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Cooperative Economic Project Topics and Materials (Page 5)

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ABSTRACT The researcher investigated the impact of co-operative society in promotion of self-reliance and small scale enterprise especially in Idemili-South local government area of Anambra state. In order to find out the role co-operative play, the staff and the selected member of Idemili-south co-operative societies were sampled. Due to the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study finds out the Causes of the Ineffectiveness of the Cooperative Sector in Developing the Economy. The design chosen for this study is the survey design. This is a design in which a group of people or items are studied by collecting and analyzing data from people or items considered to be representatives of the entire group. The... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION Working capital management in cooperative business is concerned with the management of the enterprise current account which encompasses current asset and current liabilities. The management of Working Capital in Cooperatives is one of the most special aspects of industrial overall financial management. If the cooperative enterprise... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION: Cooperatives are classified as one of the business organizations but operate in a special way different from all other forms of business enterprises. The distributive nature of cooperative provided that they must be owned, used and controlled by their members. In view of this, cooperatives are organized and managed through the system... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Auditing is an objective and systematic examination of accounts of an organization as to enable an auditor to make a report on the balance sheet and or other statements, which have been extracted therefore to those whom he is appointed to report. The selected co-operative societies were critically examined with a view to finding out the... Continue Reading
PROPOSAL Cooperatives which have been in existence for the past centrally still exist in our conteporaly time today due to certain factors which is the case of study in this project. But for the umpteenth time people still mistake motives with factors for joining cooperatives. However the purpose of this project is to find out the factors that can... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT It is the intrusion of the study to examine an how unemployment could be reduced through co-operative societies in Anambara East local government area. The objective of this research work is to bring to the co-operative ( societies) In the area of studying an how unemployment could be reduced. I also form tied out the type of unemployment... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study was conducted to examine how unemployment has been reduced through cooperative movement in Enugu North Local Government Area, from the year 2000 – 2004. In the course of this investigation, research objective and hypothesis were formulated. Both primary and secondary data were collected, and data were then presented in a... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of this work was to examine the marketing and distribution of activities of co-operative societies. The researcher stated the under listed objectives to identify the problems of marketing and distribution of agricultural produce, to address to problem of transportation in marketing and distribution of agricultural produce and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work is a deliberate attempt to research into the financial problems of agricultural co-operatives in Enugu State (A case study of Udi L.G.A), It centers mainly on terms in all the different towns that make up Udi Local Government Area and fact were gathered through direct interviews with the agricultural officers on the area and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work on increasing agricultural output through the activities of co-operative societies in Enugu State “using agricultural co-operative in Igbo Etiti L.G.A as a case study was carried out to survey the past programmes and policies constituted by government to mobilize peasant farmers into facilitating the attainment of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The vital role played by insurance in every developed nation of the world is invaluable. However, its penetration in the economy of Nigeria as a nation is at is lowest ebb. The abundant benefits derivable from insurance are enormous yet marketing this product is fraught with challenges. One factor held respondent for this is the poor... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research work was carried out mainly to investigate the problems of group farming co-operative societies in rural areas (A case study of Oji River local government area of Enugu State), the research was conducted among the Chairman, secretaries, working committers and members of the farmers co-operative in Oji River in the course of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study automatically reveals the essence of education to cooperative society because education brings development and knowledge. Education brings about globalization. The Role of National Board for Technical Education which will help the cooperative societies to enhance in growth and development in the society. Questionnaires were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work on the topic “How to improve Agricultural production through co-operative (A case study of Ndokwa West L. G. A Delta State Co-operative) was carried out to survey the past programmes and policies constituted by government to mobilize peasant farmers into agricultural co-operative and functional ones more productive... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This fact finding is embarked upon to shed more light on how to organize a viable co-operative society. This project work contains chapters one to chapter four. Chapter one carry’s the Introduction, Background of the study, Statement of the study, Purpose of the study, Research Questions, Significants of the study, Scope and... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover page Title page Approval page Dedication Table of contents CHAPTER ONE 1.O Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study 1.2Statement of problems 1.3Purpose of the study 1.4Scope of the study 1.5Limitation of the study 1.6Research questions. CHAPTER TWO 2.0Literature review 2.1What are the type of co-operative societies that... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Role of Government in Co-operative Development emphasizes on the economic growth of the nation and the eradication/alleviation of poverty among the populace. The significance of the contribution of government towards the growth of co-operative society in the country (Nigeria) cannot be over emphasized because it has brought about the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study steps out to analyze the loan administration in the financial institution in the Nigeria economy ( a case study of he Nigeria agricultural cooperatives and rural development banks ( NGCRDB). The project is intended to focus on the adequacy of credit supply to he sector of the economy by NACRDB loan disbursement. The researcher... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project is a very crucial study for the formation of co-operative societies in Enugu metropolis.  From the history of co-operatives it’s all about people working together or working mutually. The project will stress about the need for the formation of co-operative society and also how co-operative societies are being... Continue Reading
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