The role of teaching practice on the students preparation, for teacher education enable the students teachers to put into practice all the knowledge and skills they have acquired in college of Education. Teaching practice is an inevitable programme that can not be excluded from the school curriculum because it plays a vital role in the educational programme.

Teaching practice is a practical experience, which last for six months and every students-teachers must undergo to be able to adjust and to have met the requirement for the award of a certificate or degree in education.

Chapter one of this study deals with the introduction, and also the relationship between teacher and the pupils/students. Chapter two of this study deals with literature will be reviewed on the topic the role of teaching practice on the students preparation for teacher education.

Chapter three deals with research methodology, different research method/instrument used for this study such as:

i.             Questionnaire

ii.            Observation

iii.           Oral interview   

Chapter four deals with the presentation of analysis and discussion of data gathered from this study. Chapter five which is the last chapter is the summary of the recommended ideas to some of the problems and possible suggestions and solutions to the findings of the case study.


Chapter one                


Background of the study

Statement of the study

Research questions

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Limitation of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter two                 

Literature review



Teaching practice

Teacher education programme

Teaching profession in Nigeria

Objectives of teaching practice

Nigerian union of teacher (NUT)

Chapter three              

Research methodology

Research instrument

Sample and sampling techniques

Questionnaires administration

Method of data analysis

Chapter four                

Data analysis

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

 Table 7

Table 8

Table 9

Table 10

Chapter five                 





Suggestion for further study






          According to Dewey, he sees education as help in the formation of fundamental attitude of imagination, desires and thinking, which is strictly correlated with culture in its inclusiveness. In other words, education can be seen as an instrument of transformation in the society which every nation has a strong believe in the effectiveness of education as a powerful instrument for national development. Therefore, education entails teaching and learning for teaching and learning to take place there must be teachers and the learners to be taught. So, the effective teaching can be done by a trained person called the teacher.

          In our society today, teaching is been handled properly by trained people (teachers) who are educationally and morally trained these people called teachers perform their job effectively, they make sure that they come to school before the students or pupils arrives the teacher also establishes the role of hosting the students/pupils into the classroom, get them sited and starting the days work. During teaching, the teacher try as much as possible to interest the pupils in the subject he/she teaches and this undoubtedly increase the desire or motivation on the part of the students to struggle harder. Planning the teaching also helps the teacher to organize himself properly, explanation of topic; simplify things for easier understanding by pupils.

          The manner in which a teacher addresses a class reflects an attitude and conveys a message not only through what is said but also through how it is said. Before speaking to the class he makes sure that attention is gained by getting pupils stop playing and listen carefully. The teacher develops good personal relationship with his/her pupils be fostering mutual trust and respect. The teacher does this effectively by been aware of each child as an individual and be sensitive to the mood of the class as a whole. The awareness of individual differences begins with the essential task of learning names and putting them accurately to faces.

          Having knowledge of different method of teaching and knowing which one to use and when he is able to teach his students effectively. The teacher make it his duty to create a classroom, environment that foster the educational development of his pupils and make the environment reflect his personality and concern and appreciation he holds for his pupils/students venture. This is done by making the classroom clean and neat. With those aforementioned reasons the researcher was prompt to ask why is it that these personnel called teachers are so skilful in carrying out their jobs, were they born to be teachers? It was later discovered by the researcher that for a person to become a teacher he has to be trained to acquire these skills during the training they have to go for three months teaching practice where skill are acquired. Therefore the researcher is carrying out this study to discover the role of teaching practice on the students preparation for teacher education.


          Teaching practice is a significant aspect of students preparation for teacher education. This research work is determined to find out role of teaching practice on the students preparation for teacher education, how does teaching practice enhance the students knowledge about teaching, does teaching practice expose students to keeping good classroom management, does teaching practice exposes students to how theory is merged with practical.


          The purpose of this study was carried out and to find out the role of teaching practice on the students preparation for teacher education. A case study of college of Education, Ekiadolor Benin. To be able to identify these roles and to determine the extent to which this role has enhance the students preparation towards the teaching profession.


The following are the research questions, which are:

1.           Does teaching practice exposes students on how to merge theory with practical?

2.           Does teaching practice exposes students who is preparing for teacher education? 

3.           Does teaching practice reveal students teachers personality?

4.            Does teaching practice enhance the students knowledge about teaching as a profession. 


          This study examined the role of teaching practice on the student preparation for teacher education. A case study of College of Education, Ekiadolor. We have the assurance that teaching practice help us to develop our teaching skill.

          This research work will be of importance to curriculum planners and designers, government, teachers, parents, and students preparing for teacher education. The result of the research may highlight the need for the government and the school management to encourage the on coming students preparing for teacher education to participate on the exercise.

          The findings of this research may also assist educational administrators in monitoring institutions of teacher education so that the activities for the teacher is enhanced.


          This study will be restricted to college of Education Ekiadolor because every students is expected to participate in the teaching practice exercise before graduation.


Teaching: This is an act of imparting knowledge to a learner.

Practice: this is an act of doing what one have learnt.

Teaching practice: this is commonly called an opportunity for the students teacher to put into practice all the knowledge and theories in child and adolescent psychology, learning theories, guidance and counselling, classroom management, educational administration, planning and supervision, curriculum development, test measurement and evaluation, instructional technology, micro teaching etc.

Socio norm: Value that are accepted by the general society.

Exercise: the process of teaching practice

On-coming Students: Those people that are yet to gain admission into higher institution.

Expose: make known

Institution: A place of teaching and learning. 


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