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(Business Administration and Management Project Topics & Materials)
In government or private sector business does not do anything right without planning. This is a well established fact even in the days of the primitive man. It is even more necessary today to plan for any meaningful activity before implementation. Many government and private business have spent quite considerable resources in this regard with measurable success or failure. This book is intended to review the management of developmental planning in Nigeria since independence in 1960.
Various administration and in some measure tried to manage developmental process for the nation. Some of the plans hardly achieve its intended objective due to poor planning, poor implementation, lack of accurate data, corruption, and no political will to address the major constraints. The book is intended to expose the students and other readers to the interplay and interdisciplinary relationship between management of national development plan and business operation. It is prepared to show the steps in policy formulation, the players and the plan as it is intended to be implemented for the growth of the nation. This book did not go into in-depth calculation but is geared toward explaining the steps taken to prepare a management development plan and how the plan will be implemented. The final intention is to arouse discussion on how government in Nigeria manage development planning. It will also review the relationship in the three tiers of government the executive, legislative and judiciary. It will look into the level of participation by, the political party, interest groups, pressure groups and the constituency in the management of National development plan. This book is written in Nigeria context but reference were made of other countries, it is in line with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) programmes.    

Dedication iii
Acknowledgement iv
Map of Nigeria v
Preface vi
Table of Contents vi

1.1 History 1
1.2 What is Development: Definition 2
1.3   How does Management Affect Development 2
I.4 Development Planning Process 3
1.5 Who are involved in development planning 5

Native concept and Value of Development in Nigeria
2.2 Nature of planning Development in Nigeria 32
2.3 Concept of  Planning Development 35
2.4 Value of Nigeria Development Planning Efforts 38
2.5 Planning in the Pre-Independence Era 38

3.1 Process And Strategy Of National    Development 56
3.2 The Role of Government 58
3.3 The Executive 59
3.4 The Legislatures 60
3.5 Judiciary 61

4.1 Political Parties 64
4.2 Research Organizations 66
4.3 Communications Media 67
4.4 The Individual Citizen 68
4.5 Decision Criteria 72
4.6 Values 73
4.7 Political Party Affiliation 77
4.8 Constituency Interests 77
4.9 Public Opinion 79
4.10 Deference 81
4.11 Decision Rules 83
4.12 The Public Interest 84
4.13 Styles of Decision Making 90

5.1 Banks 118
5.2   Commercial Banks 124
5.3 Merchant Bank   129
5.4     Development Banks 130

6.1     Role of Government in Business 134
6.2 Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decrees 135
6.3   Source: Nigerian Enterprises Promotion Decree  
No. 1977 136
6.4 Source: Nigerian Export and Promotion 
Council Enugu (2005). 140
6.5   Why Privatization and Commercialization 144

Indicators and Indices of National Development
7.1   Macroeconomic Performance         151
7.2   Manufacturing         153
7.3   Quality of Life Indicators         154
7.4    Poverty Levels         156
7.5 Housing Conditions         156
7.6   Literacy         158
7.7  Health Indicators         158


8.1. Concept of Industrialization and Development        161
8.2 Concept of Small Scale Enterprises        164
8.3 Factors that Enhance Industrial Development        171 
8.4  Functions of Industrial Estates and 
       Industrial Areas                        175 
8.5 The  Role  Of  Institutions  Such as  IDCs  NBCI, 
CIRD, CMB, ASCON, Polytechnics and 
Universities Promoting Small Scale Business        177

9.1 Human Resource Development in Nigeria       182
9.2   Importance of Human Resource Development       185
9.3     Utilization of Human Resources in Nigeria       189
9.4  Supply of Human Resources (HR)       193
9.5 Civil Service Reorganization Decree and Guidelines 197
9.6    Improving HRD and Productivity in Nigeria       206  
9.7   Problems of HRD Management in Nigeria       211
9.8 Implementation of Agenda / Goal      217

National Development Agenda

10.1   Institutional Machinery for Planning     219
10.2   The National Planning Commission     220 
10.3   Achievements and Constraints on Planning     224

11.1 Concept of Management    226
11.2 Managers    228
11.3   Management Functions    229
11.4  The  Managerial  Roles    234

The Problem of National Development
12.1    Challenges on Plan Formulation   237
12.2   Constraints on Plan Implementation   240
12.3  Creation of States/ Local Governments   145
12.4  Prospects for Planning in Nigeria   246

 13.1    Introduction     251
13.2 Industrialization in Nigeria   253
13.3   The need for Industrial Development   256
13.4   Future of the Industrial Sector   258
13.5   Nigeria Industrial Policy Indicies     264
 13.5 Evaluation of the Industrial Sector   278
13.6    Importance of Manufacturing   286 
13.7 Stages of Nigeria Industrialization   287
Reference   298 


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Type Project
Department Business Administration and Management
Project ID BAM2165
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
No of Pages 135 Pages
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Business Administration and Management
    Project ID BAM2165
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    No of Pages 135 Pages
    Format Microsoft Word

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