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ABSTRACT This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of different harvesting time on the proximate and anti-nutritional content value of maize and sorghum fodder produced in hydroponic system. Maize and sorghum were harvested on the 8th and 12th days following sowing date. There are significant (p... Continue Reading


ÑABSTRACT   A 14 week feeding trial was conducted using one hundred and twenty eight point of lay Isa brown strain of pullets (16 weeks old) to evaluate the effect of feeding diets containing cassava root meal (CRM) with activated charcoal supplementation on their serum biochemical indices. Four experimental diets were formulated. The CRM was... Continue Reading


ABSTRACTS A ten weeks feeding trial was carried out in order to examine the effect of including different types of lipids in the diets fed to African catfish fingerlings (Clarias gariepinus) on their growth performance and serum biochemistry. A total of one hundred (100) African catfish fingerlings with weight range of 129-130g per one 50litres... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The phenotypic characteristics of local chickens were studied in three local govermnent areas of ekiti state, Nigeria (lkole, Ekiti East and Oye local government). One hundred and eighty (180) captive adult birds (normal feathering female and male, frizzled local chicken were scored and measured for phenotypic characteristics (variation... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Leucaena leucocephala was soaked for 48 hours and sun dried for l2hours it was then incorporated into feed for growing rabbits, the nutrient digestibility of Leucaena leucocephala (LLM) at 0 (control), 50 and 100% replacement of soybean was evaluated and the growth rate of weaned rabbits at different level of inclusion was compared. A... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT This study was carried out on genetic evaluation of the Nigerian Forest (Yoruba)ecotype chicken in three local government of Ekiti State, Nigeria, based on some phenotypic traits and performance traits. A total of Two Hundred (200) of Cocks and Hens, with more of Hens than Cocks, of mature native, forest ecotype chickens were randomly... Continue Reading


Abstract This study was conducted to determine the effect of doe reproductive performance of local and  exotic dam in regards to their reproductive characteristics such as conception rate, pregnancy rate, kindling rate and litter size in a tropical environment. The study shows the interaction between reproductive performance and dam breed,... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT Reduction of protein malnutrition in many areas requires evaluation of simple, affordable, cheap but effective processing and preservation methods that ensure protein requirements are met. There is increase in the consumption of meat in the modern world. There is need to process raw meat to other forms to serve as alternatives to the... Continue Reading
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 ABSTRACT To have higher profits and sustained production of livestock it is important to understand the biomass accumulation and growth rate of the forages the animals feed on. This project work looked into the growth and biomass accumulation of forage maize (Zea mays), forage millet (Echinochloa uti/is), elephant grass (Pennisetum purpereum)... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT This study was carried out to investigate the effect of different body weight of groups (below 120g and above 120g) and feed quantity (25g and 30g) on performance and egg quality characteristics of Japanese quail birds at six weeks of age. A total of 120 Japanese quails were allocated to four groups with respect to live weight and feed... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT Field experiment was conducted on the effect of four different diets on growth performance of African giant land snail (Achachatina marginata). The experimental diets consist of vegetable leaves that are common within the warm humid tropical environment of Ekiti State, Nigeria. A total of eighty snails were purchased from local markets... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT A 90-day experiment was conducted to determine the effects of Rice stover, Cocoyam leaf and their combination (50:50) as crop residue-based supplement diets on the growth performance and morphometric traits of WAD goats. The twenty young female West African Dwarf (WAD) female goats used for the experiment were assigned randomly into 4... Continue Reading


Abstract Studies were carried out in three local government area in Ekiti state (Ado,Oye and Ikole LGA) to determine the phenotypic characteristic of West African Dwarf(WAD) goats. One hundred and thirty-two (132) West African Dwarf (WAD) Goats comprising sixty six (66) females and sixty six (66) males were randomly selected for the study. The aim... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT The experiment was conducted to determine the effect 0f different dietary protein regimes on the production indices of Japanese quail. Four !so-caloric diets were used throughout the experimental periods and a total number of 129 birds were randomly distributed into four experimental treatments namely Tl thirty six (36) birds, T2 thirty... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT The WAD Sheep represent one of the predominant small ruminant breeds raised by resources  limited households in Southern Nigeria as well as in the humid west and central Africa. This breed of Sheep is renowned for its adaptation to hot and humid environments, high fertility and prolificacy under backyard systems where they are raised... Continue Reading
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 ABSTRACT This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of cocoyam leaf and rice stover supplement diets on the haematological parameters of the young female West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. The experiment was carried out at the Animal Production and Health Departmental Teaching and Research Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Federal University... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of initial body weight of gro,ups(above 120g and below 120g) and quantity of feed given (25g and 30g) to Japanese quails on egg laying performance at different periods and also egg storage time (7days, 14days and 2ldays) on egg quality parameters of Japanese quail egg. A total of... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT There has been a gradual increase of the price of feed resources from conventional protein leading to the inadequate supply of animal protein. Leucaena leucocephala (lam) is a leguminous browse plants that can be used in diets to replace or used in combination with protein source conventional feed ingredients. It's use has been... Continue Reading


Abstract Limited infonnation exists on the magnitude of feotal wastage in slaughtered cows in Ekiti State. A six-months (February-July 2018) investigative study was conducted to gather information about the incidence of foetal wastage in slaughtered cows in lkole-Ekiti, Ekiti State. The total mnnber of cows slaughtered during the period was 908,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of storage method and duration on external and internal qualities of Japanese quail eggs for three storage method(oiling, earthen pot and room temperature) and four storage durations (7,14,21 and 28 days) were used. A total of three hundred and ten eggs were used for this experiment.... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT A total number of 60 Tilapia zillii specimens were collected from Egbe darn Gbonyin local government in Ekiti West for 25 days. Morphometric measurements taken in the laboratory include total length, standard length, body weight, body depth, dorsal fin length, caudal peduncle length, head length. fork length, and pre-dorsal fin length.... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT An experiment was conducted on 126 unsexed commercial broilers (Ross 308). Birds were individually weighed and grouped according to their body weight at day old. They were assigned to three (3) groups according to their body weight (i.e. 39grams and below, between 40-42grams and above 43grams and above). Each chick was wing tagged and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In a feeding trial which was conducted to study the nutritive value of air-dried Gliricidia leaf meal (GLM) supplemented with Maxigrain® enzyme using Sixty laying hens (Rhode Island Red strains). The birds were randomly allotted to five dietary treatments of 12 birds per treatment; each treatment was replicated into 4 groups with 3 birds... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A study was conducted to determine the nutrient composition of selected locally available browse and grass plants commonly utilized by goats in Lungwena Extension Planning Area (EPA), Mangochi district, southern Malawi. A total of seventeen browse and grass samples were collected and subjected to proximate analysis to determine their... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A feeding trial was conducted in a completely randomized design to evaluate the overall performance, blood constituents and carcass analysis of 5-day old Marshal broiler chicks that are fed with different diets; maize diet with and without AA supplements and unpeeled cassava root meal (UCRM) diet with and without AA supplements; of four... Continue Reading
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