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            Children swing plays a unique role in the live and upbringing of a child.  It makes children to avoid dangerous games thereby providing them on opportunity for proper relaxation.

            The children swing consists of a cost iron metal that is welded with a chain and set that makes children move to and fro in an oscillatory movement, thereby crating joyful sensation to the child as he is in motion

            This swing is mostly used in the Nursery, Primary and Post Primary Schools, nowadays, to create on awareness to children, that all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.  Thus, it helps children to reduce their academic tension.  However, children swing can also be found in leisure parks or amusement parks.  They are basically for relaxation purposes.


Chapter one


1.1              Identification of Needs                                 

Chapter Two

Literature Review                                                                  

2.1              Review of other Designs                               

2.2              Significance/Economic Importance of the Design                

Chapter Three

Design Solution                                                                     

3.1              Alternative A                                                 

3.2              Alternative B                                     

3.3              Alternative C                                                 

3.4              Comparison of alternative and choice                       

Chapter Four

Design Selection and Analysis                                                          

4.1              Material Selected for Alternative A                          

4.2              Reasons/Analysis for parts of the chosen alternative

Chapter Five

Research analysis                                                                   

5.1              Design Analysis                                                                     

Chapter Six

Fabrication of Prototype                                            

6.1              Machining of the Components                                  

6.2              Welding and Filing                                                    

6.3              Assembly of Components                  

Chapter Seven

7.1              Testing of Prototype                                                  

7.2              Operators Manual/Maintenance                                             

7.3              Conclusion                                                                 


List of symbols                                                                                  

List of Illustrations                                                                



1.0              INTRODUCTION

The design and fabrication of children’s swing is an acknowledged and established work.  Hence, we are trying to imitate or copy the technology and of possible make new innovations to enhance its efficiency and reduce the cost of production.

The children swing is physically operated and it is found commonly in Nursery, Primary, Post-Primary and recreational/relaxation spots.  The main objective of the swing is toe create an atmosphere for children to rock themselves to and fro the seeing.  Thereby reducing the tension in classroom and also avoiding ht kid from indulging themselves in other dangerous recreational facilities.  However, the swing is meant for infants, teenagers and ever adults.


            The children swing is a necessity for any growing child.  It is needed to build up a child psychologically and making him mentally alert.  It also create opportunity for a casual exercise because as one swing, the muscles in the arms and legs are being exercised simultaneously, thereby making the child to be physically fit.  The children swing enables the child to relax his nerves, thus avoiding unnecessary tension in one’s mind


            This project is limited primarily to the production children swing.  However, the specification is not limited in this case.  We are expected to improve on the already fabricated design, to ensure that other aspect f the design like its reliability, endurance, efficiency and compatibility is maintained.


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