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The steel-shelf was constructed at the mechanical engineering workshop of the institute. It was done by first of all making out the dimension with the scribers, cutting, wielding, dittoing, assembling and painting. The method ology involved the preliminary calculation of the total surface area of the two mili meters thickness of the sheet measured 4ft with by 6ft height.

Moreover, the first step taken in the fabrication of the said project was the selection of the material suitable for the construction.

The material used in the construction were locally sourced and were selected to suit the desired purpose. More so. This mild  steel was used instead of galvanized steel due to its relative low cost. The mild steel was coated with paint to prevent corrosion attack and deterioration of the work.

As a result of what we have done it is a very nice project it is  a very heard cooking steel-shelf that can be guarantee for 15 years.

Finally, the equipment advantages was in preserving securing of laboratory chemical and biological corrosion. The cost of production of the steel-shelf was.





2.0              LITERATURE REVIEW                                         

2.1       HISTORY OF THE STEEL-SHELF                                    

2.2              DEFINITION                                                                        

2.3              TYPES OF STEEL-SHELF                                                  

2.4              APPLICATION OF CARBON STEEL-SHELF                 

2.5              STEEL MAKING                                                                             

2.6              COMPARISM OF WOOD AND STEEL FOR CONSTRUCTION PURPOSES                                                                                     

2.7              MATERIAL SELECTION                                                   

2.8              MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION                                          

2.9              PROPERTIES OF STEEL                                                    

2.10          CORROSION CONTROL                                                   


3.0              CONSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURE                                             

3.1       STEPS OF FABRICATION PROCESS                              



4.0              COST OF THE PROJECT                                                    


5.0              DISCUSSION/OBSERVATION                                         

5.1       CONCLUSION                                                                                

5.2              RECOMMENDATION                                                                    




A steel-shelf is a set of shelves with compartments and partitions where chemicals, books or tiles are stored in libraries, offices and even homes.

 steel-shelf can be wooden metallic or even glassed they could also be dismountable and un-dismountable.

In our project we decided to design and fabricate an un-dismountable metallic steel-shelf certain factors were considered before embarking on this project.

An un-dismountable metallic steel-shelf have a longer life span and serve it’s purpose better than a wooden steel-shelf led us into opting for the one with a parts intact.

However, a steel could also be made with different types ;of materials such as wood, steel and some metals. In the construction of this project a mild steel as a material were used to construct the steel-shelf. Steel as a material of construction has advantage over wood and some other metal. It is not attacked by termites or simple chemical which lasts longer than wood and other metals.

Steel-shelf is usually a rectangular pieces of steel metal device fabricated for the purpose of storage. since steel shelf cannot be broken like the wooden shelf than, the material dept inside it is preserved, though metals are known to corrode of which the primary causes are air, moisture and some secondary factors such as hole, scratching, pitting and some chemicals but, when the shelf is not expose to moisture by adopting preventive measures like painting and coating it. During the construction of these steel-shelf, the researching consideration were the materials available, it’s durability and quality affordability and the maintenance and replacement of the parts of the steel-shelf or cupboard. Hence a research was carried out on the engineering property of  the material. Steel used to the construction is environmental friendly, non-hazardous and resistance to termites and simple-like chemicals such as dilute hydrochloric0 HCL and some other base solution. This is the area in which the cost of production was made by adopting some amendment with the aim to achieve the steel-shelf in such a standard size which can contain quite some number of materials like books, chemicals and some  laboratory materials. A research was also done so as to obtain the greatest design with the desired types of the structural materials for the shelf to maintain it’s quality for a long period of time without having any fault for damage.

Hence, it is important to produce materials that will last a longer and the quality been of a great important in the construction of the these steel-shelf. The various parts is arranged and shaped, connected in such a way that it will provide an efficient and economical solution to the construction problems. The cost was considered so much because the cost usually involves quality of the material but, in the designs and construction it is possible to produce quality steel-shelf with reduced or less cost of money. And the labour cost of fabricating the material was also involved during the construction. The steel-shelf was tilted with rollers. Steels and stoppers for stability at any point kept and for easy movement which was solidly wailed. All these factors were taken into consideration so as to produce a quality and lasting steel book shelf that s affordable. The steel shelf was constructed to the test of maintenance and durability.


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