The topic to be studied is “The impact f personal satisfaction on Organizational growth and development” A case study of Anammco Ltd Emene, Enugu.

Personal satisfaction has been an issue that employers neglect for a very long time now, but if critically examined, we will understand that it is the truth, that personal satisfaction directly affects the outputs of any firm.

          The sample is made up of 100 staff and 30 Administrative staff, 40 intermediate staff and 30 junior staff. This is because these three categories of workers cuts cross all the staff in Anammco Ltd.

          The information gathered were analyzed under the following sub-headings:-

a.            Overall view of respondents on the impacts of personnel satisfaction on organizational growth and development.

b.            Administrative staff view on the impact of personnel satisfaction on organizational growth and development.

c.            Intermediate staff view on the impact of personal satisfaction on organizational growth and development.

d.            Junior staff view on the impact of personal satisfaction on organizational growth and development.

From the information gathered, on overwhelming majority of the respondent agreed that personal of an organization can really be satisfied with the management when the management of the organization is performing up to expectation (to an acceptable degree).

          Furthermore, the hypothesis were all vested using the chi-square formula and all the hypothesis were all proved correct. My sources of data include interview and questionnaire. Some times , I had to use phone conversation to get the information I wanted. The data collected was analysed in chapter four (4) of the research report.



1.0         Introduction

1.1.       Background of the study

1.2.       Statement of the problems

1.3.       Objective of the study

1.4.       Research Questions

1.5.       hypothesis formulation

1.6.       Scope of the study

1.7.       Significant of the study

1.8.       Definition of term 


2.0         Literature review

2.1     Historical perspective of the study

2.2     Douglas mcgregoris theory x and y

2.3     Elton MAyoy and the Hawthorn experiment.

2.4     Abraham maslow’s theory of needs.

2.5     Expectancy theory

2.6     Herzberg’s Theory of Job motivation.

2.7     Mb Anammco news and Awake 22 Feb. 2002.



3.0     Research Design and methodology

3.1     Research design

3.2     Area of study

3.4     Population of the study

3.5     Sample and sample techniques

3.6     Instrument of data collection.

3.7     Validation of instrument

3.8     Reliability of the Instrument

3.9     method of data collection

3.10   Method of data analysis.


4.0     Data presentation and analysis.

4.1     Presentation and analysis of data

4.2     Testing of Hypothesis

4.3     Summary of results.


5.0         Discussion conclusion and recommendation

5.1     Discussion of result findings

5.2     Conclusion and recommendation

5.3     Limitation of the study





Man started seeing the need for organization, which he realized that he is not self-sufficient. He came to realize that with co-ordinate effort more output can be realized.

This was why, in the early times of man, the creation, presentation and modification of organization become absolutely necessary because the society at large on those organization. Consequently, man desired to control his environment and to control the activities pf the particular persona(s), in that given setting, through systems comprised of technology and humans. Technology on it’s own cannot perform any thing unlike the human aspect performs and this is where the personnel’s of an organization comes in.

          The personnel’s (workers) of an organization must be satisfied before the organization can experience growth and development. Therefore, personnel satisfaction is a situation where the workers of an organization experience a feeling of contentment which they get when they have achieved what they need or desired. It can be seen also as a situation of fulfillment . on the other hand, organizational growth has to do with size and quality while development has to do with quality and advancement. There is no way an organization will grow and develop when the people working it are not happy. Despite these facts, we should bear in that human beings are insatiable and this is why human management complicated. This is why this research is very important one because, we are group to find out that without those workers, there will be no growth and development.

Employers feel that regular payment of wages and salary is all it takes to get workers, to put in their best, but in this global world, the story is different. People are not only interested in money but in other this job enrichment, self- actualization etc. Also, we will see more better ways that the case study “ANAMMCO” has used, so as to achieved their personnel satisfaction.

In order to accomplish this study, Anammco has been selected as a case organization. The researcher  will be studying the personnel profile in the contributed to the success of the organization. The data for this study will be collected through the use of questionnaire, direct interviews of persons and the study of documents. Anammco is a company that deals with the manufacture and assembling of Mercedes-Benz vehicle parts. This company started existing a very long time ago and ever single than they have been very successful. Also, in the course of studying this topic, we shall have to study some relevant theory of Abraham Maslow, Herzberz and the rest of them that will be useful for more understanding. Some current literatures will also be received.


This research work on the personnel satisfaction of any organization and its effect on the organizational growth and development, is a kind of gate way to the understanding of some important factors, and these facts are what this research work will be based on.

          However, the question that arises and needed to be answered are:

·         Since human being are insatiable, can the employees of an organization be really satisfied at any point in time?

·         Does the personnel satisfaction really have a role to play in the achievement of organizational success?

·         What factors contribute to employee satisfaction?

·         Will factors of the organization because of its additional cost? These questions in a nutshell form the problem of this research work.  


Some early writer have written so many things about workers in an organization and there re different ways organization apply these theories to suit the. Therefore, the study will try to achieve the following objectives:-  

·         If employees can be satisfies at any particular point in time, since human being are said to be insatiable.

·         Whether the role of personal satisfaction in the achievements of organizational success.

·         Whether the factors can lead to employee’s satisfaction.

·         If it will be a burden on the organization or a relief.


1.       Does the success has a close relationship with their personal satisfaction?

2.       Does the technique applied in waste of money?

3.       Does the present techniques applied in Anammco?


Ho: The success has no close relationship with their personal satisfaction.

Hi: The success has no close relationship with their personal satisfaction.

Ho:    The technique applied in waste of money.

Ho:    The technique does not apply in waste of money.

Ho:    The present technique applied in Anammco in order to achieve personal satisfaction in motivating.

Hi:     There is no present technique apply in Anammco.


This research work I a case study of Anammco, it will be covering all aspects concerning managements affairs with the workers. Move especially, where it relates to motivation.

Anammco is a car assembling company situated in Enugu state and data will consist 21 information on the personal starting from when Anammco was created till date.


This is a period in Nigeria, when we want more efficient managers, that can properly manager man, material, money. Therefore, this study timely so as to enhance the development of nIgeria’s economy through privatization and commercialization.

          In addition, the government will also benefit from this research work by getting to know to handle the workers within their states, also, this research will be of help to the management in Anammco, as it suggested new and better ways of handling the personnel’sof the organizations.

          Finally, students will learn a lot from this work, it it will be stocked in the library for students that wish to become future entrepreneurs.


Coerced – To make somebody do some thing by using force of being coercion. He paid the money under coercion.

Magnanimous- Very generous or for giving, especially towards a rival, an enemy, etc. a magnanimous person/gesture I gift e.g he was magnanimous in victory (ie when he won).

Systematic- Done or acting according to a system or plan; a series of systemic in every thing he does. Carefully planned in advance to hurt or destroy somebody/something a systematic attempt to ruin somebody’s reputation.


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