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(Computer Science Project Topics & Materials)


            In Nigeria, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has the mandate to regulate and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Chemical, Packaged Water and other drinks.

            This project work researched into the procedures and criteria involved in the appraisal of pharmaceutical products by NAFDAC Nigeria.

            Drugs and other pharmaceutical products are specialized commodities to be used in critical situations. As such, quality of such products must be assured at all times. This is where a computerized appraisal system for pharmaceutical products comes to play.

            This project work helps the Agency achieve their aim with ease. This design is more accurate and reliable it will try to bring in techniques of modern operations into the computerization of the pharmaceutical products appraisal. Due to inevitable constraints, this work is restricted to a particular product in terms of the program design.


            The chapters are organized as follows:

Chapter One: It talks about the background of the case study, the reasons for this project, the problem associated with the case study, the area which this project will cover if completed and the assumption with the definition of forms used in the project.

Chapter Two: Reviews certain things said by some authors concerning computerization of pharmaceutical product appraisal.

Chapter Three: Deals with the description and analysis of the existing system.

Chapter Four: Talks about the design of the new system i.e computerization and low modification of the existing system.

Chapter Five: Describe the implementation of the new system and how it works.

Chapter Six: Talks about the documentation of the entire system

Chapter Seven: Finally describes or talks on the conclusion and recommendation of the project work.


Title Page


Organization of Work

Table of Content


1.1              Background of Study

1.2              Statement of Problem

1.3              Purpose of Study

1.4              Aims and Objectives

1.5              Scope

1.6              Limitation

1.7              Assumptions

1.8              Definition of Terms




3.1              Fact Finding Methods Used

3.2              Organizational Structure

3.3              Objectives of the Existing System

3.4              Input Analysis

3.5              Output Analysis

3.6              Process Analysis

3.7              Information Flow Diagram

3.8              Problems of the Existing System

3.9              Justification for the New System


4.1              Output Specifications and Design

4.2              Input Specifications and Design

4.3              File Design

4.4              Procedure Chart

4.5              System Flow Chart

4.6              System Requirements


5.1              Program Design

5.2              Program Flow Chart

5.3              Pseudocodais

5.4              Source Program

5.5              Test Run


6.1       System Documentation

6.2       Program Documentation

6.3              User Documentation


7.1              Conclusion

7.2              Recommendation





            The search for excellences begins with a search for what one needs to achieve one’s personal best, the search ahs led to discovery of many tools to improve human efficiency. Computer invention leads this class.

            Since the advent in the mid 40’s the problem has become how to use computer truly for human endeavour. Initially, it was used as guides towards improving administrative performances, today the shift is on the side of the computer making decision and improving operation performance directly.

            Since in the decision making, computer approach was enhanced with advancement in operation research management science, quantitative techniques in solving modern day problem using computers.

            Decisions are basically made daily on raw materials inventory engineering spare parts, procurement and contend if personal etc. these decisions are supposed to be made from the interpretation of processed data. This is however, not usually the case.

            Some operations like job sequencing on machines, potency test on things at regular intervals, careful monitoring of inventory level, efficient scheduling of machine maintenance requires computer aids for good productivity. This is unfortunately lacking.

            Considering pharmaceutical products in relation to the National Agency for food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), information storage and retrieval with adequate, processing and the base of their work flow information on drug and the nature of such drug attracts importance more than every other operation.


            The existing system is not meeting its objectives due to problem associated with it. These problems hinder the smooth operation of the system. The existing system, is not flexible. The method of information storage and retrieval is very tedious. It does not make room for adequate modification of information.

            The system does not prompt for notification of a particular entry when a re-entry is made. The system does not generate report in time. It wastes a lot of time in report generation. This hinders success decision by managers; directors or other head of councils.

            The system is very expensive to maintain and the operations are difficult to carry out. Due to the volume of data involved and the complex repots to tackle, the staff find it difficult to produce accurate result.


            This project work is carried out to make sure that maximum appraisal and security check in the agency (NAFDAC). It also proves the usefulness of computer in the case study. It will also enlighten the student in the course of studying relating to other fields of life.

            This project will also provide detailed information on the concept of counterfeit pharmaceutical product. The importance of appraising this products and the importance of computer in the field. The major purpose is to effect a computerized design which will tackle the operation of appraising pharmaceutical products in an automatic manner.

1.4       AIMS AND OBJECTIVES      

            The objectives of this product work is to look into the operations involved in creating a standard appraisal system for pharmaceutical product with a view of detecting the problems facing the system, providing possible solution to the problems and to modify and develop a new system that will carry out the activities in an automatic manner.

            The research is also aimed at reducing cost of maintaining the system and to improve in work operation of appraisal by keeping adequate records, enabling easy retrieval and update and also enhancing speedy processing.

1.5       SCOPE

            This project work is designed to take care of a standard appraisal system for pharmaceutical products in NAFDAC Nigeria. It keeps adequate records of appraised drugs or products and their registration numbers respectively. The design accept information about such product, stores them and generate adequate result when needed.

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Type Project
Department Computer Science
Project ID CPU1020
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Computer Science
    Project ID CPU1020
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    Format Microsoft Word

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