This study is on how to encourage the buying of textbooks by students with special emphasis on students of the College of Education Ekiadolor. The issue of buying of textbooks by students is not new to both teachers and students but this research work wants to look at the factors that would help encourage students in buying textbooks and other reading materials. Textbooks being the most important reading or reference materials of any students first as it are with all educational institution, the researcher has formulated four hypothesis for the purpose of this study. The hypothesis are designed to help provide solutions to the problems of students not buying textbooks. The research was conducted as a descriptive survey using the questionnaire as a descriptive survey which date was collected. A sample of 100 (one hundred) respondents was selected, which comprises of male and female students. A ratio of 50:50 percent male and female students respectively was used to select the respondents, which was through random sampling.
Chapter one
Purpose of the study
Basic assumption
Significance of the study
Statement of the problem
Hypothesis of the study
Scope of the study
Definition of terms
Chapter two
Literature review
Low level of readability of available textbooks
Lack of appropriate training of authors/lecturers
Lack of incentives to lecturers and authors
Lack of funds
Poor research funding
Usefulness of textbooks
The need for a positive attitude in buying of textbooks by the students
Effects of students not buying textbooks
Chapter three          
Design study
Description of research instrument
Administration and selection
Chapter four            
Analysis and interpretation of data
Chapter five
Background to the Study  
            Education builds the human wind, which is the key component for economic growth technological capability and social transformation. People are perceived as the ultimate resources whose substance constitutes all encompassing goals of development with education as its well spring unfortunately, students of college of education Ekiadolor in Edo State. This could be attributed to problem of students towards buying of textbooks the issues of buying of textbooks in the nation colleges of learning is of great importance from observation today. It reveals that there is now an alarming increase of the issues of students not buying of textbooks which if not corrected might lead to some problems in the College.
Statement of problems
            Some students of College of Education are experiencing this problem where students show negative attitude towards buying of textbooks. Recent observation carried out by the researcher reveals that there are certain factors that make some students to show negative attitude towards buying of textbooks which some show positive attitude towards buying of textbooks. Some factors have been identified among which are failure of some students due to lack of materials to prepare for the examination, poverty and lack of interest of buying of textbooks.
            This study is also interested to examine other factors that might cause the non-challenges attitude towards the buying of textbooks in College of Education.
Purpose of the Study
            The main purpose of this study is to identify some problems related to the negative attitude of students towards buying of textbooks in our higher institution of learning like the college of education, Ekiadolor whether among these students more or less people will be in favour or against the idea of buying textbooks.  Besides, the researcher believer that the time and money sent on buying textbooks would be of great beneficial to the students because of the  importance of textbooks which is the bed rock of every successful person that have pass through educational system and out with a grade to come out with. Every responsible students should marry his or her textbooks or reading materials if he or she wants to be successful in the educational life.
Significance of the Study  
            The significance for which the researcher has embarked for this study is all embracing looking at the importance and usefulness of textbooks; however, it is to give advice to the management and lecturers in general in the college of education Ekiadolor and other higher institution of learning on how to tackle the problems of textbooks buying by the students. This study is significant not basically to student’s negative attitude towards buying of textbooks but to emphasize on the importance functions usefulness and the positive effect of textbooks in order to create awareness to students, parents and lecturers. And also the low income earners will know how to manage income in other to met up the demand of buying textbooks.
Research Questions     
1.                  What kind of attitude would you like other to show towards buying of textbooks?
2.                  Do you think you can cope without buying textbooks?
3.                  With your knowledge of buying of textbooks do you dim it fit for students to buy and appreciate textbooks?
4.                  Do you think problems of negative attitude towards buying of textbooks is as a result of poverty?
5.                  Do you think the issues of textbooks should be made compulsory for the students?
6.                  Most of the students fail their examination because of their negative attitude towards buying of textbooks.
 Scope of the Study   
            This study is limited to only students of the college of education Ekiadolor in Edo State. The sample drawn from the population is a full representation of College of Education Ekiadolor in the area as a result of the extent to which the generalization could be made from this study is limited.
However, it is believed that the sample aid across single sex.
Definition of Terms
1.                  Attitude: This refers to the ways of thinking about something or behave towards something e.g the attitude of student towards buying of textbooks
2.                  Students: This is a group of individual engage in studying something especially at a college or university.
3.                  Buying: This is the act of obtaining some thing by paying money for it. It can also be referred to as the act exchanging money for a particular goods and services.
4.                  Textbooks: This refers to a written materials which is used to facilitate the teaching and learning process.
5.                  Teacher: A person who teaches in school or College. He is also one who is able to transmit knowledge, to a group of students in the College or school.
6.                  Protest: This is to express strong disagreement or disapproval bout something e.g. I really must protest a lecturer has no right to impose the buying of textbooks on any students.


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