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IN EDO CENTRAL SENATORIAL DISTRICT OF EDO STATE ABSTRACT This research was carried out to assess chemistry teachers’ knowledge of test construction procedures in chemistry objective test at senior secondary school level... Continue Reading
AN ASSESSMENT OF TEACHERS' KNOWLEDGE OF TEST CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURE IN CHEMISTRY OBJECTIVE TEST IN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS Testing has always been an integral part of the educational system since its inception.  The concept (testing) can be viewed as a set of tasks presented to a person, the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION    1.1   Background of the study  It is widely believed that all tests will one day be delivered on a computer of some sort (Bennett, 1998, 2002). However, it is difficult to accurately predict when this day will come. It has seemingly been just around the corner since the early 1990s, when a handful of early... Continue Reading
IN ENUGU EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA.   ABSTRACT     This project work was carried out to determine the effect of biology practical activities on academic achievement of senior secondary school students in Enugu East Local Government Area of... Continue Reading
Introduction Science is the bedrock on which modern day technological breakthrough is hinged. Different authors according to their own understanding have defined Science. Igwe (2003) defined science as a systematic study of the nature of the behaviour of the material and physical universe through observation, experimentation, measurement and... Continue Reading
Impact Of Laboratory Practical On Senior Secondary School Student Academic Achievement In Ss2 Biology, Chemistry And Mathematics In Enugu North Local Government Area Of Enugu State ABSTRACT This project work was carried out to determine the impact of laboratory practical on senior secondary school academic achievement in SS 2 Biology, Chemistry... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY For many around the globe communications have turned the entire world into a global village through the internet, electronic media and portals. The social networking sites have become one of the most popular ways for people to be better informed, enlightened, exchange messages and keep... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The senior secondary which is also three years of training, involves development of the scientific skills learnt in the JSS (junior Secondary School) level, while the four years of university education relate to the adaptation of the skills learnt. It is these skills that the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT “The Effect Of Two Teaching Methods On Secondary School Students Performance In Biology In Enugu Educational Zone” is a very vital factor in school decision since it influences their returns, affect their values in educational sector. The research  was carried  out to ascertain and test the application and relevance of two... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background to the Study The era of the teacher being a reservoir of knowledge is gone. The world is moving at a jet speed as a result of advances in technology. Importantly, technology entails information and communication which may be defined as the handling and processing of information (texts, images, graphs,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study sought to identify teachers’ perceptions of difficult areas in senior secondary school biology curriculum in Lagos state of Nigeria. Based on a review of literature, five research questions guided the study while three hypotheses were equally tested. A survey design was used for the study. A multistage sampling procedure... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Biology as a subject of life and living things needs to taught not just theoretically but practically for it be functional and to lay the base foundation needed for science and technological development. Erickson (2005) noted that for a science teaching and learning to be effective every student... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work studied the relationship between student’s gender and academic achievement in Computer Science in Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Part of its purpose was also to compare the achievements of private and public school students in Computer Studies. Two research questions were asked to give focus to the... Continue Reading
IN ENUGU SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT This study outlays different individual’s conception of science. Closely rated to science is technology. Technology refers to practical solutions human have fashioned out in response to their... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In chapter one, the general introduction and important definitions were well stated. In chapter two, the chi-square distribution and chi-square goodness-of-fit test were treated. In chapter three, the chi-square test of independence was highlighted. Finally, in chapter four, we considered the application of chi-square test of independence... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work was to investigate in the effects of counseling services on academic performance of students in senior secondary school. A case study of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State. Questionnaire was used to collect data and these data were analyzed using simple percentage. The research revealed that the service of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Education is the total process of human learning by which knowledge is imparted, faculties trained and skills developed. Secondary schools not only occupy a strategic place in the educational system in Nigeria, it is also the link between the primary and the university levels of... Continue Reading
Abstract:    The study examined the Effects of educational field trip on academic performance of JSS social studies students in Kaduna state-Nigeria.  The study used quasi-experimental research design and 120 JSSII students of the following schools were used as sample: Government junior secondary school Tudun-Jukun, Zaria, Government junior... Continue Reading
: A CASE STUDY OF OBIO/AKPOR L.G.A IN RIVERS STATE. Project Abstract:  This study examines some factors influencing students achievement in their choice of career in senior secondary schools in Obio/Akpor local government Area in Rivers State. This study... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The IFRS adoption is already an issue of global relevance among various countries of the world due to the quest for uniformity, reliability and comparability of financial statements of companies. This research paper investigated the effect of IFRS adoption on Financial Statements. The population consists of quoted companies in Nigeria... Continue Reading
Abstract This study centers on the effect of socio-economic background of Adolescent students on the academic achievement in senior secondary schools in Udi education zone, of Enugu state. In investing the above, data were obtained through questionnaire administration method. Also, libraries and internet the percentage analysis method was used to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the influence of anxiety on students’ academic performance in English Language in Lagos State secondary schools. In this study, the relevant and related literatures were reviewed under selected sub-headings. The descriptive research survey was used in this study in order to assess the opinions of the selected... Continue Reading
  CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY During the last two decades education institutions have invested heavily in information and communication technologies (ICT) particularly computers. The use of computers has had a major impact in... Continue Reading
PARENTS’ EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT AND OCCUPATIONAL STATUS AS CORRELATES OF CAREER PREFERENCE AMONG SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN EDO STATE TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Statement of the Problem Research Questions Hypotheses Purpose of the Study Significance of the Study Scope and Delimitation of the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study The world is constantly changing and ways in which we function at home, work and school are also changing. The speed at which technology has developed plays a major role in these changes. From e-mail to on-line classes, computers are definitely influential in our lives, and can enhance the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In software engineering, performance testing is testing that is performed, to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload. It can also serve to validate and verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage. Performance testing is a subset of Performance... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was conducted to identify the Effects of Demonstration and Guided Discovery methods on the student’s academic performance in Biology. The sample consisted of 120 SSIII Biology students selected from four senior secondary schools in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State based on random sampling techniques. A quasi... Continue Reading
NORTH CENTRAL ZONE, NIGERIA ABSTRACT Educational services refer to the services available for teachers to improve their quality and promote teacher effectiveness in the school system, while teacher quality is a degree of excellence... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study analyzed the causes and effects of indiscipline among senior secondary students in Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State. The specific objectives were to identify the acts of indiscipline found among the students, examine the causes of indiscipline, and analyze the effects of indiscipline among the senior secondary... Continue Reading
 Abstract This study examined the Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on Students’ Performance in Economics in Senior Secondary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The study was conducted with four research objectives and four research questions were asked while four null hypotheses were formulated and tested at p < 0.05. Literatures... Continue Reading