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Nursing Project Topics and Materials (Page 2)

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ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to examine demographic and socio-economic factors influencing utilization of Maternal Health Services in selected rural communities in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. The study addressed three objectives and tested two hypotheses. A cross sectional descriptive survey design was used.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was on coping strategies of clients with fertility challenges attending Obstetric and Gynaecological clinic of University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. The objectives of the study were to ascertain the use of escape/avoidance coping strategy by couples with fertility challenges, determine the use of self controlling coping... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study assessed the conflict management skills of Nurse Tutors in Enugu State Basic School of Nursing. Conflict abounds in Basic Schools of Nursing which has a lot of consequences like strained relationships, collapse agreement, poor academic performances and so on. It becomes necessary to assess especially in these institutions where... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out to assess knowledge, practice and factors influencing birth preparedness and complication readiness among couples in selected rural communities in Oji River. The objectives of the study were to determine knowledge of birth preparedness and complication readiness among couples in the communities studied,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study investigated the job satisfaction of professional nurses in public and private health sectors in Anambra State. A survey design was employed and a study population of 5903 comprising all professional nurses in private and public hospitals was used. Proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used in selecting a... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a system of healthcare financing introduced by Federal Government of Nigeria to help reduce the risks and minimize the costs of healthcare. Since its inception, only the Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme (FSSHIP) has comprehensively taken off. This study investigated the knowledge... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to evaluate the knowledge and attitude of nurses to information technology on nursing care delivery in Enugu. This write up studied knowledge of computer facilities, the level of knowledge of these computer facilities, whether the mentioned computer facilities are used in various places where they work. The... Continue Reading
Abstract Background: In Nigeria, periodic national surveys report the practice of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) in the general population to be over 50 %. However, little is known about EBF among professional working mothers, particularly its duration after maternity leave. Female workers are entitled to 12 weeks (84 days) of maternity leave with... Continue Reading
Abstract This project aimed at ascertaining the knowledge, practice, attitudes, feelings and some beliefs of exclusive breastfeeding among nursing mothers at Legon Hospital. The study was that of a descriptive one that relied on data collection using questionnaires administered... Continue Reading
Abstract This study investigated patient perception and satisfaction with healthcare professionals at primary care facilities in selected health facilities in Enugu. It can be concluded from the study that perceived quality of care and satisfaction was... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background to Study Exercise has become a vital part of many women’s lives. Although many women still prefer to engage in exercise during pregnancy, they are concerned about the possible adverse effects. The concerns about exercising during pregnancy relate to the dual stresses of pregnancy and exercise that... Continue Reading
Abstract The study tittled Psychoactive Substance Use Among Young People was designed to determine prevalence and patterns of Psychoactive Substance use among young people in Nigeria. The study adopted an exploratory research design obtaining Data from secondary sources which includes published articles and journalsfirst use (p < 0.05). the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Hypertension is an important public health challenge at Auchi Nigeria. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological survey was to determine hypertensive patients’ knowledge, perceptions, attitudes and life-style practices so as to optimize their health and treatment needs. We examined a cohort of 108 randomly selected hypertensive... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1  BACKGROUND OF STUDY Maternal mortality represents the leading cause of death among the pregnant women in most developing countries including Nigeria (Mekonnen and Mekonnen, 2003; WHO, 2007). Furthermore, it is estimated that one third of all maternal deaths globally occur in just two countries, namely India and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background to Study Family planning is one of the most ―health-promoting‖ and cost-effective activities in public health promotion and has the potential to avert approximately 30% of maternal and 10% of child deaths.1 Thus, FP contributes to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of Study Lassa fever is one of the diseases for which weekly epidemiological reporting to the health authorities is being done in Nigeria. A rapidly changing epidemiological pattern had been reported over the years (Ogbu, Ajuluchukwu and Uneke, 2007). It causes mortality and morbidity where outbreaks... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE                                                           INTRODUCTION This chapter  reviews in brief, Health Care Associated Infections (HAI), elements required for transmission of infectious agent within a health care setting (chain of infection, sources of infection,... Continue Reading
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Abstract The aim of the study is to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices of nurses regarding infection prevention and control within a tertiary hospital in Nigeria. A descriptive, research design with a quantitative approach was applied to determine the level of knowledge,... Continue Reading
A RESEARCH STUDY ON ATTITUDE OF NURSES TOWARDS RELAPSE PREVENTION AMONG PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS IN FEDERAL NEUROPSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL BARNAWA, KADUNA ABSTRACT The problem of every hospital when the targeted objective is not achieved is that there is something wring either with health care givers, the patients or the general public. In order to improve... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This is a descriptive research study on Environmental Hygiene and Health Status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. This study aimed at examining how regular disposal of waste can affect the health status of traders in Akpan Andem Market. To assess the availability of sanitation facilities... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1.1   Background to the Study The rapid growth of world population in recent times has received widespread attention especially in Africa where the highest crude-birth rates are found. The present population of Nigeria is between 90 and 100 million persons or perhaps even larger with the annual growth rate of 3.3 percent... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study  The difference between food intake and utilization determines the nutritional status of the individual. Change in food consumption and the biological utilization will directly or indirectly reflect in the nutritional status. The nutritional status can be normal, under nutrition or over... Continue Reading
Abstract This work is to examine the nursing intervention for the promotion of infection control in two teaching hospitals. A study of two teaching hospitals in Ogun were carried out. Three research objectives, questions and hypothesis were formulated to carry... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background to the Study Hypertension is the most common non-communicable disease and the leading cause of cardiovascular disease in the world. Many people with hypertension are unaware of their condition making treatment infrequent and inadequate, which is responsible for it poor control and not always taken seriously... Continue Reading
Abstract The collection, storage, transport, treatment and disposal of medical wastes are of growing environmental problem in Nigeria, which needs immediate attention before it goes out of hand. In the studied government HCEs medical wastes are not properly managed. Most of... Continue Reading
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