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            The aim of this project was to acquire the constructional and fabrication knowledge by we, the students of chemical engineering by constructing a steel bookshelf.  This work exposed us to many things like material for engineering and their requirements.  It also exposed us to other fields of engineering like metallurgical and material engineering.

            In this constructional project, mild steel was used because it has qualitative properties in construction.  The shelf constructed has five compartment and was done with the structure of the steel shelf drawn on paper, market survey and procurement of the needed material, marking out and cutting, fabrication and welding, filling and paining.

            The shelf has a dimension of 1524 mm height, 941.4 mm width, 355.6 mm breadth.  The framework of the structure consist of 25mm square pipes and guage 12 electrode was used for the welding process.  The shelf was painted to prevent corrosion attack and filled to smoothen the surface of the structure.

            During the course of construction, some safety measures were adopted to avoid hazards and accidents.  They include-wearing eye goggles, safety boots, overall, hand gloves.



1.0              Introduction


2.0              Literature review

2.1              History of bookshelf

2.2              Types of bookshelf

2.3              Description of steel shelf

2.4              Corrosions in metallic shelf

2.5           Types of steel and the effect of alloy upon the properties required in service

2.6           Classification of steel

2.7           Steel production


3.0              Constructional procedure


4.0              Discussion


5.0              Conclusion and recommendation




            A shelf is a case with horizontal compartments where books, files, other material and some chemicals are packed in the offices, libraries, laboratories and homes.  Shelves can be constructed with these days because of its strength and durability.  Besides, in selecting any material for the construction of any type of shelf, the properties of that material and the purpose of that shelf will be considered.

            This project was constructed with a mild steel because of its corrosion resistance ability, mechanical strength, toughness, hardness, cost effectiveness, weld ability and formability.  Steel has an advantage over other materials used for the same construction.  This is why it is regarded these days as the most suitable materials for  the of this type. Due to the fact that this material does not have strong resistance to corrosion attack, care should be taken to see that this materials is kept away from the causes of corrosion which are air, moisture and other chemicals.  Also, adequate preventive measures like pointy ad coating should be adequate.  All these will help the shelf last longer.

            In this construction, the researching consideration were based on the materials availability, durability, per formability, affordability, quality and replacement of the parts of the shelf.  The shelf constructed has the following parts, the base, the sides, the roller stand and the compartments.  All these parts were arranged and fabricated in such a way that the solution to the efficiency and economic construction problems will be provided.  All the cost of construction was considered since material quality varies with price ease the labour price, some of the force and easy fabrication were formed by us.  All these things were done so as to produce a quality and long lasting cupboard that is affordable


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