The aim of this study is to make individuals, firms and organizations including co-operatives to appreciate the importance of feasibility studies to enable successful business operation and a study of the importance of feasibility studies to co-operative investment. Successful co-operative business enterprise can only be achieved and sustained when a feasibility study is carried out before the commencement or starting formation of a business, since feasibility study will define the kind of business that is about to commence the product, the resources and also the location for the business operation. The drive for investment can only take place where there is sufficient money and resources. The importance of a well prepared feasibility studies as a tool for successful co-operative business enterprise and investment cannot be over emphasized. This study is done in order for individuals, firms and organizations including co-operative to appreciate the importance of feasibility studies as a tool for successful co-operative business enterprise and a study of the importance of feasibility studies to co-operative investment.      


Chapter One


1.0        Background of the study                                      

1.1    Statement of the Problem                            

1.2    Objective of the study                                 

1.3    Research Question                                              

1.4    Significance of the Study                                     

1.4    Hypothesis/Limitation of the study                 

1.5    Scope of the Study                                             

1.6    Limitation of the study                                 

1.6    Definition of Terms                                             

Chapter Two

2.1        Review of Related Literature                        

2.2    What is a Feasibility study/Report                  

2.3    Need for Feasibility Studies before Starting a


2.3    Importance of Feasibility Report                   

2.4    Content of a Feasibility Report                              

2.5    Feasibility report and bank Lending funds       

2.6    Steps Involved in forming a viable co-operative      


3.0    Summary of Findings, Recommendation and Conclusion

3.1    Summary of Findings                                  

3.2    Recommendations                                              

3.3    Conclusions                                               






For over a decade now, the Nigerian economy has been in direstrait or doldrums. The continued economic crunch has highlighted the need for feasibility studies before now starting/embarking on nay project.

        Feasibility studies involves a closer examination of cost and benefit of a project with a view to ascertain whether it is feasible, viable, and profitable to undertake such a venture.

        The aim of the study is to make co-operative, individuals, firms and organizations to know the importance of feasibility report in any business venture. The drive can only take place when there is sufficient money or resources. The importance of a well prepared feasibility studies in the course of co-operative formation and investment cannot be over emphasized.

        A well prepared feasibility studies can be used to upgrade the performance of co-operative enterprise and investment. As co-operative backed by good feasibility study are difficult to wind up easily. “planning business is an absolute must” says BAUNBACK (1992:31). Having the right good at the right place at the right time and right price is the accepted objective.

        He also believe that control is indispensable. The whole idea if a feasibility study or report complaint and planning and control. Thus a feasibility study shows whether a propsed business opportunity will succeed or fail after a consideration of alternatives against the firms objective. Different views explain reasons why people join co-operatives society. Co-operative afford for socio-economically disadvantaged people an alternative way of doing business. It follows maturely that the intention or motive for establishing a sole trade partnership or joint stock company are similar but not same for establishing a co-operative society.

        According to Onuoha (1999:28) profit motive is the motivating factor for private entrepreneurs while service to members if the motivating force for co-operative. The necessity for making a choice between investment alternative arises frequently in business decision (Ude 1999:64). Accordingly it is necessary to appraise your project to determine whether it is worth going into the business or not. For any project, these are alternative technology, production equipment, building and other investment.

As each decision is concluded, the next issue is the problem of selecting the most viable of all alternative.


The spate of business failure in Enugu state is on the increase. According to LOUCK (1989:5) to start a business is very easy but to stay in business is very difficult. Most business had failed due to lack of proper planning which are characterized by their promoters. This most in the case of small scale business which are characterized by owner and personnel. The failure of some co-operative business ventures deserved to be questioned. Like few feasibility studies were the provision, well implemented, the nature of staff quality etc, their day to day operation are usually in the hands of owners who lack the requisite know-how to embark upon the research topic “feasibility business enterprise (A study of importance of feasibility studies to co-operative investment). Unknown population parameter. Nwabuokei (1986:24).

        The posited hypothesis for this study is as follows:

The use of feasibility studies leads to successful co-operative business formation and co-operative investment.

The use of feasibility studies can minimize the risk of business failure among co-operative.

The use of feasibility studies helps in optional allocation of resources that are scarce.

Feasibility report studies facilitated the chances of obtaining loan i.e credit from leading institutions.


The objective of this study is to x-ray the importance of feasibility

studies for successful business enterprise and (a study of the importance of feasibility studies to cooperative investment).          

·         To identify the content of feasibility report/study

·         To identify the course of business failure among cooperative.

·         To ascertain the motive for joining or forming a cooperative society.

·         To relate feasibility studies and cooperative investment.

·         To identify the quality of staff of cooperative.


·         These question pose a guide to the researcher in carrying out the study. They must be correctly answered in the course of wok. They are as follows:

·         Are people aware of the importance of feasibility studies in co-operative formation/investment? Can the use of feasibility studies reduce the risk of business?

·         Do those who carryout feasibility studies engage the services of consultants and or experts or do it themselves?

·         What are the constraints militating against carrying out feasibility study before engaging in a venture.

·         What is the relationship between feasibility studies and the profit of your society?


The study will highlight on the radiance of feasibility studies and

cooperative business enterprises and cooperative investment. 

        This will be of immense benefit to those wanting to engage in new venture. It will also help in minimizing business failure among cooperatives, since people will appreciate the need to embark on feasibility studies in the course of cooperative instrument and successful business enterprises.

        Again, it will benefit those who might want to undertake further studies on this topic or related issues.

        It is also hoped that the adoption and implementation of the finding and recommendation of the study will be helpful significantly in boosting our economy through business success engendered by use of feasibility studies among cooperatives.


“A hypothesis is a statement of assumption about an


        Due to the fact, that the researcher is a student and do not have enough time and money to research on the whole topic the research selected a few cooperative from which references can be made that is Enugu East, Enugu South, Enugu North and Enugu Central.


Feasibility Study: A closer examination of cost and benefit of a project to ascertain whether it is viable, feasible and profitable to undertake as a venture.

Feasibility Report: A written document plan or a blue print of operation of a business project.

Investment: Commitment of fund or money in the purchase of an asset or a contribution of assets intended for installation to yield return in the business concern.

Cooperative Formation: This refers to ways by which cooperative are formed. There are ten (10) steps involved in forming a viable cooperative society.

Cooperative Society: It is an association of persons who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a common aim/objective through the formation of a democratically controlled enterprise, making equitable contribution of capital required and accepting a fair share of the risk and benefit of the undertaking in which members participate actively.

Cooperative Investment: This involves commitment of fund in the purchase of assets intended to yield future return or dividend in a cooperative society or making of equitable contribution to the share capital of cooperative which yields interest when profit is made and being disbursed as dividend to members.


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