by the problem of the retailing a thing of past.
1.1              Background of the study
1.2              Objective of the study
1.3              Research question
1.4              Scope of study
1.5              Method of study
Literature review
2.1              definition of retail marketing
2.2              types of retail shop
2.3              function of retailing
2.4              problem of retail marketing
2.5              marketing strategies for retail firms
The problem and prospect of retail marketing in IMT
3.1              Problem of retail marketing in IMT
3.2              The prospect of retail marketing in IMT
Summary of finding, conclusion and recommendation
4.1              Summary of finding
4.2              Conclusion
4.3              Recommendation
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
This research work is carried out in the institute of management and technology Enugu in Enugu state of Nigeria. The institution is made up of two campus viz. campus ii and campus iii IMT is situated in the part of enugu north local government area of Enugu town the capital town of Enugu state. The studied is densely populated with indigenes alike. The student of IMT are highly dedicated to their studies. The institution has well built structures located in two campuses. The institution are rich with well qualified lectures, rich technological equipment as well as rich amenities, probably is responsible for the relatively high rate of the institution school fees.
            There will be an elaborate attempt to provide relevant information about the retailing covering things such as geographical features historic development with regards to socio – economic and business activities. Also effort will be made to discuss the concept of problem and prospect of retailing from the general perspective after which will be given in the next chapter of this project from what is presently obtained in Nkutume being the case study, critics are of the that there is lack of business qualities of relaters in Nkutume. They also take the advantages of the low pace of business growth in Nkutume, false prediction about the future.
            Hence, they say that Nkutume is doomed to remain in bad market because the shop owners never wanted to give customer preferential treatment as fair treatment to customer granting credit to customer etc. some of these rumors and fallacious statement perhaps from the assumption or take that ht people that have been operating in Nkutume has never any business incentives.
            This belief of the people has aroused in out with concrete fact about the factors that influence the retailers and areas. Still influencing them and may likely affect their future. Moreover, this study aid to the authors discernment of the general problem and obviously future prospects of retailers especially as its regards the activities of retail marketing activity usual give rise to wholesale this in turn culminates into the retailing in NKutume campus III of IMT Enugu.
1.2              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY
Any given human endeavor without a purpose will no doubt be regarded as exercise in futility. However, the major objective of the study are as follows
To determine the problem facing retail marketing in IMT
To find ways of curbing the problem at least to a barest minimum.
To identify various business opportunities in IMT.
To look in to future prospect or retail marketing in IMT, both existing and future ones.
To make relevant recommendation as to the finding and conclusion of the research work with regards to the way of measuring and maintaining retail marketing with in the institutions.
1.3              RESEARCH QUESTIONS
The authors has decided for logical reason and presentation of data in the research work to use suitable research question to tempative statement postulated as a starting point for seasoning and explanation during the project research work.
Below are the research questions
To what extent will lack of incentive and illiteracy affect retail marketing in IMT
How will unity and cooperation among retailers enhance the general development of the retailers to customers
To what extent will financial aids influence retailer marketing growth in IMT
Is there any need for the introduction of retailers union in IMT
1.4              SCOPE OF STUDY
There is no human activity that is denied of scope, method. To this end, the scope, methods underling the work are here below
            The scope of the study limited to the present situation of retailer in IMT especially as regard the retail business environment. It cover the problem and prospect of retailing in the institution and also make effort to provide relevant recommendation for better and improve upliftement of retailer in institution.
1.5              METHOD OF STUDY
In the course of studying this work, as it is obtained in the institution (IMT), the method used the study is intensive and numerous questionnaire distributed to select a sample of respondent. There is also the use of observation personal knowledge by the author.


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