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          This project is aimed at improving a long lasting processing system on identity card. It is also aimed at keeping records of all identity card processing with view of modify it into a few Computer system.
          The study covers the area of application entry, record verification list generation, code number and maintenance of the managed information. The new system developed is very easy to use and gives answers to report generation. Problems, which evolved from the existing system as a result of implemented. During the analysis examination of written documents, oral interviews as well as textbooks, journals will be used for data collection and also a source of information. Also, it is expected that a program will be produced in order to help the students process and also document identity cards with references to the rapid growth in the information technology, it is necessary to develop a fully identity cards processing system through this project.     
1.0     Introduction
1.1     Background of study
1.2     Statement of Problem
1.3     Purpose of study
1.4     Significance of study
1.5     Scope of the study
1.6     Limitation of the study
1.7     Assumptions
1.8            Definitions of terms
2.0            Literature Review
3.0     Description and Analysis of the existing system
3.1     Organization structure
3.2     Objectives of the existing system
3.3     Input analysis
3.4     Output analysis
3.5     Process analysis
3.6     Information flow diagram
3.7            Problems of the existing system
4.0     Design of the new system
4.1     Output specification and design
4.2     Input specification and design
4.3     Procedure chart
4.4     System requirements
4.4.1  Software requirements
4.4.2    Hardware requirements
5.0     Implementation of the new system
5.1     Source code/module
5.2     Program flowchart
5.3            Test run
6.0     Recommendation and Conclusion
6.1     Recommendation
6.2     Conclusion
          “The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own and one has to wander through all the outer world to come to the inner most at the end” (Tagore…)
          Man as a wanderer, is not settled with what he sees on what surrounds him. Unless he moves round the world knowing fully well that the world is a spherical shaped object. He sis not satisfied with what he has, unless he sees other superior objects on being. Therefore, in a bid to satisfy the mind or conscience on what they desire, men tend to know more as a stronger apart from his country home. The storage after all journey or may be at a later age tries to speak either in writing or orally his adventures either to his descendants or hiss friends, relations and neighbours. New man, (year of publication) says “I may be accused of laying stress on letter things, of being based, the mark of going into impediment or ridiculous details, of sounding my own praise, if giving scandal; but this is a case above all others, in which I am bound to follow my own light and to speak out my heart”.
          Also, man in a bid to create awareness of running for his dear life, paying visits to friends, engagement in business transactions leaves his geographical area, it is necessary to been a mark. Mark her does not really means facial mark rather an identity showing your name, country, every single information about you and also purpose of your visit. This therefore boils down to what we know as identity card.
          The question is “What is identity card” As defined by author surname (year). It is a national document certifying nationality issued by the government of a country, to a citizen intending to travel abroad from the definition, identity card can also be called a true image of an individual, because it tells well about a person coming into a country. Citizens in a country have the right to apply for issuance of an international passport. There is a need for the maintenance and processing of students records in order to maintain current data concerning an individual in the institute of management and technology Enugu, the unit, which takes the responsibility of producing an identity card for student, has many sections.
          The identity card processing unit has different sections such as:
(a)     Registration unit
(b)     Passport section
(c)      Documentation section
(d)     Printing section
REGISTRATION UNIT:      Registration is a process where by student obtain campus form to fill and sign by the head of department to enable the registrar have the information pertaining to each department of the students in Institute of management and technology Enugu.
PASSPORT SECTIONS:      This is the section that takes change of snapping and processing passport photograph of the intending students and staff.
DOCUMENTATION SECTION:  It is section where all necessary particulars about the person to be issued an I.D Card is documented department by department.
PRINTING SECTION:         This is the section that prints out the identity cards.
          The identity card processing system is not an easy task. The reason is because it involves networking all the computers in that organization and as well as to present forgery and avoid the dangers of duplication of multiple passports for one particular person. The system in question can also depict how lose a tight the security department is change of the passports section.
          Scanning through for a with definite information can be a tedious and time wasting work because of the large volumes of record to be scanned. Also, to change a particular information may be as a result of marriage, change of name and loss of passport in other words known, as update is also a tag of war for the individual in charge. It is also a big task detecting who and who were given or issued with a passport thereby creating space for duplication of passport and for a person. It results to weariness and loss of dedication to duties by the staff.    
          The primary purpose of the study is to critically analyze the activities of identify card processing, in other to produce our identity that will process one, to student of the school. Also proffering a lating solution to any problem that will rise.      
          This research is geared forwards having a comprehensive review of the manual system for the production of identity card in the institute of management and technology Enugu with a view to replacing it with a computerized system. This work apart from being of great help to academics and future researchers who may wish to go into research or know more about this subject matter will also be of immense benefits in that it will; consideration, to the following:
(i)      Deprive undesirable elements of the opportunity of obtaining I.M.T I.D. cards.
(ii)     Ensure proper accountability of the proceed from I.D. Card, and provide appropriate database about the customers.   
(iii)    Ensure accurate update of the holders record.
          This study caller the activities involved in identity card processing system and its effectiveness in inventory control and account management for profit and loss in Institute of management and technology Enugu.
          It is assumed that, the system is fully implemented; it will prove the activity of the identity card and help in maximization of profit. It will also help the staff to be computer literate.
          As we go into this work, some words will need precise definition to enable the readers assimilate the entire content;
COMPUTER:     An electronic machine capable of accepting data in the form of input, processes it under a set of complete condition, stores information or request and generate result in the form of output.
 CITIZEN:  Under the provision of the amended constitution decree N0. 32 of 1974, Citizen is any person who becomes a citizen of any country either by birth, descrendant, registration or nationalization.
PROGRAMMING:      This is the act of designing and testing program logic.
 PASSPORT PROCESSINGS:        The procedure involved in processing of passports.
RETRIEVING:   This is the act of getting back information stored in the computer system.


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