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(Computer Science Project Topics & Materials)


Communication has bee a growing area in modern computing through the use of network and efforts have been made towards evolving an efficient and quickest way of communication.

 The essence of computer in this civilized and computer age can be over emphasized. it use is felt in the aviation where  rather is extensively  used. In military, communication services such as radio message and signaling are being employed. It is also being made use of in space travel; navigation and marine services, radio and television broadcast make use of communication system and also line-to-line communication.

        For the purpose of this project three -way computer intercom system in a hotel to be precise, we would not over emphasize on the need of such communication system in a hotel room/environment. 


Title page


Table of content


1.0      Introduction

1.1      Statement of the problem

1.2      Purpose of study

1.3      Significance of the study

1.4      Scope of study

1.5      Limitation

1.6      Definition of terms


2.0   literature review


3.0   Description and analysis of existing system

3.1      Fact finding method used

3.2      Objective of existing system

3.3      Organizational structure

3.4      Input, process and output analysis

3.5      Information flow diagram

3.6      Problems of the existing

3.7      Justification for the new system


4.0      Design of the new system

4.1      System flowchart

4.2      System requirement


5.0  Implementation

5.1  Program design

5.2  Program flowchart

5.3  Pseudo codes

5.4  Program sources code


6.0      Documentation


7.0      Recommendation

7.1   Conclusions


        Sources code      


Information and instructions are usually conveyed wither directly or indirectly by the chief executive or Via his messenger. However, this method of information dissemination has its demerits. It wastes time and sometimes, the messenger conveys incorrect information. To reduce the time wasting experienced in the above method, one then appreciates the need to design and simulate a system that will help to eliminate the loss of time during information delivery.

      This transmission is known as inter communication usually abbreviated as “ intercom” . this refers to communication by means of transmission medium  between various individual situated at comparatively  distance within a certain premises. These locations are called  stations and this gave birth to the topic simulate a computer three way intercom system. This system. This system provides at lest three way communication via the computer  network  stations controlled by spftware. Hence the function of the of communication supervised by a package, to interface the computer//stations as intercom sets, enabling orders and instructions to be received and that they are clearly understood and fruitfully executed.

These intercom system are used in offices, factories workshop and for the purpose of this project, in hotel as to eliminate the necessity of conveying message through messengers from one guest/attendant to another ir vise vaster. These improve work and enable quick decision by the supervisory staff/executive.

The system, make use of these equipment to achieve its goals.

1.          Speaker

2.          Microphone

3.          Computer system (full multi media)

The block diagram below shows a network intercom system. 

Network connection of multimedia


  the  main  function of this study is to over come the problems  encountered  in manual organizational communication. From the interviews with some organizations, it was noted that the manual methods of information dissemination in an organization pose some problems Vis.

1.  Time wasting

2.   Incorrect information

3.   Poor security

Time Wasting: Consider the time interval between the moment the chief executive calls the messenger to this officer for a message and the time the message goes and come back for the feed back. From this, the fact that a lot of time has been wasted is an axiom and can consequently lead to delay in some works.

Incorrect Information: At times message can be forgotten, misunderstood or misinterpreted by the messenger or supervisors. This can case a very big havoc in the organization.

POOR SECURITY: Some message may be vital and restricted to a group of people in the organization; this information need not be discussed outside the group for which it is interned. By the manual information method such information leaks.


The purpose of this project is to simulate a software package for the three-way computer intercom systems in order eradicate some problems encountered by the use of manual operation methods.


        The aim of the study lies on the fact that the manual system of organization communication is faced with numerous problems. These problems tend to cause distortion in the effective and efficient information flow. The main objectives of this study are:

1.      To discover the problems associated with the manual method of organizational communication.

2.      Modify the existing methods of information dissemination in an organization.

3.      To develop an efficient computer based intercom system. Study however, if this new system is implemented, it will enhance efficiency in the information dissemination in an organization.

1.4   SCOPE OF THE STUDY          

    This study was carried out using three-way intercom system. This means that it only lovers three department in an organization.


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Type Project
Department Computer Science
Project ID CPU0869
Price ₦3,000 ($9)
Chapters 5 Chapters
Format Microsoft Word

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    Type Project
    Department Computer Science
    Project ID CPU0869
    Price ₦3,000 ($9)
    Chapters 5 Chapters
    Format Microsoft Word

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