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Library Science Project Topics and Materials (Page 6)

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policies in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Library. The study was an attempt to evaluate the level of the implementation of collection development policies. The researcher employed six objectives and six research questions. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Sample of 15 respondents was chosen for the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Record engenders competence in management and maintains the trend in the history of learning and improvement processes. NEMA has been talking disaster related issues through the establishment of concrete structures and measure such as the education or the public in order to raise their level of awareness and reduce the effect of disasters... Continue Reading
This study examined “impact of library information resources on student performance in SSCE public secondary schools Zaria.” Nigeria. It identifies the Concepts of Public School Libraries, type of Resources available in Public Senior Secondary School Libraries, extent of Utilization of Public Senior Secondary School Libraries and their... Continue Reading
This study examined “the adoption of ICT in Arewa House Library for academic development”. It identifies the concept of Information and Communication Technology, available ICT facilities in Arewa House Library, extent of Utilization of ICT Facilities in Arewa House Library, challenges associated with ICT adoption and use in Arewa House... Continue Reading
This study examines the “security management of theft and mutilation of information resources in Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.” Nigeria. It identifies the security management and measures or strategies applied against theft and mutilation, the causes of theft and mutilation of information resources in the University... Continue Reading
T he main objective of the study was to determine possible ways or solutions to the management of security problems in academic libraries in Edo State . Survey research design was adopted for the study. The study population comprises of professionals and paraprofessional librarians from Ambrose Alli University, University of Benin, Auchi... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This is a research on problems of acquisition of materials and services to users in special libraries in Nigeria. A case study of Imo State House of Assembly. Questionnaires were used in getting the relevant information needed for the research. The responses from the questionnaires were analyzed to arrive at conclusion. The study revealed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work investigate the relevance of information and communication technologies in academic FUTO Library. The data collection instrument for this work was questionnaire. The research population comprised of the staff of both libraries. The findings revealed the various type of ICT facilities available in both libraries and the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work is on the role of information communication technology in student’s academic record. The sample of study consist of 45 respondents selected through purposive sample the following research question were answered, what are the function of ICT in student’s academic record, what are the component of ICT, what... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work is on the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in the provision of reference service in public library user in Nigeria. A case study of Imo state Library. The literature review is on the concept of ICTs types of ICT infrastructure applicable in public library, funding of ICTs in public libraries in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Academic libraries play a prominent role in providing information services in various forms to researchers, scientist, policy makers, planners etc. a well organized academic library should have ICT to assist both patrons and information professionals in the libraries. This research work highlights the use and problems of I.C.T in Nigeria... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The ways of generating additional income in academic library is the pivot on which all academic activities revalue in an academic environment. Libraries help the institutions to achieve their stated goals and the fulfillment of this enormous task is dependent on the adequate income of libraries to ensure the realization of the goals and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work is on acquisition and management of serials in Imo state university library Owerri. The research was centered on the acquisition, storage, utilization and management of serials and their attendant problems involved in the Imo state academic library. The research employed the survey method of research, using questionnaires,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project discusses about the Automation of academic libraries in Imo state, the challenges and gains. A case study of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Library. It discusses mainly on the challenges and gains of automation on various functions of academic libraries as well as its impacts on the library staff. Twenty five (25)... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research was designed to investigate the availability and accessibility of information resources of federal polytechnic nekede students. The library promoter’s economic and social growth of the student daily needs to be more appreciated in our society. The available resources of the library emanate from direct purchase, gift,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work is on book acquisition in academic libraries sources and methods. A case study of Imo state Polytechnic Library Umuagwo. It emphasized the need for acquisition of library materials for its primary clientele 8 questionnaires forms were administered to the institution under study. It was formed out that the institution under study... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work is on the challenges in training and education of library and information science professionals with a particular case of those in IMSU and FPNO library school. The objectives of this include finding out the challenges of librarianship profession. Also discover the perception of the profession by the general public and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research is on the effects of poor implementation of collection development policy in academic libraries in Imo State. In carrying out the project, five research questions and objectives were drawn on the effects of poor implementation of collection development policies; its effectiveness, problems encountered in implementing the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was based on the Problems of Books Acquisition in Academic Library. A case study of Imo State University Owerri (IMSU). The study was also made to find out what roles money play in the acquisition of book in the academic libraries. It also determined the level to which students and lecturers are consulted during selection of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work examined the “PROBLEM OF SELECTION AND ACQUISITION OF LEGAL MATERIALS BY LAR LIBRARIES IN NIBGERIA. With Imo state Judiciary library as a case study. It uses a survey research method with questionnaire as the instrument for data collection, conclusion and recommendations were made based on the findings of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study concerned the security problems that confronted academic libraries in Imo state University library, research questions for the study were constructed. The description survey method was used on the total of 50 staff, this 50 staff were made up from the Imo state University libraries. The sample and sampling techniques was done... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The topic is on staff development programmes in academic libraries which deals with the management of staff in academic libraries on how they can be motivated, taking care of and being treated well in the programme conducted for them in order to render good services to the users of academic libraries. The objectives of the study include:... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT For the purpose of the study, it is assumed that library users exists in the academic libraries studies. These users cause damage to library materials. The study covers the various means and devices to safeguard library materials from being vandalized by obnoxious and antisocial library users. In order to portray the relevance or... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study is on strategies for effective management of college library resources. The study is broken down under the following concepts college library resources, feature of college libraries, strategies for library resources management in college library and sustainable approach to library resources-management in college libraries. The... Continue Reading
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