This research work was directed at the phenomenal of distress facing or affect the graduate in Benin City. The need for this study is to bring about a drastic reduction of unemployment in the country. Some of the objectives of this research is to find out why a large number of graduate are found unemployed in Benin City, some of the causes of unemployment in Edo State and recommendations of suggestions of possible solutions to these problems. Some of the hypothesis used for the study are as follows: poor government policy/policies have increased unemployment in Benin, high level of unemployment hinders economics development. Concerning methodology, the researcher used the unemployed graduate and school leaver’s questionnaires which was administered by the respondents, the questionnaires were completed on the sport and collected by the researcher, tallied and of simple percentage categories which was used to analyze the result of the respondents. Unemployment bring decrease in the national output as a result of the wastage of human resources and high level of unemployment leads to low standard of living for the people of Edo State base on these findings, the following recommendations were made to assist government to reduce the high rate of unemployment among graduates and school leavers in Benin City. Some of such recommendations are the government should mobilize additional effort towards creating job opportunities in the state, the government should establish schools and colleges based on the available places that will absorb the products of these institutions the government should establish farm settlement and an agricultural industries. All these will be a god step in direction.


Chapter one


Background of the study

Statement of the problems

Objectives of the study

Research question

Scope of the study

Limitation of the study

Significance of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter two

Literature review

Chapter three         

Research methodology

The study area

Population of the study

Sample method

Sample size

Research instrument

Organization of data

Statistical methods of data analysis

Chapter four           

Data analysis

Chapter five

Summary and conclusion








            Human beings engage in various works in order to satisfy their wants. In producing human wants (goods and services) land, labour, capital and entrepreneur are utilized, for this purpose labour being the most dynamic factor of production, combines with the other factors to produce goods and services for consumption of full utilized. If labour is unutilized, or underutilized then there will be unemployment in the society. Unemployment as the name implies get its origin from the word employment. Unemployment is traceable to the period of industrialization which brought higher standard of living than had ever previously been enjoyed. Before this period the people of the primitive community were usually self sufficient and had no unemployment problems, though they had no accept a very low standard of living. Than production was through manual effort.

            Jesseful (1994) in the Nigerian journal of economic and social studies said that “some unemployment started with the introduction of money market by the colonial master to substitute or after the subsistence economy which our people were conversant with. Wage earning employment was then introduced by the colonial master in their bid to add Nigeria raw material for export where they are sold at profitable price.

            The civil war period provided job for many in the armed forces, but the magnitude of the unemployment increase after civil war, because of the effect that majority of the unemployed are young workers entering the labour market for the first time after receiving education. To pursue their aspiration and value, they did not have enough education and practical training to provide them with “skills” these school leavers prefer white caller job to farming. The government could not employ someone because of lack of job opportunity while the population of the working force was increasing; there was no commeasure increase in the job creation.          According to Oduniyi (1985) unemployment rate in December (1985) was 9.8 percent in Nigeria while Bendel state now Edo state and delta state urban area 15.14 percent and the rural area has 7.2 percent unemployment rate respectively.

            Former president of Nigeria association of chambers of commence industries mines and agriculture and chief Adeyemi once said that “the problem of graduate unemployment in the country can be traced to wrong educational and economic policy”

            Our educational policy is such that our institutions of higher learning produce graduates in liberal arts and social scientist in high numbers more than any other discipline.

            By 1972 when free education at all level was introduced there was increased in graduate and school leavers in the state without a corresponding increase.


            The purpose of the study include

i.              To examine the total number of unemployed persons in Edo state with special reference to Oredo.

ii.            To examine the rate of unemployment in Edo state and Oredo in particular.

iii.           To examine the impact of unemployment in Oredo.

iv.           To provide suggestions to guide the government in solving the problems of unemployment.


            Before now, there were concerted efforts by both the public and the private sectors to bring about a drastic reduction of unemployment in the country, but al efforts proved abortive. This ugly monster that had long dwindled the growth and development of b9oth the citizen of the state generally and Benin City in particular had prompted the need for this research work.


1.            Lack of political will form the government has hampered and increased unemployment.

2.            Unemployment has hindered economic progress in Benin City.

3.            Poor government policy/policies have increased unemployment in Benin City

4.            High level of unemployment leads to low standard of living for the people of Benin City.

5.            Economy stability has become one of the factors of unemployment in Benin City.


            The research work is designed to carryout the effects of unemployment. And the scopes delineated to Benin City.


            It is assumed that when this project work is dwelling completed, it will go along way to assisting the government and corporate individuals to see the need to curb the problems of unemployment in Benin City and also, help the government to know the type of policies that should be formulated in order to address the problem of unemployment.


Economic retrogression: This is the situation whereby an economy is not progressing that is, an economy returning to an earlier and worse state. 

            Gross national product-: the value of all gods and services produced in the economy during a special period of time, it is the national income of a country.

            Economic catastrophe: This is when there is a sudden events causing great damage or suffering in economy.


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