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Abstract  The researcher intends to find out the cost and benefit of adopting and implementing IPSAS to financial reporting in the Nigeria public sector. The cost of implementing the standard is actually a big task as it would mostly involve the cost of training personnel, writing of new accounting manuals, installation of adequate information... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was on the causes and effect of Tax Evasion and Avoidance on the economy (Board of Internal Revenue in Abia State). The major objective of the study is to identify the causes and effect of Tax Evasion and Avoidance in the state and how it is done. It also the aim of the study to suggest ways of at least minimizing this ugly... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work was carried out primarily to assess the role of commercial banks in financing small scale industries with particular reference to UBA Plc Awka Branch. In this exercise, two vital categories of functional areas were investigated. The two groups under investigation were the staff and customers of UBA. They were considered... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was carried out to find out the impact of taxes on small and medium scale business enterprises in Nigeria.The study aimed at assessing the performance of business enterprises in Nigeria, finding out if tax payers are aware of all their tax obligations, policies and problems affecting them as well as their businesses. The study... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The main purpose of this project is to find out the Role of accountants in the economic development of Nigeria with particular reference to the Nigeria Bottling Company Onitsha. The Role of accountants in the management of business organization varies and highly challenging. The accountants who make use of the concepts and principles of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT An international wave of mergers and acquisitions has swept the banking industry as boundaries between financial sectors and products have blurred dramatically. There is therefore the need for countries to have sound resilient banking systems with good corporate governance, which will strengthen and upgrade the institution to survive in... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT It could be affirmative to say that the index for measuring any growing economy’s advancement is the extent to which its industries both the large and small scale has been growing over time. It’s a fact that none of these industries can grow without the required financial assistance from financial institution. The main objective of... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE 1.1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY (INTRODUCTION) Accounting is essential to all advance civilization which has moved beyond barter or counter trade is a means of each exchanging and has devised some sort of monetary system of payment. Geofficy, Whitehead (1994, p.89), individual corporate bodies and government other which ranges from proper... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The management accounting is identified as one of the key officers in the Accounting Department of any manufacturing company has the duty of providing the required professional information route to achieving the organizational goal. This made the researcher to choose the role of management accountant in profit maximization for his project... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study is aims at knowing the extent to which the impact of accounting have actually enhanced the growth of Pal breweries Ltd, Oko. To determine how accounting plan helps to achieve a particular purpose for the growth of companies, to enable the accounting to effectively involve in the entire extended companies, to take a long-term... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT This study was undertaken to find out the relevance of profitability to business performance and also to provide means by which profit can be maximized. It investigated the techniques put in place by an organization to maximize profit and recommended ways by which improvement could be made. A sample of thirty personnel were drawn from... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT The main write up of this project is to identify the causes, effects and solutions to the problem of distress in banking sector of Nigeria economy.  The chapter one deals with the introduction which talks about how bank failure that is inability of a bank to meet its obligations to its customers, owners and the economy occasioned by... Continue Reading


  ABSTRACT The role of commercial banks in the growth and development of a nation’s economy cannot be understated. Since commercial banks operations are vital for economic advancement, factors that impair its operations will have a negative effect on economic development. Hence, it is important to know these factors.  Fraud is one of the major... Continue Reading


THE . ABSTRACT This study seeks to examine the impact of corporate governance on bank performance in Nigeria from the period of 2009 – 2014. Corporate governance mechanism was proxied by board size, board composition, audit committee members and bank performance by return on asset.... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION The increasing complexity of the business environment  has necessitated a systematic approach to the impact of budgetary control on the profit of business enterprise.  Based on business philosophy, nationally or internationally corporate goal in centered on high production with minimal production cost and hence profit maximization.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken in order to evaluate the role of Fiscal policies in the development of Nigeria economy. A major issue in Nigerian economy recovery relates to the prospect of adoption of the most relevant fiscal policies in its economy. In view of this, the researcher addressed the following problems to be curbed in this... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT A budget is a quantitative plan of action prepared in advance for the period to which it relates while control encompasses all the methods and procedure which directs employees towards achieving the organizational objectives. This work is carried out to know how budgeting process is required to achieve different purposes within an... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This work is designed to find out the financial problems and prospects of privatization in Nigeria, a case study of Nigeria Breweries Plc. The work therefore covers the background, significance and objectives of the study in chapter one. Which chapter two views issues dating to literature and tried to highlights it’s concepts and... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Over the years, the Nigerian society has been filled with stories of wrong practices such as stories of ghost workers on the pay roll of Ministries, Extra-ministerial Departments and Parastatals, frauds, embezzlements and setting ablaze of offices housing sensitive documents and corruption leading to none or poor accountability of... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION The management of an organization is concerned with planning, the managers outline the steps to be taken in moving the organization towards its objectives. In organizing, the managers decided how best to put together the organization’s human and other resources in order to carryout these steps that are necessary to ensure that ever... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The subject matter of this research work is to evaluate the extent to which Small Scale entrepreneurs in Enugu have been able to obtain loans and raise finance from Nigerian Commercial Banks as a major source of finance to the economy. The main objective of the study is to establish the role of Commercial Banks in financing Small Scale... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Human beings are often said to be the most difficult animal God created because it would always desire for something or conditions better than the one it find itself. The notion has proven itself to be true giving the incessant cases of financial frauds that have littered the history of human race.  Funny enough, fraud and other... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study has been focused on the applicability and sustainability of pension administration as it affects employee performance and overall efficiency in Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested; thus have: H0: That the pension administration has no impact on employee morale and performance. H1: That the... Continue Reading


Abstract An Analysis of the importance of capital budgeting in business management, a case study of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. The ultimate purpose of capital budgeting is to analysis the steps involved in assets management, utilization of the assets and stating the timing difference between accounting and depreciation. In the study of capital... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research on An appraisal of leadership and its effectiveness in organizational performance with particular reference to NIGERCEM company Nkalagu, style operational in NIGERCEM presently and its effectiveness as a means of achieving organizational and national goals. In carrying out the research therefore, reference was made to... Continue Reading
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