This project was designed to find out the effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of students in Ese Odo Local Government Area in selected secondary school. However, five schools were treated. The major instrument for data collection was the questionnaires and it contains the question which require the respondents asked about the effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of students. Hundred questionnaires was distributed among students in the secondary school of Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. Percentage calculations were used to analyze the data. One of the recommendations, it is therefore, argued that greater professional commitment and efficiency on the part of teachers, parents, and individuals in the performance of their job will help to reduce drug abuse on the academic performance of students.



Title page


Chapter One

Background of the study

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Statement of the problem

Limitation of study

Research questions

Definition of terms

Chapter Two

Literature review

Chapter Three  


The sample area

Data collection

Population of study

Research instrument

Oral interview

Validity and reliability of research instrument  

Chapter Four    

Presentation and analysis

Chapter Five     










          The effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of students in selected in secondary school are the overtaking of drug by the students in secondary school.

        According to the oxford advanced learners dictionary 6th edition said dry is an illegal substance that some peoples e.g. smoking and injection e.t.c to give them pleasant or exciting feelings. It is a substance used as a medicine used in a medicine or used in a medicine. Why abuse is the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful, it is something that is unfair, cruel or violent treatment of some body. It can also be the rude offensive remarks, usually made when somebody is very angry. Therefore drug abuse is the use of drug above the prescribed dosage and for the purpose other than the original prescription it is the taking of drug without medical or professional advice or directions.

        Drug on its own is a chemical that influences or modifies the action of body’s own chemistry in order words, it is any substance which when taken modifies the body function. Unfortunately most people ignore such medical advice or direction or direction by indulging in drug abuse or misuse.

        Drug abuse is also refers to the use of usually by self administration or any drug a manner that deviate from approved medical pattern or with a given culture, in which cause the use of medically prescribed drugs such as barbiturate to induce sleep in permissible but the school administration of the amount of barbiturate to induce Dulphoria in social situation would be abuse of drug. Drugs mainly abused are, stimulants like Amphamine, sedative and Tranquilizers like Barbiturates, valium, and mandrase Hauvelnogens Ukeheroin. These drugs do not only have mild altering capacity but they may often be physically harmful.

        Man has displayed remarkable ingenuity in finding drugs, which produce actions on the central nervous system. Primitive actions on the central nervous system. Primitive people recognize the use of tobacco, sedative India hemp, cocoa leaves e.t.c to provide pleasure relief of pain fatigue and hunger.

        With increasing civilization drug abuse has became a serious of problem among student in some selected secondary school in Egor Local Government Area and the society at large.

        One general notes drugs are abuses or misused because they altar the made of behavior of the individual. It abuses positive effect.

        There this case of a J.S.S two (2) students in Adolor Secondary School which of course led to the writer to carry out this research in some selected secondary school in Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. Can be used to make example of some popular effect of drug abuse. It was told that this very boy was sick having some symptoms of weakness from home and he become restless when he was a questioned be confirmed that he took five (5) Panadol from were this mother keeps her drugs on her behalf resulted to his abnormal behavior. It was the principal of the school with health teacher that now quickly took this child to the hospital were he was given some medical treatment by the doctor that helped to arrest the unusual situation and results of doctor confirmed over dosage or drugs.

        In a few weeks later, (roughly month) there was another case of senior secondary schools (S.S.S3) student of the same school. This boy was told, smoking Indian hemp and started behaving in a most abnormal manner. Apart from that disturbing the school with all kinds of shout and fighting with his classmates. The boy reuse to ever recognize the presence of the authority as he boasted to the principal that nothing can make him stop what he was doing.

        It therefore took the effect of the police and other member of staff of bundle the boy away from the school.

        Other effect or drug could be mental problems, trembling hands damage of heart and also profound sweating and headaches. All these side effects have along way to affect the excellent performance of the children in school.

        The Lagos weekend (1987) revealed that the real problems was for as drug abuse is concerned lies within individual family, unless parents themselves live up to their family obligation the use of drugs abuse is far from near.

        Also the report further disclosed the cooperative effort of the family could off set much bad behavior encountered by their children outside.

        Parents as well as guardians and teachers as character molders have a major role to play in the general up bringing of a child. When they discover that a child is already playing with drugs, they should make the child realize the effects of taking drugs closer attention should be paid on the child’s welfare through monitoring the child’s activities and the type of friends the child moves with or keep with the family as launching base, the war on drug abuse could then be entered to the large society with effective programme base upon accurate information. It will require education of the public at large preventing camp aligns and the willingness of all to face every aspect of drug abuse.

        Therefore, the excellent performance of children in school could be highly promoted if the above listed measures ate taken to eradicate the effects of drug abuse in schools and society at large.


          Drug abuse has been observed to be rampant among secondary school students in Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State.


          What motivated the researcher to write this project or topic is to investigate the effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of students in selected secondary school in Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

         The researcher will investigate the content of following sub problems.

  1. To find out if the students of these selected secondary schools understand the meaning of drug abuse.
  2. To ascertain the various methods of ways adopted by families and teachers in controlling drug abuse.
  3. To find out whether some unpleasant actions has resulted from drug among the students of these schools.
  4. To explain why students abuse drugs.


          In other to achieved meaningful result, the following research questions have been tentatively drawn as a measure to guide the researcher to carryout these researches of the question formulated are;

  1. Does drug abuse lead to truancy among secondary school students?
  2. Does drug abuse lead to students disobeying school rules and regulations?
  3. Will drug abuse cause or make parents of students to stop financing their children education?
  4. Drug abuse leads to sexual promiscuity among students?
  5. Do drug abuses make students to take deviant behavior, which affects them and others?
  6. Does drug abuse affect student’s academic performance?


          The importance of carrying out this study is to carry out this is that it could serve as reading text to many who want to gain deeper knowledge about causes, effects and control of drug abuse.

        The study will encourage the people of Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State, to establish drug rehabilitation centered with the help of the ministry of health drug and role parents and teachers play to prevent it abuse.



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